Spring break


What’s good everyone, its your girl NaeNae bring you another #NaeNaeOnTheScene. Last weekend, I attended the Spring Break In The Basement music showcase brought to you by Yard Rvnnerz and CME Worldwide. There were quiet a few up and coming Indy stars hitting the mic trying to win prizes of studio time, music video shoot and more. Comedian, Nate Robinson was the host of the night, who kept the crowd laughing in between performers. Yard Rvnnerz frontman, 1K Hollywood took the stage to perform his latest song, Act Up. In the end, the top three winners were: CeCe Chanel, A.C. and RoyalTi.

See some of the show’s performances down below.

As always its your girl NaeNae with that #NaeNaeOnTheScene.

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