The Quest Chronicles: If Only You Knew

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Why do people get annoyed by the happy-go-lucky person or co-worker especially in the mornings? As if being happy is a crime. The nerve to smile or laugh before noon!

Is it their fault that you’re not a morning person? Is it their fault that YOU woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Who are you to ask them to turn it down?
Sometimes I wish people did wake up & smell the roses. I wish people appreciated life more instead of ONLY thinking it’s too short when someone is sick or passes away.
As one of those happy go lucky morning people, I always defend others like me and embrace the excitement. Many didn’t even have the honor of waking up this morning or even have the strength to get out the bed. It’s real out here!
Do you all remember hearing, behind every big smile may lie the biggest secrets or hurt? Behind every bright eye or laughter may lie the most tears. In many cases this is very true. You never know what goes on behind close doors. You’re not aware of back stories or current situations nor is anyone obligated to state theirs. All I know is, this world is dark & sad as it is! If someone wants to wake up, smile, laugh or sing a song… I’m all for it. For all you know, that may have been the first smile after an earlier morning of tears because of a tragedy. Many professionals try to abide by the rule “Leave your problems at the door” so despite what may be occurring in their personal life, they don’t bring it into their workplace.
Believe it or not while there are people who dread going to work everyday & routinely wait until friday; there are others who actually use this place of employment as an escape from their reality.
How do I know this, I was one of them. I woke up every morning excited to work my 10+ hour shift everyday! First one there & last one to leave. Beyond dedicated. Stayed longer doing work, off the clock. Just call me super employee. That’s how it looked on the outside. On the inside, my workplace was my escape from my reality. There was so much going on in my personal life & entertainment career that my actual 9 to 5 (with its own personal headaches) was my moment of peace. Off social media, less people dumping their stress and toxin on me, begging for money & asking for my services for free. While having people on the verge of commiting suicide hitting me up to calm them down and at the same time knowing many people suffering in the hospital, trying to stay strong for them. Life became too much that I anticipated clocking in to have a moment to breathe. A moment to detach from my life so yea,
I always walked in with a smile on my face, bringing laughter & extra joy to any room I was in. There may have been some miserable souls who couldn’t stand it but there were others who embraced it and actually thanked me becauae my happiness warmed their hearts. I was their light while deep inside I was trying to not allow my inner light to dim with all I was going through secretly.
I write this blog to say this: You are blessed beyond measures. You have more going for you than you even notice. You’re upset about getting the bare minimum of likes on a post or upset you can’t find the right outfit for the club. You’re annoyed that its 8am, Jim & Emily are way too jolly for you right now because its too early, you want to go back to bed & rather not be here at the morning staff meeting. While your neighbor is trying to figure out how to keep the lights on in their home & how to pay their father medical expensives at the same time. Someone else is struggling, praying for a warm bed to sleep it wishing they had an early morning staff meeting to go to, have a job to help relieve some stress.
Let’s not look at the positive things in life as a negative. Smiling, laughing, loving & embracing one another is a natural healing. Be kind to one another, you never know who’s life you could change for the better with that small gesture.

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  2. There were a couple of messages I took away from reading your chronicle: 1) Be grateful for our blessings we have, because there are people who are less fortunate and have it worse than we do. 2) When we serve or help others, it will take the focus off of our issues by being a blessing to others who are dealing with issues and battling like we are. We all are going through a battle at the end of the day, but it’s how we choose to respond that matters.

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