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The Quest Chronicles: Misdirected Energy

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Life is not perfect & we all go through things. The pressure of society, jobs, relationships, family and more can get the best of us. Trying to keep face, stay positive & be a superhero can be a bit too much and all we can do is try not to spazz out. When we’re sick or down for the count many of us who’s usually the strong ones doesn’t always feel comfortable with others trying to help or continuing checking up on us. We tend to snap and be like, “I’m good, stop trying to baby me!”

We’re all human & have the right to a few bad moments, days and more but what we need to stop misdirecting the energy to the wrong people. It’s so hard to find people who genuinely care so when you do have those special individuals in your corner the last thing you want to do is push them away. Now, if they know your heart, then they won’t take it the wrong way. They’re aware you’re just having a moment but we have to try not to have too many of these moments because they don’t deserve the backlash.

Have your moment, find ways to calm yourself down, find your happiness and don’t snap on your loved ones. Appreciate them for wanting to be there for you and know they hover, check in and show extreme concern because they truly care about your well being.

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