[Throwback Thursday] Hip- Hop

There is no better way to start the year, than with a little Throwback Thursday. My goal this year is to do nothing but educate and have fun in this process. Now i know everybody has there New Year Resolution and that is all fine and dandy , some may follow thru and others may not but that’s okay because I am adding a resolution to your list now! Every Week you will get a history fact rather its it the Hip Hop culture or the African American culture you will learn something.

Of course in honor of our great Fleet DJs let me tell you how Hip Hop started. In the early 70s
Kool Herc a jamacian spinner discovered the “break”or the “merry go round” which is so common to get one song mixed into another. This was done with two turntables, now when this is happening usually the “DJ” is either rapping or giving you “The Hype”- dang they do more than you know! That my friends was the start of something new and revoultionary you see thats how other became MCs.
Yes you had rap where the people always told the stories but without the mixture of music and sound it wouldn’t be what it was or is today. So hats off to New York the city of the creators and further more hats off to all the DJS because without you Hip Hop just wouldnt be.

Check out this video on how he felt about it :

Check out this throwback of the FleetDjs in work:

and make sure you check out the Fleet DJ website and download the app.

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Welcoming 2018 with open arms. Like most of the world 2017 had a lot of ups as well as a lot of downs! Cardi B, rose to the top and showed the world her dreams and how she kept reaching and pressing until she made it! We also had our beloved Meek Mill sentenced 2-4 years in prison over something that was clearly a dropped charge. We had another artist that has risen up and we are still wondering why and the funniest, most humble guy I know ended up on Love and Hip Hop! (Jaque) It was also a major year for Durham, NC native TrezFalsetto. Our personal lives were like the weather, things were hot and good and things were just cold as ever! As I look back over the accomplishments and the downfalls of 2017 I can honestly say that the world in a whole has learned a lot and taking all that we have learned we can make a better 2018! So far Bruno Mars and Cardi B have dropped an amazing remix and video already! If this song doesn’t get you moving and back in that good old 90s feel I cant help you! So cheers to freaking New Year, More good music, and more opportunities!

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