The Quest Chronicles: Compatible Sex Drive

What’s your sex number? Are you down with “BDSM” bondage, discipline, dominance and submission? Is your sex drive the same as your partner? Do you advance to meet theirs needs or find a common medium?

For some odd reason, having sex talk makes people uncomfortable. I feel if we’re going to be intimate together the line of communication should already be open. How OPEN are you with your mate? If you were unsatisfied, would you let it be known? Would you come out of your comfort zone to please them? How open are you to trying and experiencing new things?

Sex shouldn’t be the main connection in a relationship but must admit it does play a major part just like finances. It is considered a deal breaker because it’s such a priority to many.

Depending on our sexual experiences, we all have a different love for it and drive. When meeting a mate who’s either more experienced than you or less… what do you do?

I asked a guy once before was he into choking and he said “that’s just sick and crazy” He couldn’t date a girl who was into that because God knows what else she’s into. His response was very interesting because you have other guys who love it, just like some like to eat the booty like groceries.

When having sex for the first time with your boo, are you curious, turned off, weirded out or turned on if they want you to try or experience new tricks, adding toys  & positions such as anal, brute, pretzel or helicopter?

If not comfortable, will you speak up? If your partner is not a big freak like you, will you eventually break up?

I know this week’s blog is mainly questions but I want you to really think about what I’m writing about. I know my regular readers are waiting for my personal opinion, stories, what I like or into but you’ll have to read that in my book releasing this year! Yes I know I’m teasing but it’ll be worth this!

One last QUESTion, if you’re not satisfied sexually, have you or did you ever think about cheating? Time to chime in below & don’t hold back. We’re all adults.

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[TV] Tonight: Iyanla Vanzant attempts to Fix A Black Man’s Heart –


Wait a minute. What kinda of magic wand does Iyanla plan to wave to make this happen?? Well… whatever it is and whatever it takes … I’m all for it!! Being a SUPER advocate of BLACK LOVE and the conversations that need to take place to get it back on track, I do understand that there’s a great deal of  healing that needs to take places between both the black man and the black woman. But starting with the man (who seems to set the tone for the relationship) could start the trickle down effect that will affect all healing… relationships, family and yep… community as well.

Iyanla invites six men into a House of Healing to help fix the black man’s heart. Among the men seeking guidance are Boyz II Men’s Michael McCary, singer-songwriter Kevin McCall, and socialite Lira Galore’s father Terrance.  Preacher and motivational speaker Devon Franklin visits the house to help identify tools for healing. Part 1 of 3.

In a three-part, multi-week episode of OWN’s award-winning series “Iyanla: Fix My Life,” spiritual life coach Iyanla Vanzant returns to the “House of Healing” with six African American men struggling with broken spirits and broken hearts. The men—which include a man attempting to build a life for himself after numerous stints in jail to a former singer who struggles with feelings of abandonment to a father looking to mend a relationship with his famous socialite daughter—are struggling with their identities due to the effects of feeling criminalized, dehumanized and victimized by society.

Be sure to check it  out TONIGHT Saturday, October 29 (9 p.m. – 10 p.m. ET/PT) #ding!!

Check out a few clips from Tonight’s Episode

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