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BMB Entertainment Super Producer Dre Butterz looks to inspire with new music

Dre Butters


A champion for overcoming the hurdles of life, BMB Entertainment producer / artist Dre Butterz is seeking to not only entertain but uplift and motivate with his forthcoming project, Wish You Well.  After pushing through personal adversity, Dre Butterz returns in his most candid approach open and honest about his struggle with anxiety. With the support of BMB CEO Brian Brown who Butterz credits with never turning his back on him, Dre Butterz utilized his time in a mental health facility to regroup. 


“Between Brian, my cousin Ladawn Ford, my friend Rashard James and manager Cedric Louie I have been supported and encouraged through these trying times.  My children are a constant source of inspiration. My mother has never judged. The faith that she has instilled me has reinforced my understand of God’s grace and mercy.”


Dre has paralleled his situation to that of Kanye’s admission of mental health concerns. Suggesting that Kanye may not be as “off” as people think.   “I’ve always looked up to Kanye, what others might see as craziness, to me is another level of thinking. People are quick to question the mental stability of everything and everyone they don’t understand”.



With Wish You Well on the way, Butterz will be taking his artistry and catalog to higher levels. For now check out his latest, a 6-track EP titled Drop That Flame.





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Alyze Elyse: First Black Independent Female Filmmaker to Have Generated Over 25 Million Streams on Amazon Prime


Actress, writer, and film maker Alyze Elyse, from Greensboro, North Carolina, is considered the first Black female independent filmmaker with a proven number of over 25 million movie streams on Amazon Prime and counting. Her first break came with the release of her first independent film entitled “Innocent”. Since then she has broken barriers for females in the independent entertainment industry, both music and film alike nationwide, with theatrical release distributed through major platforms such as Netflix, Redbox, Walmart, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Video On Demand just to name a few.

Through her company, Soul City Films, Alyze has executive produced, wrote, and created a total of 7 film projects consisting of 5 Dramas, 2 Animation Comedies along side her long time partner, producer, and director, Jarrell Crump, and has sold thousands of her films all across the country direct to consumers at mall kiosks. Alyze says she wants to continue to grow and bring different stories that captivate her growing audience. Alyze explains why it mean so much to let people know her story,

“Like any other creator, I want the people to know the story that is sometimes untold. It’s a lot of great talent in the world that works just as hard as I do and I represent their existence. I’m a success story and I will continue to believe that I’m living the American dream in a time when people feel dreams are destroyed daily but I believe my journey to success will continue to inspire many to believe even when the odds are against them.”

In what always seems to be a male dominated business, Alyze Elyse is doing things her way and is an inspiration to all young women whom desire to “beat the odds.” Check out Alyze’s film releases on Amazon Prime.


LATEST RELEASE OUT NOW!!! [Available on Amazon Prime]

Titled Release “Flowers” Featured on Amazon Prime

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