Hip Hop Renaissance Man is what WISDOM BEATS can be considered as in this day and age. Originally from Baltimore, and now residing in Raleigh, NC, WISDOM BEATS has been a part of Hip Hop culture since its infancy, and shows no signs of slowing down. Producer, blogger, poet, DJ, WISDOM BEATS touches on many facets of the culture, not only as an elder statesman, but also as a student, because learning never ceases.
WISDOM BEATS has honed his production and beatmaking skills with Maschine as his weapon of choice. Underground, boom-bap is his forte when it comes to musical tastes, but he doesn’t limit himself. With a vast record collection and knowledge of obscure samples, you won’t find WISDOM BEATS being boxed in from a sampling standpoint.
WISDOM BEATS has quite a few placements that will interest listeners. Working with artists such as ILL Conscious, Jamil Honesty, Last Born Child, Vex Davortex (from the 90’s underground group The Boogiemonsters), Born King, Ullnevano and various others, you will get a taste of what he has to offer musically. His production work has garnered radio play on Rap Is Outta Control with DJ Eclipse (SiriusXM Channel 45), WXDU 88.7 (Street Flava Mixshow), WKNC 88.1, K100 Radio and other terrestrial and internet stations. He also has a music placement on a new webseries, HARLOT’S WEBB (directed by Kevin Gardner), so WISDOM BEATS is looking to expand his horizons.
Be on the lookout over the next few months with more upcoming placements and DJ ventures. WISDOM BEATS is destined to be on the scene for years to come, and will be a welcome addition to the Fleet DJ’s family as a respected and revered producer. Feel free to reach out via Twitter: @WisdomSince70.

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Bridgeton, NJ is one of the smallest cities in America and one of the most dangerous. With one of NJ’s highest crime rates, nothing good is expected to come from Bridgeton, but Dazzy is determined to change minds.
Dazzy, born Dazmiere Johnson followed the footsteps of his older brother and started running the streets trying his hand in a life of crime. The only time that Dazzy was able to get some relief from his fast life was through music.
Teaming up with Homay Productions, Dazzy headed out to the Agenda Trade Show in Las Vegas to shoot the
visuals for his first single “Real Fast”.

Now ready to display his full potential Dazzy decided to release full project titled “Black Roses”.

Listening to @Dazzy ‘Black Roses’ using My Mixtapez app

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