The King of Flawless

As a active Dj in a huge market of great music ,I recieve thousands of submissions monthly. Recently I’ve recieved a submission from the first artist that stood out to me in a long time and im eager to hear more from him . Nehemiah Simmons aka NC Simmons is Texas native born and raised , and with his newest single “Flawless People” he’s sure to stand out in state where “Everything is Big”.

KR. Tell us where you from and tell us about yourself as a musician.

NC. I’m from Diboll,Tx about a hour and a half from Houston, Tx. I’ve been doing music for over 10 years. Through that time I’ve learned alot and accomplished alot.

KR. What inspired you to do music ?

NC. Life inspired me to do music. I’ve always had the ability to speak on certain subjects and it touch homebase. Now I’m just doing it through songs.

KR. Tell us about your forthcoming project and how you expect to impact your listeners.

NC. Currently I’m not working on any full projects. Right now singles are driving me so that’s where my focus has been.

KR. Where can we find your most recent music ?

NC. My recent music is on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Etc.

KR. How can potential fans and followers find via social media ?

NC.  I’m on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. All under the name ncsimmons3 so hit me up or follow me. I’ll do the same.

KR. Catch NC Simmons newest release “Flawless People” on my upcoming mixtape “Tilt my Crown Vol.2”

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[INTERVIEW] “The Gold Mines Gold Mind” Art Gallery

The city of Baltimore have numerous gems discovered and undiscovered . Those gems include music , food , style ,and a diverse platter of culture that only a multicultured palette can taste . The veins and arteries of the city travels for miles as they create a heartbeat for the city . One of those veins reside at 823 East Baltimore Street in the downtown district of Baltimore City simply titled “The Sand Gallery” the acronym meaning Sell Art Not Drugs , this establishment has been a platform for up and coming as well as establish artist to showcase and sell their art work . With numerous themed events every week this establishment brings any and everybody together from fellow Baltimoreans to major artist stopping by before and after shows to see what the word is about . I’ve personally have been given the opportunity to sit down and talk to the owner and curator himself Milly Vanderwood to get his take on his rapid movement.

SO MAG: What things inspired your interest in the art community ?

Milly Vanderwood I was really intrigued by different creative processes and how so many things are art, when you think about it but I was interested in making visual artists just as important as music artists, actors and things of that nature! Most don’t get the recognition they deserve.

SO MAG:  How do you feel about the art community in your area ?

Milly Vanderwood: There’s different aspects to it, many different personalities etc. — Could be better, could be worse but i’m building my own “art community” and not trying to fit into someone else’s.

SO MAG: Explain your concept behind sell art not drugs..

Milly Vanderwood: My partner, B ‘The Change’ coined the phrase ‘Sell Art Not Drugs’ basically stating that we could be selling drugs… that’s the “easier” thing to get caught up in but we’re spending time being creative and selling art instead.. and that’s rare… I was the one who decided to turn that into an acronym and take away all the other letters except for the first ones of each word… luckily that broke down into SAND & here we are.. The SAND Gallery (Sell Art Not Drugs)

SO MAG: What kind of impact do you anticipate having on the art community ?

Milly Vanderwood: A very major one.. I mean, I’ve only been in the “visual arts world” for 2 1/2 – 3 years… and in that time I’ve.. 1. Gotten multiple works of art to celebrities.. 2. Managed a few visual artists.. 3. Opened an art gallery 4. Quit my job to be an entrepreneur.. in the “art world” & managed to make a decent living off of this without being able to draw or paint… & 5. I’m set to open an art gallery in Georgia next year!

SO MAG: What is your daily “dream routine” ?

Milly Vanderwood: Wake up… do whatever the f*ck I wanna do… simple. Everyday is different.. just another hustle!

SO MAG: If you could give advice to upcoming business moguls what would it be ?

Milly Vanderwood: Study the “business” that you wanna do.. don’t be afraid… make it happen… just do it… tomorrow ain’t promised!

SO MAG: Future plans for the sand gallery ?

Milly Vanderwood: Open the sequel in Georgia… continue to help artists and open up more worldwide!

SO MAG: Social media outlets or information how to participate in your venue ?

Milly Vanderwood: @thesandgallery on instagram & twitter! @millyvanderwood on IG, @toomanyrappers_ <– twitter | | 410 504 9249 ! Mini Hip Hop Museum coming soon!!

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