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Artist Feature: Uzi Masalino


Known professionally as Uzi Masalino, this Bronx native is an influential figure on the Boogie Down’s independent Hip Hop scene. Sharing his life and thoughts within his music, he has become known as an inspiration to those who relate most closely to his diction and the stories he depicts. With a decade under his belt, his current focus has been channeled towards the completion of a forthcoming body of work which he is extremely confident in.


“I am from where many describe as the ‘concrete jungle.’ My main focus is dropping my EP very soon. I got a solid team and production arm behind me. We have been perfecting the craft and making sure our release is meaningful. We have stockpiled content and the button will be pushed very soon.”


Collaborations with Vinny Idol, Joe White, Pete Powerz, Hazardous Heat Productionz, Steady Stylez Productions, Maserati sparks have solidified his place in the community and Uzi wants more.




“My goal is put on for the BRONX, I want to bring that real raw rap back. I feel like I got what the game is missing. Once my time approaches the world will see.”


Anti-trend, Uzi Masalino’s persona and music are authentic. Grinding got him to where he is at today, and his message to those who listen is that you can reach your goals as well via great work ethic. Motivated by his older brothers who kept him around the music and various studios at a young age, Uzi Masalino has taken the game they dropped off and ran with it. Networking religiously, Uzi Mazalino is pushing the envelope on New York City Hip Hop alongside his Xzecutiv Brand cohorts.

Connect with Uzi Masalino via Social Media


Instagram: @uzi_masalino

Facebook: Uzi Masalino

Email : stonerbossuzi@gmail


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