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Mixtape Review: True Pax “Identify The Mindset”

A soulful introduction to Identify the Mindset opens the project up with great focus, as True Pax touches on real-time observations such as lack of awareness on societal issues disguised by trending topics that seem to be overly hyped by the persons they were truly intended to blind. Over a steady key, True Pax is candid about police brutality, and diminished compassion that seems to exist in the common man or woman. A great start, before True Pax heads to the next track Vibin Out which plays as the perfect background track to a nice cigar and cognac evening. With his substance lyrically True Pax offers a cool contrast to what’s available otherwise today. It would seem as some of his bars are aimed at his peers while at the same time holding accountable the buying demographic who keeps them in power. Is Tru Pax taking on the sound of today? Is he ready?

With lines like “Subzero Boy I could leave ya ass frozen” he displays his metaphoric prowess. The rest of the single seeks to provide hope that there is a chance at rectifying some of the ills of life, options which he contemplates as he vibes on a daily basis.  The pace is sped up a bit on Trending Topics, which surely when attached to the right hashtag will be a conversation piece amongst the millennials. Intertwined in his diction is a plea to his hometown (New York City) to open their eyes and remember the mecca of Hip Hop resides in the Empire State. Storytelling takes the front seat on Dear Family, as True Pax takes the time to scribe his regrets to his kinfolk, in heart-warming fashion. A must hear for anybody battling with admitting their wrongs, and crediting their love ones for their rights and empowerment.

Thanking music for its therapeutic nature, and the crutch it has been for him, True Pax uses Fallen, to delve into some of his life experiences and the choice he made to focus on harnessing his talent rather than spiral out of control and hit the wall of consequence. Lookout is masterfully sequenced whereby True Pax goes extreme boom bap remaining consciously driven, over a slightly higher RPM. His New York, New York tribute sounds and feels like the Big Apple.

“Respect the hustle, all I really knew/

Man AK for the sandwich and my 100s stay in blue”


Only thing more New York than that is a chop cheese burger. if you ask me.


“It’s some Trues for the jeans,

Forces for the feet

Fitted for the cap,

And a Nike for tee”


Welcome to New York……..

On 9 fears, True Pax teams up with King Midas and gets a little religious and takes aim at the fake-conscious rap sector of MCs. Not sure if this one hit its mark in terms of connecting the content to the title like the previous tracks however it does segue easily from Section Ocho. King Shit seems as though it should have been placed in another slot on the project considering the pace change with Lookout and New York, New York. Not too impressive, I ran to My Mind which took me back to a comfortable setting. True Pax tells a story of a nice young lady he has met and the gamut of their relationship. More lows, than highs it seems but such is life. The project closes with Materialistic. Shooting down the flex, True Pax keeps it real about how hard things were growing up and how great it feels to be able to afford some of the splendor he has today.

“Love Expensive shit but I’d do without it

Lot of yall man could do shit without it

Cracking Cards, N—- what you’d do without it”

Admitting that he is susceptible to material lust as easily as any other, he remains awoke by the gratitude and memories of the struggles yesterday held. Overall a good project, Identify the Mindset is substantive and sounds like a MC who praises the golden era of Hip Hop from Brooklyn, New York. Hats off to True Pax.



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