Richard Sherman

So, You Just Not Gone Throw to Richard Sherman’s Side At All?

After watching Aaron Rodgers duck Richard Sherman’s side of the field the entire game, I can’t help but wonder why. There are a few ways to look at this scenario;

1.  It’s a sign of respect.  Its says, “Number 25, is the best cornerback in the league, and it’d be foolish to test him.”

2. It’s self-defeating.  To not even try him at least one time goes above and beyond what might be considered respect.  How do you plan to win a battle without taking a shot, and to not take one at Sherman says, “He’ll pick it off and I don’t want to risk it.” It also shows how little faith you have in the wide receiver, who at this point, is being used simply as a decoy.  It says to the wideout, “Hey, we want you to run these routes, block for these running plays, but we aren’t going to throw you one single pass because Richard Sherman is guarding you and You Can’t Win!

3. “Shook, cuz ain’t no such thing as halfway crooks!”  For those not familiar with Mobb Deep You can click HERE.  The head coach, the offensive coordinator, the quarterbacks coach, the wide receivers coach, the quarterback himself and the entire receiving corps were ALL afraid of this man, obviously.

4.  It could be looked at by some as disappointing.  Richard Sherman is not the most beloved of all NFL players so there are plenty of people who can’t wait for a Tom Brady, or a Peyton–nevermind that, after the Super Bowl, we know already that Manning isn’t up to the task–but seriously, folks want to see this guy eat crow.  They want to see him get burned on a long pass for a touchdown (as a quick aside, and totally unrelated but does anyone remember Darrelle Revis getting TORCHED by Randy Moss and coming up lame afterward? Buddy hasn’t been the same since, SEE FOR YOURSELF! ).  More importantly, they want to see someone go at him and shut him up.  That didn’t happen and I’m sure there were some disappointed football fans out there.

Personally, I thought it was hilarious.  Why?  Because they let one man make them change the entire way they approach their offense.  I think they were defeated the moment they decided they just weren’t gonna try Richard Sherman at all. I call it weak sauce, because if I’m not mistaken, shouldn’t the quarterback be the most (if not one of) confident players on the team?  The question must be asked of Aaron Rodgers, how’d he let Richard Sherman punk him like that? Not taking one shot at that man is inexcusable.

This does set an interesting precedent for how teams are going to approach throwing passes at Richard Sherman’s side of the field all year.  Don’t be surprised to hear more about how many times corners were targeted, as well as ‘targets’ becoming a major statistic going forward.

What do YOU think?  Should Green Bay have tried Richard Sherman?

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