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Calshaun Devar Vinson, known professionally as G.S The Brand was born in
Chicago, IL on June 11, 1983. He is the youngest of five children. Throughout
his childhood, he was raised in the late neighborhood of Leclaire Courts. It was
at the tender age of 4 when G.S The Brand began to find his voice and fought
with himself between his passions of music and basketball. He honed both
talents as music won the battle of his heart. Not much later after he relished in
long afternoons writing in his notebooks, an overwhelming tragedy struck the
family. Two of his Aunts were called home within 9 months. The course of the
unfortunate events spiraled his teen years into a whirlwind of loss and pain. As
a high school junior, G.S The Brand dropped out to pursue the street life in
search for belonging and monetary gain. This way of living was not what he
intended, but he pursued it for another 2 years or so enjoying fast money, sex,
and drugs. Before he turned 20, G.S The Brand attempted to live on his own
moving away from home. He looked to writing and music as his sanctuary
when life thickened.
Shortly thereafter, he signed to the local label of Campane Records, catching
the undivided attention of many with his soulful tune and X-rated lyrics. “It’s
All About Sex” dropped the summer of 2005, launching his newfound career
and journey as a recording artist as his first album. The owner of the local label
decided to pursue other goals, leaving the hungry artist hopeless, losing his best
friend that same year, Daniel Little, without a way to express his burden. He
longed after studio nights as he tried dealing with the pain. The loss of Dan
pushed G.S The Brand in the pursuit of Hip-Hop. He discovered versatility and
decided at that moment he wanted to connect with people through storytelling.
As life grew harder, he began to work harder.
On May 1, 2008, Armani Tay’shaun Vinson was the blessing G.S The Brand
had sought for. A son gave him a stronger, focused drive to chase after what
was his all long. However, loss clouded him once again as his two older
brothers Larell Boyd and Montez Vinson were both called home by 2010.
Empty and detached, he mourned for months. During mourning, he did not
write or record feeling forsaken and lost. G.S The Brand saw 2011 as a new
year to completely rebrand himself and revisit his sound. In addition to writing,
G.S The Brand also conquered audio engineering, and cinematography. He was
invited to the 2011 BET Awards meeting Recording Artists and public figures
in entertainment that drew him to music, and changed his outlook on life, such
as Teairra Mari, R. Kelly, and Tank.
After 2014, G.S The Brand took other avenues other than music. He put his
focus on artist development of his nephew, Kyngg Tayy. Welcoming his
daughter, Bella Ajai Vinson into the world in 2019 inspired him to find his love
and passion for the music again.
Today, G.S The Brand continues to persevere. Writing is his life, period. He
wants to be the voice and have the qualities to inspire hope and reason for love,
for life, for longing. He lives to build a brand for not only himself, but also his

  1. What have you accomplished in 2019- 2020 in regards to digital download sales, events and notable collaborations? 

Streaming related, I dropped 7 R&B singles, with ‘Get it’ being the most popular along with my hip hop mixtape, The life and times: Chapter 2 on all music platforms.  At the end of 2019, I did a collaboration mixtape titled, Masterpiece, and a mixtape release concert with hip-hop artist, Taco.

Most recently, I was featured on the heat check where I won the opportunity to get my new single ‘Not so easy’ played on Power 92. I also performed this single at ‘The Loft’ in Gary, IN.

  1. Are you currently speaking with any record labels? If so, who? 

I am not currently speaking with any record labels. I am just getting myself back out there now that I have my team together.

  1. What is your vision for all of 2021?

To bring back real R&B. The R&B music these days lacks the realness that we heard in the late 90s early 00s. I want to bring back that relationship and lovemaking vibe.

  1. Are you available to tour on a minimal budget?  

Most definitely…I do not need much to bring to the table.

  1. Are you currently signed to any labels at the moment? 

‘I’m not currently signed to any record labels as I have my own with my business partner, Cleo. It’s called Iconic Records because we’re Icons in here…

  1. What is your expected fan base as a new artist? 

Honestly… I want to start out with 5,000-10,000 fans. I really want to strengthen my 25-35 year old audience. They are there for sure, but a stronger base is one of my goals.

