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SKYPP is an emerging Hip-Hop artist from the ninenteenth state that is all about representing his stomping grounds. The artist and songwriter released the official music video for his hit single “Nap or Nothing” to both rave reviews and constant replays via YouTube. Skypp is riding a wave of huge accomplishments coming into 2020 with the release of his fifth studio album U4U.

Skypp- U4U (photo cred. Skypp/Patrick “GreekGod” Bell)

With a total of thirteen projects under his belt, Skypp welds two swords as he also the owner of Sophisticated Street Music LLC. His wordplay is effortless as displayed in “Nap or Nothing” where unlike the status quo of his counterparts, you can clearly hear him to get a better understanding of where he comes from.

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U4U is a groundbreaking project for the Circle City MC. The album has not only secured spots on the Top 100 Rap/Hip-Hop album sales on both Google Play & Amazon, but also a #7 spot for New Rap/Hip-Hop sales on iTunes. It’s noise like this that has Skypp in the #SaturdaySpotlight for the start of the new year and decade!

You can check out the music video for “Nap or Nothing” down below, which also includes another single from U4U titled “Omm Otg.” As always, we thank you the readers and followers of TenthLetterMedia & Straight Official Magazine as we capture the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop! Have a blessed new year and remember, it’s the #DueSeason so #GetSOM!!!

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SWOE WHOA is BACK! He is on the scene with another new album release for 2019. The Syndicate Music Group artist and songwriter is not only making noise with his anticipated Black Tar Boulevard project, but he also released the official music video for the lead off single “I’m Back” that is more spoiler than spit on his return to the industry to reclaim position.

Swoe Whoa-Black Tar Boulevard (photo cred.

Swoe has been busy since his last project released in 2017, dropping two projects this year that are reminiscent of his initial rise to fame through his unique sound and rugged delivery. He is turning all doubters into followers and fans of his gritty wordplay and overall dominance over any track that he’s on.

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BTB features the single “I’m Back” that reintroduces those who have missed the swag and bravado that only he exhibits. The Naptown MC by way of Nashville has always been ice cold, and he is the focal point of this week’s #SaturdaySpotlight

You can check out the official music video for “I’m Back” down below. We thank you for rocking with TenthLetterMedia & Straight Official Magazine as we capture the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop. Make sure to like, share and subscribe to us for more dope content and remember, it’s the #DueSeason so #GetSOM!!!

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