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Fleet DJs of Georgia Media Pass Ep. 6 Artist Bio: Khujo Goodie

The Fleet DJs of Georgia aired their monthly show The Media Pass Episode 6 on April 24th, 2018 that specially featured the upcoming rising star Khujo Goodie. He has a new single called “Joogin&Pluggin” that Fleet DJs Georgia will consistently promote.


Khujo Goodie is one of the pioneers of Dirty South hip-hop and the Atlanta underground music scene. One fourth of the Goodie Mob (along with T-Mo, Cee-Lo, and Big Gipp) and one half of The Lumberjacks (with T-Mo), Khujo is known for his distinct, grunty voice and free-flowing rhymes that cut through gritty bass. The Atlanta native is a lyrical virtuoso, rapping about urban experiences in the South intertwined with apocalyptic prophecies from the Bible. Khujo is also the only featured guest to appear to every single multiplatinum record selling duo Outkast album, including Big Boi’s solo album. His solo projects include The Man Not the Dawg, Mercury, and G-Mob Godfather.

Follow Khujo Goodie on Instagram stream “Joogin&Pluggin” on Spotify spotify:album:6wTwuO23NfXV49ujLzzl0R

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Fleet DJs of Georgia Media Pass Ep. 5 Artist Bio: V.V.S.

The Fleet DJs of Georgia aired their monthly show The Media Pass Episode 5 on March 27th, 2018 that specially featured the upcoming rising star V.V.S. He has a new single called “When the Feds Came” that Fleet DJs Georgia will consistently promote.

V.V.S. is an acronym for “Very Very Slightly,” a way of describing the clarity of a diamond that is nearly flawless. When deciding on a rap moniker, that’s what Tennessee rapper V.V.S had on his mind: building a “flawless” career in the music industry. Born BJ Arnold in Haywood County, Tennessee, V.V.S. first decided to dabble in the rap game after encouragement from a childhood friend. Following the blueprint of his influences 3-6 Mafia and Master P, V.V.S. built his own recording studio and learned the nuisances of audio editing.

V.V.S also graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Entertainment and Music Industry. “I always had a business mind so I bought my own equipment so I wouldn’t have to be on a time limit in the studio. I like to cut the middle man out,” says the self-taught rapper. “I wanted to do a mixtape but hosts were charging too much so I learned how to chop up songs just like they did and put out my own mixtape series called Pimp Edition. I hosted several up and coming artist’s mixtape from my area.”

The Pimp Edition mixtape series earned V.V.S. a Knockdown Entertainment award for Mixtape Artist of the Year in 2011, and several other awards over the next few years. Currently, his hot record “Mac’N” is spreading through the Southeast and Midwest regions. With the clothing line to match, V.V.S. is building a major brand. His goal is to establish his own label, M.I.M Entertainment Publishing Company, all while continuing to hone his craft. He has accomplished that goal in the state of Tennessee as an audio engineer, ghostwriter and rapper.

His current single “When the Feds Came” depicts a common narrative in the streets: the Feds invading his community and hauling people off to custody. Lyrics like “Snakes in the garden, rats in the kitchen” allude to another urban trope: someone close snitching and being responsible for starting the federal investigation in the first place. The content and feel of the song resonates with urban communities that have witnessed this same narrative. “When the Feds Came” is the lead single for V.V.S.’s new Ep “Righteous,” set to release summer 2018.

Follow V.V.S. on Instagram @vvs_mcn and watch the video for “When the Feds Came” at .

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