It’s remarkable how much time flies, especially when you’re having fun as the old saying goes. This month marks the one year anniversary that TenthLetterMedia and Straight Official Magazine joined forces to highlight the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop for you our readers!


We’ve accomplished a number of feats in 2017. We covered the 40 Hip-Hop albums that turned 20 this year, sat down with legends in the genre like Professor Griff and Young Bleed for exclusive interviews and highlighted the immense amount of talent that’s emulating from the nineteenth state. It has indeed been a fun year…so why stop now?


As we ride out the last days of 2017 we will continue to bless you with #FlashbackFridays where Hip-Hop excellence is exhibited on a weekly basis. We’re also continuing our mission to link with any artist, DJ, producer and the like to put in work for the movement that is Hip-Hop. Be sure to like, share, comment and repeat down below!! #DueSeason #GetSOM



Quite possibly the most animated and talented MC and leader of the Flipmode Squad would step back in the booth for a third time to warn the world of impending doom. Busta Rhymes would form Voltron in a team of the game’s hottest producers like Swizz Beatz, Rockwilder and himself to name a few. The album would solidify his mark in the industry while snagging Grammy nominations and Billboard top spots along the way. Singles like “Gimme Some More” and “What’s It Gonna Be?!” are both bangers but the feature with Mystikal is a personal favorite of ours! Two of the baddest to do it over a guitar riff?! Dopeness!



The consensus of Hip-Hop was always about who’s the best MC? Three men were mentioned, and Nasir Jones was in that company. His sixth studio album under Ill Will/Columbia Records would host a plethora of producers ranging from The Alchemist, Alicia Keys and Eminem. Fresh off on of Hip-Hop’s most game-changing beef, Nas would still give us his take on the world through lyrical prowess and a style all his own. Hit singles like “Made You Look” and “I Can” are both examples of his ability to top the charts according to Billboard as he took the #1 spot. With platinum status achieved in the next month, is there any question as to why Nas is one of the best??



This album here takes us back as it was the very first album that we wrote about in our union with Straight Official Magazine!! The debut album of Dr. Dre would forever change the landscape of Hip-Hop, both in terms of the music and the business itself. Under his label in Death Row Records, he would shoulder all production duties while accomplishing a number of incredible feats. While conquering both Billboard Top 200 and R&B/Hip-Hop album charts, the project would serve as the launch pad for his homeboy Snoop Dogg’s legendary and ongoing career. “Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang” was ahead of its time and displayed Dre’s talent of blending G-Funk and Gangsta Rap. A must-have album for any true fan of Hip-Hop!!

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[FLASHBACK FRIDAY] The Break Outs via @TenthLetterMed

Just in case you’ve been under a rock the past few months, Hip-Hop is indeed alive and well! The most influential genre of music continues to grow after 4 decades and was recently celebrated at 2017 BET Hip-Hop Awards. Even with the divisive mindstate being forced upon us, this movement will stand the test of time as it always has.

One day away from the weekend and you know how we and Straight Official Magazine rock when it comes to the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop. This time around we’re coming at you with #FlashbackFridays where we highlight three album releases that took place around this time. This week we shine the light on artists breaking onto the scene. Be sure to check with us next week at our regularly scheduled day of Thursday, and thank you as always for rocking with us! #GetSOM #DueSeason

October 9th 2001: T.I. Releases I’m Serious

In most circles he is revered as the King of the South. In the fall of 2001, T.I. would introduce the world to trap music with his debut under Arista Records. Clifford Harris would also executive produce his project alongside some of the game’s heavy hitters in production like The Neptunes and Lil Jon to name a few! While the album was received well by most, a lot of folks just wasn’t catchin the vibe as some fans cried foul accusations of rip-off tracks. Coupled with dismal record sales, he was released from Arista and would go on to reboot with his own imprint (Grand Hustle Records) two years later under Atlantic Records. Three #1 albums in a row just goes to show just how serious Tip was about becoming successful despite a rocky start to his career.

October 12th 1999: Mos Def Releases Black on Both Sides

It’s unfortunate that Rawkus Records subsided because it was truly home to some of the gems of Hip-Hop. One in particular is also one half of the supergroup known as Black Star. Mos Def would introduce himself to the masses under while aligning with producers ranging from Ayatollah and 88-Keys to DJ Premier and Diamond D to devise this great album. Singles like “Ms. Fat Booty” and “Umi Says” would propel the album to the top spot on Billboard Top Rap Album chart and #3 on Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop charts respectively. Black Dante would go on to enjoy success in both Hip-Hop and Hollywood while remaining the same way he titled his debut.

October 10th 1995: AZ Releases Do or Die

The era of Mafioso music was alive and well in ‘95 and AZ was ready to rock his derby in the game. Debuting under the label known as EMI, he would deliver his brand of East Coast spit over the production of Buckwild, Pete Rock, L.E.S., Amar Pep and Ski to name a lot! The project would be considered a success with a #15 spot on Billboard Top 200 and a #1 lock on the U.S. R&B/Hip-Hop charts as well. While the album boasted a number of memorable singles, “Sugar Hill” would be the one to bring gold literally, and is one of my personal favorites. This album is one that true heads would not only appreciate but have to own.

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