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The Quest Chronicles: Valentine’s Day

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Chocolates, teddy bears, flowers, lingerie & maybe dinner… BORING! Time for a change. How cliche is that? This is some generic old school, need to get with the times view of what is needed for Valentine’s Day.

Let’s talk about this man made holiday we call Valentine’s day, I won’t get too deep in this particular blog but I would say is I remix it to benefit myself & encourage others to do the same. For example, I’m not in a relationship so I’m not sad about possibly not receiving a gift. I’ll buy myself my own gift if I want to. I mode it to fit my lifestyle. I love the color pink & red so this is like JACKPOT season for me to rack up on some cute things. Also, my brand is all about LOVE so marketing wise this is great for my business to milk on the holiday just like other companies.

At the same time, I can’t front if I was in a relationship or comfortable enough to want to go out with someone, I would love to get dressed up. I would love to be wined, dined and treated special. Shocked at being catered to with gifts and a big smile on my face. Trust & believe that the action would be reciprocated because I love to spoil as well. But none of this matters because it’s not MY reality right now.

Some feel it’s overrated, not worth their time & you should show love all year round. On the other hand, there are still a lot of hopeless romantics who enjoy the day & get excited about it just like a birthday or Christmas. Let’s not taint their excitement. If we can be brutally honest, a lot of people hate on the holiday because they secretly wish they can get that fairytale valentines’ day but can’t.

Be you, be true & do what’s best for you. If you celebrate, have fun. If you don’t, let others enjoy themselves withing negative comments. It’s  Valentine’s Day & the month of LOVE: embrace it, hug more, love more & remember you are loved!

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2Fli Spotlight: Precious Stansberry

Precious Stansberry aka “The One and Only Baroness” is based in NC. She’s the proud mother of 3 children. As the CEO of Baroness Promotions and Entertainment she provides artist mgmt, development, promo, marketing etc. She’s also a club promoter, host, public figure as well and has worked with major artists such as Kevin Lyttle, Baby Cham, Elephant man to name a few and Talent Scouts in various locations. Also she’s the CEO of Baroness Boutique where she provides all the latest fashions for men, women and children. She also owns a travel business called Baroness Vacations, specializing in all types of travel needs. Precious Stansberry is proud to be a part of the Fleet Family. #SOM via @djmizzofficial
Here are my links to follow Ms. Stansberry.
Precious Stansberry/FB
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Baroness Vacations/FB
Baroness Boutique 2019/IG
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