Tough Love

[Web Series Review] #NaeNaeOffTheScreen: Tough Love

Hey, its your girl NaeNae that brings you your #NaeNaeOnTheScene review. But this time around instead of giving you a review on the scene, my review is coming from off the screen, YouTube to be exact. I fell in love from the very start of this Emmy-Nominated web series, Tough Love.

Tough Love, is about six millennials, living in New York City, dealing with their day-to-day struggles of life and love. There’s Alicia and Quincy who are not only in a committed relationship but they run a business together. Next up, is Monica and Darius, the couple who isn’t an actual couple at least from the way Darius acts toward Monica. Finally, there is ‘I Can Do Bad By Myself, Don’t Hold Her Tongue for Anyone’, Jordan and the ‘Works Hard, But Plays Harder In The Bedroom, Playa’, Jackson. If you are familiar with or loved those classic black love movies, you might have noticed these characters are named after some those stars from those classic movies. (i.e. Darius is named after the character played by Larenz Tate in the movie, Love Jones.)



Since episode one dropped on YouTube back in November 10, 2015, this show has been one hell of a roller coaster of emotions leaving you wanting for longer episodes or cussing at their phones/tablets/tv at what some those characters did in an episode. LOL. Anybody can relate to or know at least one of these characters. I really related to my girl, Jordan cause we are a lot like in ways when it comes to relationships, especially in Season One.

Recently, married couple, Roni and Caleb Davis, created and produces this relationship-drama show. Both are originally from California but currently the Big Apple is their home. Roni is the writer and Caleb directs this amazing show. After season one ended, the love from fans from all over the world caught the attention of creators from the Black & Sexy TV network. (if you not familiar with Black & Sexy TV, don’t worry I’ll have a review coming soon on them.) When Season Two began, Tough Love could be seen on the Black & Sexy TV network a week earlier before being released on their YouTube channel.



This is a must watch show with a phenomenal cast and amazing storyline. I’m looking forward to see what’s in store for Season Three.
Its your girl, NaeNae with #NaeNaeOnTheScene signing off. Stay tuned for more reviews from me. Peace and Blessings.

Check out a recent interview I did with Roni and Caleb Davis on my podcast, 5 Rounds along with episode one from season one of Tough Love.

The cast: Quincy (Jordan Ryan Barton); Alicia (Ebony Obsidian); Darius (Devin Coleman);
Monica (Natalie Jacobs); Jackson (Bradley Clarke); Jordan (Verina Banks)



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