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As the home online publication of The Worldwide Fleet DJ’s, Straight Official Magazine is the link to what is going on in the entertainment industry. We are correspondents to the culture and movement that is Hip-Hop.

Our staff consists of Fleet’s best and brightest DJ’s, writers, photographers and tastemakers who’s continuing mission is to highlight talented artists and entrepreneurs across the world.

Since 2011, Straight Official has enabled brand awareness through advertisement and established working relationships with both independent and nationally recognized artists. Through our hard work and dedication, we will also capture other aspects of society. Resting our fingers on the pulse of topics ranging from health and financial wellness to fashion and social media trends are just a few things you the reader will be able to expect from us.

Jay Mill

Editor In-Chief

Capturing the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop in Indianapolis for over a decade, Jay Mill
(TenthLetterMedia) is the Editor-In-Chief of Straight Official Magazine. While shining the
light on Naptown’s evolving Hip-Hop landscape, he has worked to break artists across
the country alongside the Worldwide Fleet DJs. Providing engaging and entertaining
content, Jay works alongside his amazing team to become THE source for everything
going on in the world!



T-Quest, Fleet Djs Lady Of Year and the owner of TQuest GLM LLC is one of Connecticut’s most aspiring entrepreneurs currently residing in Jacksonville, FL.
Not only is T-Quest the ultimate entertainer & host but she is known for being “The VOICE” of the industry as a voiceover goddess.  As a Journalist, T-Quest (The Pentress) currently writes for Straight Official Magazine, Apex Couture Magazine, & Senior Editor of Ryder Magazine as well as The Quest Effect Magazine.

To keep up with all her amazements, download The T-Quest App in your google play store and your apple store, check out her website & follow on all streaming platforms @TQuestGLMWas certainty remaining engrossed

miss unique


Christina Anderson, known by her alias Miss Unique, is a multifaceted individual weaving the roles of podcaster, journalist, and devoted mother. With a passion for storytelling, she captures diverse perspectives through her podcasts and written work. Beyond her professional pursuits, Christina cherishes her roles as a loving partner and a steadfast friend.” Her motto is “I’m not gonna change for anyone. I’ll be myself, and the right people will like me as I am.”

C- Can’t stand dishonesty
H- Handles Life with grace
R- Rare and giving soul
I- Incredible love
S- Sweet as a friend
T- Triumphs over life
I- Immovable in her Beliefs
N – Nurtures those she loves
A- Always helps others

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