SO: Who is Marzburg? Where did the name come from?

MARZBURG: It came from a power firearm early in my career I came up with that name cause my flow was compared to that weapon and it just stuck with me I just changed the spelling around.

SO: How long have you been in the industry?

MARZBURG: I’ve been doing music about 8/9 years now.
SO: What made you fall back the first time?

MARZBURG: I took a break away from music to deal with personal issues just really find myself sometimes you have to destroy & rebuild cause you have to mentally ready to deal with the music industry and me as a indie artist  have to go a lot harder to get where I want to be.

SO: Now that you are back what can we expect from you?

MARZBURG:  Better music cause I’ve been going thru a lot of personal things I’ve been traveling experiencing different things I have a lot to talk about, and you will get to see my face on a camera a lot more lol.

SO: You just dropped ‘A Million” what’s the inspiration behind the song?

MARZBURG:  The struggle that will  wake up upon everyday whether it’s dealing with work, society bills etc. every one wish they can see million dollars in they time so I just wanted to motivate the people to get more and never settle just keep pushing daily.

SO: Are we working towards a album or mixtape?

MARZBURG: Both you call the project both. 

SO: Any artists you working with in the future?

MARZBURG: Right now not really I’m focused on Marburg right now if the opportunity comes to work with a certain artist for a certain record than I’m all for it. 

SO: What part of New York are you from?

MARZBURG: I’m from Queens, NY

SO: You opened your own Recording studio right?

MARZBURG: Yes it’s still under construction I will have everything running by the summer time.

SO:What is in store in the future for you other than making a couple millions?

MARZBURG: Making a billion without my freedom at risk lol!

SO: What advice will you give others who are trying to reach goals?

MARZBURG: Stay consistent, take no hand outs and learn the business never take no for answer and stay away from all the fuck shit that comes with the industry.

Make sure you all check ‘A Million out on sound cloud !


YouTube: Marzburg TV for feat and bookings


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