What’s good people, I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. And you know as always its your girl NaeNae back with another #NaeNaeOnTheScene interview. I first heard this multi-talented artist at an event about a year ago when she did her version of Schoolboy Q’s ‘That Part’. She goes by the name of Jay Shalé. She’s a singer/songwriter, producer, DJ and creates her skits on Instagram. Jay Shalé is definitely not one to be put in a box cause you never know what she might do next. I got to talk to about a little bit of everything with this amazing entertainer.

Check out the interview below.

Stay update on Jay Shalé:

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Hey y’all this time I’m choppin it up with Fleet Artist T- Quest!

SOM:  So tell us a little about yourself? What’s your name and where are you from?

My Name is Tara T-Quest Little. I’m from Stamford, CT. I’m a female hip hop artist, radio personality, party host, poet, owner of “The GLM Collection”, “GLM Cosmetics” & more! You can call me the Jill of all trades!

SOM: How you first got involved with rapping?

I grew up a quiet child so my words was how I spoke to people & how I expressed myself the most. I would write stories, poems & songs all the time. Grew up singing then slowing turned my words to bars and started rapping in High School. Fell in love with the hip hop world & haven’t stopped since.

SOM: What do you find most challenging about the music industry?

Trust. Never know who to trust. Who’s really in your corner. Who’s really here to help you and not take advantage of you. I came into this industry alone with a pure heart. I learned the hard way that everyone is not who they say they are and you have to really be careful to who you do business with.

SOM: Tell me about some of the people you’ve met while performing?

I’ve met a lot of interesting people. Yes, I’ve met a few celebrities over the years, others have definitely made an impact on my life. To meet other artists as well as see the love & passion they have for their artistry is amazing. Most importantly, meeting new fans at shows are the highlights. Especially the ones who have came up to me after the shows stating how they loved my performance & my songs. I had them tuned into every lyric as I brought the words to life when entertaining. Some have told me they love my confidence & how to see me do what I do and how I carry myself have inspired them to follow their dreams or given them motivation

SOM: What do you do when you aren’t rapping?

I have a whole brand I’m building so when not rapping i’m handling other things on the business side. I’m a radio personality so i’m on air talking about music, entertainment, love life and relationships. I have a clothing line “The GLM Collection” clothes for women, men, children, babies & dogs & a make-up line “GLM Cosmetics”. All can be purchased on my website If I have a moment from working, I’m usually relaxing at the spa or movies.

SOM: How do you keep coming up with dope rhymes? 

I write what’s on my heart & what’s on my mind. The mind is forever racing so I can never run out of things to say. I love to use my every day life and imagination to come up with bars to bring my thoughts to life in a creative way.

SOM: What has been the most challenging moment in your career and why? 

The most challenging moment in my career so far has to be completing projects. I’ve work with producers in the past that has prevented me from releasing work to the point, I had to start over multiple times. I’ve lost so much dealing with the wrong people that everything I tried to start didn’t get done or complete. I’m just so honored to finally have the right people in my life now so that I can finally give the fans what they’ve been wanting from me for a very long time

SOM: Do you have anyone that has influenced you in your career? Who and Why?

No one in particular, life in general influenced me in my career. The trials & tribulation in life is what inspires me to write, create & release.

SOM: Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years?

I see myself touring the world with my music, with my future books i’m going to release. I see myself speaking at seminars, spreading positive words, advice & knowledge. I see myself taking my GLM brand to such a high level, having my building for my business, staff & more! Life is all about elevating & increasing so that’s what I do.

SOM: Is there anyone you would like to give a shoutout to?

I would love to give a special shout out to the whole Fleet Nation, Connecticut Fleet Dj’s, & CT’s Fleet Dj Manager DJ Platinum for appreciating my gift &  believing that I would be a best fit to join the Fleet Team as CT’s First Fleet Artist. I’m so honored to be apart of an amazing coalition. I would also love to give a shout out to my family, T-Quest/Gotta Love Me Fans & supporters, they are truly my motivation!

SOM: Let us know what your social media is. How can we find you?

You can find me on ALL social sites  @tquestglm (Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) You can also find me and all that I do on my website

SOM: Anything else you want to drop on us before we get out of here? 

I just want to let everyone know that even though making music & entertaining is my passion, I’m more than a music artist. I do a lot of charity work, involved in youth activities, I use my platform to help better our communities. I am you and you are me. I’m all about communication so I would love for everyone to interact with me, add me on social media (@tquestglm) & subscribe to my mailing list for all updates on my shows, events, new music, merchandise & more!

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