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Swizz Beatz shows how proud he is of his son today, with his Instagram post about his son Note Marcato. The heartfelt post shows him embracing his son in a hug while on set of a visual. The caption reads “Always take the creative risk” referring to the iconic Note Marcato and his creative edge in the industry wearing skeleton face paint. The young artist of only 19 years, told Rolling Stones Magazine in an interview that “He has worn face paint as part of his brand since he was young”. This year he took his face paint to the Grammy’s and viewers were curious on who he was as he joined his place next to his father and step mother Alicia Keys. This appearance really got people talking and they seemed to be intrigued in a positive way. The appearance had people rushing to social media to talk about it. People seem to be embracing the artists style as he shows off his creative face paint process on his Instagram. Many people would think this may be a publicity stunt to get attention to a so so good artist. Nothing could be further from the truth. Note Marcato’s musical talent is just as amazing, creative and unique as his face paint. He has uniquely blended hip hop and rock and his style is a clear reflection of his music. Swizz Beatz picked this Friday the 13th to express how proud he is of his son taking the creative risk.

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Everyone seems to be jumping on the popular Onlyfans wagon, the app that allows its users to see exclusive continent has proved to be a huge money making outlet. Celebrities are no exception to joining. Many celebrities are using their massive followings to advertise their Onlyfans account which is generating millions for some. Tyga  joined the app about ten days ago and it appears his account is doing extremely well. For $14.95 you can enjoy this artists content. He currently has 25 posts on his account and is consistently on it. His tag line reads “I Like you I don’t give af bout yo bf”. If you want to peek into Tyga’s naughty side make sure you check his Onlyfans out.



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