#ITSJUSTWORK. You may have seen the hashtags floating around social
media, there to indicate that no matter how hard it may get, or how high
you achieve, it’s all a part of the grind. This exemplifies Slim Hood, one of
Charlotte, NC’s most prominent producers, and his brand, Platinum Plus
Recording, who have set out to make their hometown, the next hotbed for
hip-hop and R&B artists.
Born March 16, 1987, in Charlotte, NC, Michael Warlick, p/k/a “Slim Hood,”
knew music was his destiny at an early age. Michael became highly
influenced by the music his parents listened to, especially his father, who
would play all kinds of music for Michael and his brother, on their many
road trips. This gave Michael time to digest music on a deeper level, and
was the motivation behind his pursuit to learn more about the art. In an
attempt to get a feel for what it was like to actually make music, Michael
joined his school’s band and began playing the trombone. This gave him a
sound structure and helped build his understanding of music theory and
During a family trip to Myrtle Beach, SC, Slim’s cousin Jason played a song
for him that Jason and his friend recorded, which really intrigued Slim. After
inquiring about who made the beat, Jason told Slim it was his friend that
made it using a program called FL STUDIO. After returning from the trip,
Slim purchased some equipment and set up his studio in his mother’s living
room, using his bed room closest as a vocal booth. He later teamed up with
some peers from high school and began producing for them. Realizing they
had real skills, they formed a group and dropped their first mixtape called
“Renegade” which saw Slim record and mix the whole project himself. This
quickly grew Slim’s name and skill and would be the start his something
After hearing Slim’s production, another local producer by the name of Nick
Grant, asked Slim to show him some production tricks. Slim and Nick
quickly joined forces and collaborated with two artists, Dirty Face Devin and
Jermaine the Juice. Nick and Slim would go on to produce the artist’s first
mixtape entitled, “Eastside’s Crunkest.” The mixtape was heard playing in
every car after school. Unfortunately, Dirty Face Devin passed away while
at baseball practice due to a heart condition. After the sudden death, the
group tried to continue but without Dirty Face, things were not the same.
Eventually the group would split, although Slim continued to produce music
for other local artists and decided to take his production from his mom’s
house and go public with it. From that decision came Platinum Plus
Recording Studio, which is rooted in Micheal’s polished skills and one-of-akind
With a wealth of experience and extensive production knowledge, Micheal
knew early on that his natural talents would carry him into a bright future.
A willingness to keep evolving and provide a world-class experience
continues to be the driving force behind Micheal’s mission and vision.
Micheal Warlick has quickly become one of the first producer/engineers
Charlotte, NC artists call on for their next hit record.
Slim Hood decided to create a brand that would allow him to stand out and
represent the quality of his work.

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Some artists leave an impression when you meet them from their talent that you will always remember and Dynasty is one of those rare ones for me. A few years back we crossed passed working on a compilation project and rocked some showcases in N.Y. together prior to her move to Tampa. I could never forget her seemingly effortless flow, clarity, and way with words. She was and continues to be witty, funny, and uplifting.

It’s been a little while since DY’s last release, A Star in Life’s Clothing, which featured Skyzoo and production from the legendary, DJ Premier. Fresh off of her Fall European tour, DY has dropped her new album, Forever, DY.

Featuring soulful production from the likes of Apollo Brown and OP Supa, DY presents another solid and authentic, well-rounded album, with dope beats and lyrics. In a time where female MC’s are known strictly for their bodies and provocative lyrics, it is so refreshing when a Femcee like DY cuts through with skill and quality.

Favorites on the album for me are “The Lord” a song where she gives a truly thought provoking and self-reflecting take on God. The track knocks with the head nod provided by  OP Supa. Another joint that had me going was a little bit of a surprise as Dynasty teams up with crooner Kafoeno on “Loyalty.” This joint is a classic Neo-Soul / Hip-Hop combo. “One Day” provides that true soul and vibe perfect for a long drive that you put on repeat. Inspiring and a song of hope as DY raps “…I’m over here roaming where they free at…”

I truly believe there has not been a Female MC since Lauryn Hill with this skill level and love in her music. There is a reason why she is revered across the globe not just here in the states. Forever DY is classic Hip-Hop from start to finish with no fillers or finger snaps trying to fit into what’s seemingly popular. You won’t find any auto-tune or strip club records either, just yagirldy.

Find more info on Dynasty here:

DJ Shuttle

Team Inkredible

Fleet DJ’s

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