[FEATURE] Mary J Blige Is My Favorite Artist!

Recently I was asked a valuable question, “Firstclasse, who is your favorite artist?”  That very simple question(for most) is a quick answer; however, for me, I was perplexed! I love all music, so I was like Rap or all around? Quickly they responded, “all around favorite.” Quickly I replied, “Oh, Mary J Blige”.


I can remember when I was growing up; my home would always be filled with good music. My mom would play music while cleaning or just to relax. Family cookouts or gatherings were always filled with some sort of music in the background.Music for me has always been real!

I remember singing Not Gone Cry by Mary j Blige and not even understanding why she was crying in the first place; Not to mention Real Love! I would watch tv and mimic Mary J Blige background dancers while wearing a black dad hat, some biker shorts, and a baseball jersey! No one couldn’t tell me that I didn’t have the moves down pack. Then when the beat dropped for “I can love you” I would stop whatever I was doing and started singing, LOUD!

Mary always had a song that I could relate to my current situation. Not to mention her impeccable style coupled with music, yes Mary is the best!


I was reminiscing of all of Mary’s tracks that I loved, “Reminisce” was also one! Method man and Mary “You’re all I need” is still an all-time favorite of mine. I always do the hard head nod when that comes on.


So after thinking for just a few seconds, it was easy to say that Mary J Blige is my favorite all around artist. I can’t pick one for rap..its so many talented rappers, but Mary is my all time favorite!


Salute to Mary J Blige! Keep putting out hits that your fans(such as myself) absolutely love! Below is the list of 15 of my favorite songs(not in any order). Thanks for reading!


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Not Gone Cry

Deep Inside

No limit

Thick Of It

Mr. Wrong

I can Love you

All I need

Just Fine

Your Child

Seven Days

The One

My Life


Thick of it

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[FEATURED MODEL] Meet Fleet Model Giovanni!

Eye Color


Hair Color









Tell everybody your name and where you’re from?

Giovanni Hawkins I’m Baltimore born and raised.
So Giovanni, how long have you been modeling and how did you get your start?
11 years. I began by walking in the Baltimore Fashion Week Show at Artscape. Artscape is the largest 3 day arts festival in the world.

What are some of your hobbies or fun things that you do outside of modeling?

I enjoy laser-tag, working out, and I love books lol (yes, I’m a nerd)

What would you say is your best feature and why?

My best non physical feature has to be my personality. I’m a fun person. I love to laugh.

My best physical feature I’d say is my smile

What music is currently on your playlist?

Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, TattedupLeo
Being a model, I know you hear corny pick up lines all the time! What is the worst line you have heard thus far?
Hey beautiful!God took his time on you
Who’s your favorite model?
Me of course! Lol sike I’m crazy about Naomi Campbell
Give us a “Fun Fact” that not many people would know?
I’m shy and have great anxiety.. Atleast, until I warm up to you.How can people get in contact with you?

To book an interview or send music besosradio@gmail
Giovanni Gigi Hawkins

Thank you for your time in speaking with us! Keep up the good work!!
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