Mary J. Blige Gives An Amazing Show At Ravinia Festival 2019

Ravinia Festival 2019 was an outstanding festival this year, September 13, 2019 Mary J. Blige made a stop to Highland Park IL, and blazed the stage. The Royalty Tour was a blast I’ve been following the tour reviews and Mary J. Blige had a good amount of sold out shows this run. Ravinia is an outdoor venue with great acoustics and provides great music and hospitality. The Band of Mary J. Blige was phenomenal, under the Music Direction  of Rex Hardy Jr.(Drummer).

Rex Hardy Jr, Is an outstanding drummer and arranger whose played for many stars, I was impressed on the drum kit he played on this royalty run. It’s amazing to not worry about getting the kit put together for every show when you have an amazing Backline Tech Brandon Tigner Sr  The hit song’s from You remind me, I can Love you Better, Real Love, Not Gon’ Cry. The sound was amazing, it was like when she was recording the record. It was filled with an amazing crowd with different nationalities all coming together enjoying good music. Mary J. Blige is definitely the Queen. The crowd was singing every word to her songs, you just had to be there.

Mary J, Blige wardrobe was incredible, even the stage setup was amazing and she had background dancers with her show. What a sold out show even if you wasn’t in the venue, you enjoyed yourself on the lawn. You had beautiful people having picnics with family and  just a great time. A FIVE STAR CONCERT AN AMAZING TIME WITH RAVINIA!!!!

Photocred Patrick Gipson/ Ravinia Festival

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[NEW ARTIST] Meet Izzy Brinks!

Everybody loves some good Chicago music, I recently had the pleasure of meeting the artist who goes by the name Izzy Brinks, who actually makes really good music. I had the pleasure of  being one of the judges of a showcase she won. When I say she took the crowd by storm; I was amazed at her talent and energy . “Izzy Brinks The Phenom, The Up And Coming Artist of Chicago is a hard pill to swallow when it comes to the music scene because you don’t know what Izzy Brinks you gonna get in that moment.She has a way of captivating the crowd every time.

        Growing up on the west side of Chicago in Humboldt Park at the age of 11, Izzy started her love affair with music partly because her brother’s group, Empire Armada which she was also apart of, They would let Izzy dance on stage for them sometimes which is when she grew to cherish the moments of life with music. Izzy was raised on such Artist as Outkast, Common Sense, Twista, Mos Def and  Crucial Conflict. Then came artist like Eminem, that showed Izzy its ok to be different and get a little crazy sometimes. She began to get out there showing her own creativity coming up with catchy vibes such as Trap & Go, and a beautiful vibe entitled “Blaze” That’s when she linked up with Yung Blak Executives Media Group LLC. In the summer of  2017, she took her career to the next level and is currently promoting her single “Blaze” Produced By Nicole Moore. 

Check Her On Social Media!

Facebook @imizzybrinks

Instagram @im_izzy_Brinks

booking for features or shows or call 872-222-8739 or DM @ybemediagroup

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