Red velvet


Cassandra Quinonez (Red Velvet) is an inspiring model/ actress with a story to tell about survival in the streets of Miami.

With what your eyes have seen, what do you want to teach all the girls?
I would love to teach the young girls and young ladies coming up in this generation to always keep your self-respect & remain humble with a heart full of love! Create your own path, your own route in life….never let other people cast their failures and fears upon you..what God has for you will always come to you with no effort!

What message do you have for guys that use vulnerable women in weak moments?
Men that use women at their most vulnerable moments to me are actually not healed themselves! & weak..the way you treat a woman in those times of vulnerability means everything to us…we feel comfortable, with our insecurities that others will never see or know about execpt for that one guy that we trust, but when a man can turn that into a time to manipulate us and use us to submit to you because they know it would be a little easier, not only submit to sexually, I mean in every aspect… becuase we as women sometimes long for any type of comfort in those moments…sometimes we’re blind.. I have no respect for a man that can play with a womans feelings especially when she needs him out of all people the most!

When is your birthday. My birthday is December 15th.

What color represents you?
The color red represents me the best.

Tell us about the struggles in your life?
In my life, I’ve seen more pain than peace..I was adopted at birth, birthed by a woman named Daisy Quinonez, a crack/cocaine addict. But to me she’s a woman who fell short and decided to give me to safety, someone who would raise me.. The level of respect I have for this woman is raised high regardless! I was in foster homes and group homes until the age up 8. That’s when Courtland & Linda Bullard adopted me and gave me a home, a real life.. The system is what made me strong..actually growing up under the supervision of the state/dcf was a tough one, but as a kid all we think is that it’s normal until holidays came around…imagine a group home full of boys and girls crying, wondering why nobody showed up with gifts, wondering why nobody hugs us like the little kids in the movies. That pain runs deep and sticks with you your whole life…right after graduating high school I went straight into the strip clubs, modeling. I just wanted my freedom. I didn’t want to listen to rules. Iwent down the wrong oath. I was homeless sleeping on everyones couch, I slept on the trains all day, I starved, I’ve slept on baseballs parks, etc. I’ve been abused in relationships, mentally and physically.. I started escorting and stripping to support myself. I’ve done drugs that could’ve killed me. Ive faced 8 to 15 in prision..It really messed me up mentally…It broke me…I’ve recently lost my best friend Sarina Crawford (Bubbles). That is a real soft spot for me. She was my go to! It broke my spirit. Her death and all of the pain I’ve been feeling has been a roller coaster. But I had to pick myself up. It all gave me motivation to gain stability, grind hard and get this money. My focus is different. My aim is different.

What is your dream goal?
My dream goal is personal…my dream goal is to meet my biological mother and hug her for the first time! Other then that my dream goal is to be a humanitarian!

How can people find you online?
I’m building up my social networks right now..but for now I’m on facebook Briana redvelvet Bullard and IG redvelvet_miamI

Where does your confidence come from?
God gives me confidence over all! My past struggles is what pushes me….to become a greater and greater woman day in day out.

With all the pain you’ve endured, why do you keep hustlin?
Why with all the pain I’ve endured. The reason I keep hustlin is because I know God loves me and I have a purpose. I had to get through all the bullshit first to get to the treasure..pain don’t last forever..I have a whole life waiting for me plus I deserve everything coming my way. And to prove all these haters wrong…

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