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The Quest Chronicles: Hidden Intimidation

I don’t understand people & I never will. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that people are ok with settling & love to praise mediocrity. As an entrepreneur I can’t help but to wonder and take things personally. For example, on social media you can post that you started a business & receive no LIKES, yet you can post that you got a new job and then whole world is ready to congratulate you? It is me or is that backwards? When did having a business became less than working for “THE MAN”???

It makes me wonder, are people afraid to congratulate you because they don’t want to feel obligated to support you? If they ignore the post, they feel they’re in the clear. Think about it. In their mind, if I don’t click LIKE or acknowledge then maybe I won’t feel the pressure of buying or attending anything. This may be for financial reasons, a possibility that they just don’t care for your products or simply don’t want you to succeed.

Another personal experience: I write for a magazine weekly, yes I get traffic but when I promote it, not many say anything about it. I’ll receive views but barely get a LIKE & most definitely don’t get a share. Recently another writer wrote about me so I posted about it & I got praised for it. Wait a minute, you’ll congratulate me on being recognized yet won’t support what I’m being recognized for. How backwards is this?

Is it quicker to just say congratulations then to take the time to check out what you’re actually congratulating them on? Are we really that busy or deep down inside truly don’t care? Are we afraid to admit that we don’t want to see the next succeed? What’s the real issue?

Let’s switch this up for before I end this.

Why are we so quick to support & praise strangers before we support our very own, family members, friends and or associates? Then again based off studies, it’s seems to be more common in a certain culture… something has to give. We need answers and serious change.

Like always, leave your comments below because I truly desire to know how you feel and if you’ve ever been in these situations.

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[NEWS] Jacob Latimore Covers The Quintessential Gentleman

(December 8, 2016 – New York) As Singer/Actor Jacob Latimore prepares for the release of his new EP entitled Connection and the December 16th release of his new Oscar-Worthy Film, Collateral Beauty, which co-stars Will Smith. Jacob sits down with The Quintessential Gentleman to discuss not only the new projects he’s working on, but how he has remained humble and relevant through his journey in the industry.

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QG Capture takes pleasure in highlighting figures that embody the zeitgeist of contemporary cool. These entertainers seamlessly alternate between a multitude of artistic realms, while gracefully traversing the obstacles presented in performing such feats.
About The Quintessential Gentleman
The Quintessential Gentleman is a Men’s Lifestyle and Entertainment Digital Publication that focuses on the positive accomplishments of men in our society.

 Check out upcoming blockbuster film, Collateral Beauty, where Latimore stars alongside Will Smith.


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