Teddy Riley vs Babyface: We Still Gotta Wait

The epic most anticipated song for song versus match up was suppose to take place, Saturday Night, April 18. However it didn’t quite go down like that, Teddy Riley was having some sound issues; while Babyface was “social distancing” playing his records with no issues. After trying to fix the issue live, and letting the over a million ig live viewers watch them try to get it right. The musical legends decided to end the live and set it up for another day. But the internet has no chill, the videos and memes have hit the internet mocking the fails of the night.


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“Legendary” Queen Lo is a correspondent and personality located in Charlotte, NC. With a never-ending passion for arts and entertainment, she has always been involved in the creative scene in her community, knowing since a child she was meant for greater than the mundane.
Now, she has transformed her talents and passions into a purposeful career. Involved in many areas of entertainment, Queen Lo is limited by no boundaries. As a multi-faceted personality, Lo covers media on a vast level including, but not limited to, interviews, event coverage, and written content. Queen brings her quirky personality and informative questions with her for each artist, offering them a platform to display their talents to the public.
As a professional model, Queen Lo stands out with over 4 years of experience with print and promotional modeling. Never camera shy, she has been featured in over five music videos and composes tutorials for her YouTube channel as well.  Lo has also interned at the local radio station Streetz 103.3, earning her experience with the board, Adobe audition, and her radio voice making her a triple threat in the industry. She writes for her own website,, as well as and Queen is not only a blogger for the three websites, but has also been published in the Detroit-based magazine, FMC, only extending her reach to the public.
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