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X-Raided took to Instagram a few hours ago to announce that he has major projects in the works. X-Raided’s fans have proven to be loyal as they were dedicated to his music even while he was incarcerated for so many years. Now that he is out, his fans have been patiently waiting to see his next move. X-Raided is about to deliver in a major way with “Psycho Analysis” I think his projects are sure to engage his audience and draw them in with his personal experiences and adventures through his physique.

His Instagram post was written as fallows


#Repost @officialxraided1
I’ve decided to take it all the way back. I am presently re-creating, re-producing, re-recording, remixing and remastering all of the classics starting from the beginning of my career. The project is called “Psycho Analysis.”
🔹 “psy·cho·a·nal·y·sis
: a system of psychological theory and therapy which aims to treat mental disorders by investigating the interaction of conscious and unconscious elements in the mind and bringing repressed fears and conflicts into the conscious mind by techniques such as dream interpretation and free association.”
We are about to study my life and career together through my music. I will be releasing the project as series of albums 12 songs at a time, chronologically listed. The songs are in the order that I wrote them to give clarity on my state of mind during each period of time. This will allow for discussion surrounding the environmental influences that created the specific psychological atmosphere within my mind to cause these particular lyrics to come out of me.
These are the first 12 songs we will be examining:
1. Everybody Killa
2. Every Single Bitch *
3. Still Shootin’
4. Use Yo Nina
5. LIquor Niggas & Triggas
6. Wanna Get High
7. Witta Mask On
8. Checc Yo Bitch *
9. Deuce-Five to Life *
10. Hell Razor *
11. Deadly Game
12. Macaframa **
*Found beat
Artwork by: @mistahrain
This is not the final artwork. I’m not sure what I want on the cover yet. Still want to see what @dikulz has in mind.
I’m working with @pyramidmusicgroup @venezistudios and @wave_freqz to make this project a reality.
So far I have amazing beats from: @rozayxbeats @illmindedmusic @brainofblapgang @prod_by_kyle_keith and of course @joeyy_mystro. I’m listening to what everyone else can come up with too. Tag a producer you feel deserves a chance.
I’m doing a docufilm, video diaries (performing and breaking down the songs), plus videos for each song with @rickthedirector @420ambassador and @infgang
I’m completing a biographical lyric and picture book for the project as well with @imrobertrand
I’m 100% focused. This is not a test and I’m not gonna change my mind. Psycho Analysis is coming soon.


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