  1. Do you have any booking agents you are currently speaking with?

Just know this… my management team is working hard and 2021 will have a lot of surprises.

  1. What endorsements do you currently have? 

I do not have any endorsements currently, but I would definitely try to get a deal with ‘PUMA’.

  1. What do you seek from a marketing firm? In other words what do you feel you need assistance with now in your career? 

I need a firm with good communication style, meeting deadlines, and promoting. Currently, my management team consists of Carmella and Erin Marie. When I say these two ladies have been doing the damn thing, I mean it. They have really been pushing, researching, talking, and promoting. The communication is there 100% every time. This is what I need as my career continues to grow.

  1. Would you be willing to travel overseas for opportunities?  

Hell yes…. I do have a couple of fans from different countries currently. One fan from Nigeria reached out to me just recently to tell me how much he enjoyed my new joint. That’s love forreal!

  1. How many mixtapes or albums have you released in total? 

I released 5 albums since 2004. My favorite mixtape would be ‘Love” because I received so much love and positive reviews for every song.

  1. Do you have proper digital distribution and marketing for your releases currently? 

I would like to say that we are getting it together currently. We are on a good path.

  1. Would be open to step outside your comfort zone with unique partnerships with artists or brands?

Yes…most definitely. I am always opened to unique opportunities. It could add to my music

IG: @gs_thebrand

Facebook: @G.S The Brand

Twitter: @GS_TheBrand


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#GetSom via @officialtreygee

When I first experience the vibe of this song, omg I played it about 20 times back to back with extra repeat sauce on this track Delafaye has a great pen game, tell her how you feel and she shall deliver you a hit, she has worked with legends and i stamp when I say this she will be in that category soon and you read it here first but  about Delafaye. Danielle La’Faye Carr (Born February 6th, 1987), often known simply as “Delafaye aka Delafaye Music” is an American Rap artist, songwriter and musician. Delafaye comes armed with a high powered energy, an infectious stomp-box rhythm and a lovable approach with tunes ranging from heart-felt to socially conscious that will move both your heart and hips. Delafaye is like a musical butterfly who’s been granted unlimited creative metamorphoses. Even her musical chrysalis stage was a surprise emergence. Unlike so many Chicago female artists, Delafaye’s approach is one that stands out. Raised alongside 3 brothers and 1 sister, on the eastside of Indianapolis, Delafaye was always surrounded by music blended with a religious background in her mother, who sang in a band called VERSATILE which included her late grandfather who played bass. It was a freestyle battle Delafaye attended at age 15 that mad her really want to take music serious and become a star. “I was 15 years old, I selected to participate in a freestyle battle at a Pacer game. My parents had no idea where i was lol. At the time, there was a popular boy group that was holding the competition. I was the only girl in the competition and we all had to spit our best 16. I ended up passing the first round and had to do a freestyle in front of thousands of people. I won the competition! I wasn’t nervous, and didn’t stumble my words.. I was very comfortable! It was organic. That’s when I knew I wanted to be a star.” The music itself blends influences of some of Delafaye’s own musical heroes which include Missy Elliot, Chaka Khan, Angie Stone, Tupac & Bun B to name a few – along with Delafaye’s lyrical ability to explore human nature at its best and worst. Delafaye’s evolution as a songwriter and performer since a teenager has been remarkable, having released several music videos and mixtape projects as well as performing on some of the dopest stages throughout the Midwest. The
energy can sometimes be witty and it’s a persona she skillfully embraces in her shows, but to hear her musical storytelling with such a clear painted picture, is an entirely different dimension. Her soul speaks of a creative writer that thrives in a vast range of musical styles. Her new single “NO XANS NO PERCS” is no doubt a standout track, and
an undeniable vibe many consider “Game changing”. Delafaye’s career vision is one with no limits, and she plans to prove that by displaying her massive work ethic.




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