The Quest Chronicles: Raw Honey

Red light special, black lingerie, jazz music, a bottle of wine & a camera! Raw Honey, keeping it real, raw & sweet. QUESTion is, can you handle it?
This week my new radio show The Raw Honey Show launched & it was PHENOMENAL!  Special shout out to my Co-Host @BazaarKatWalk for doing it with me.  The high number of views & comments were shocking but in a great way! Our hour show ended up being 2.5hrs long.
There was no way we could stop the show in the middle of the audience engaging with us so much! Our show was raw & sweet just like the title. What made people engage in it more was the topics that we spoke about that normally would make some people uncomfortable.
The listeners felt they were in a safe zone with us that they commented personal stories & asked questions they would normally keep to themselves. That warmed my heart because it reminds me of why I do what I do. I want people to take something positive from everything that I do especially when it comes to my blogs & radio shows. I want to open your heart, trigger something inside you that I can possibly help heal & that’s what @bazaarkatwalk & I did.
After the show the messages came flooding in of listening thanking us for our show. It made them look at their life, relationships  & more from a different perspective. Viewers became more confident to start communicating with loved ones they have rocky relationships with. We truly made an impact on the people & this is only the beginning.
We’re here to listen, understand & help so please continue to watch, listen & take in. To keep up with our show all you have to do is follow us on Instagram @Bazaarkatwalk & @TQuestGLM for the updates.
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