Legendary Singer Melba Moore Debuts New Single Before “Imagine” Album

The award winning actress and singer just keeps cranking out hits these days! But her proudest and most meaningful release is “So In Love”, the first single from her upcoming album “IMAGINE” on her daughter, Charli Huggins’ new label, The Gallery Entertainment. Written by Chantel Hampton and Rahni Song, produced and arranged by Rahni
Song, “ So In Love” brings Melba back to her RnB roots with this smooth, sweet, rhythmic and romantic midtempo love song. As for Melba’s new venture with her daughter she says, “Charli has grown up in the industry. She has diverse interests but one thing that I know for sure is, she has a genuine love and knowledge of music. So we thought why don’t we do a project together?”

Speaking on the recording of the album “IMAGINE” Melba states that “this has been a long time coming. I had an opportunity on this album to express many things that I never had a chance to before. We’re living in peculiar times and I felt it was the perfect time for IMAGINE. It was made with love and I’m so looking forward to everyone’s response to it.”

The album “IMAGINE” is produced by Rahni Song, Danny Pickering and Janice Dempsey. Executive produced by Charli Huggins and Beau Huggins.

Listen to the single below and Click Here to stream on your favorite platform.

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Tha Vicious – Know They Name

Before 2021 end Tha Vicious dropping more heat. This time he got features from Atlantic Recording Artist DKE AUTHOR and O.G. Kurb. The three artist come with unbelievable energy. This track will definitely get the party started at any event. All three artist are from South Florida. Be sure to check out this gem.

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Devyn Nicole recognizes the secret competition in new single “Be Like Me”

There is a saying in the world that imitation is flattery and when someone sees something or someone, they wish they could be, it sometimes causes people to mimic the same patterns as the originator. Sometimes its inspiration and sometimes its competition.

If you know Atlanta, GA then you know the city has given birth to some dope artists over the years. One artist that fits that category is Devyn Nicole who has taken her style and craft of hip hop and produced a dope single directed at the people who secretly want to be in competition with her. To be unique is to be different, to be different is to be one of a kind. Devyn Nicole is one of a kind and with her singleBe Like Me produced by Treymxn, you can tell she inspires people to mimic her style daily.

Recently she released a visual for the record directed by Kerrigan Production that adds uniqueness towards her craft. Lyrically she shows you she can change different styles while maintaining the topic of the song giving you versatility. Devyn Nicole is on her way to being a star and with that in mind why not release a song that has inspired her uniqueness and success.

Stream the official video for “Be Like Me” by Devyn Nicole now on YouTube.


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Watts rapper Glasses Malone delivers Glasshouse (The Prequel), a re-imagined version of his acclaimed 2012 mixtape Glasshouse. The revamped and enhanced version includes 5 new tracks, 3 remixes (GMX) and standout tracks from the classic Glasshouse project that will now be on streaming services for the first time. The new project features an intro dedicated to hip-hop by Schoolboy Q and album interlude narrations by Kurupt. Special guest features include Ice T, Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Ty Dolla $ign, The Game, Tray Deee, Too Short and Raphael Saadiq. This is a definitive West Coast gangster rap project from one of the genre’s best and brightest minds.

New tracks include lead single “6 ‘N The Mornin’ (GMX)” with Snoop Dogg, Ty Dolla $ign, and Ice-T that HotNewHipHop declares “an anthem that seems singlehandedly determined to spark nostalgic fondness for the generations of West Coast gangsta rap come and gone.” Elsewhere, Malone teams with The Game and Kurupt for the G-Funk anthem “Keep It G” that AllHipHop says is “an absolute slapper.” Tray Deee and Kurupt jump on the hypnotizing “ACTIV3” while Malone shows his versatility on “Show No Love,” a duet with R&B icon Raphael Saadiq.

Glasses explains, “As the last true essence of this west coast rap lineage, I want this project to connect the DNA. The history of The West. Gangsta Rap is the unapologetic truth of our culture delivered in a fiery rebellious way. It brings the excitement that’s been missing in hip-hop.”

The new album will follow Malone’s 2019 viral sensation “2Pac Must Die,” a song and video that logged more than 5.1 million streams and landed high-profile interviews on The Breakfast Club and Big Boy, among others. Additionally, fans can check out Glasses Malone hosting his podcast “No Ceilings” with co-host Peter Bas on the Black Effect Podcast Network via iHeart Radio.

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East Coast Super Producer TZIE releases debut EP “TFrost”

Washington, DC native TZIE born as Mark Evans Robinson Jr. wears many hats; Father, Husband, Super Producer, Singer, and Songwriter. The creative extraordinaire is signed with 4EYMG, which enables him to produce for an entire range of artists on the roster. The Suitland, MD Producer grew up in a blue-collar household where playing music wasn’t considered a career. Both parents worked for the DC Metropolitan Police Department with more than 25 years in service. As early as 2-years-old, TZIE knew that music chose him. He received a drum set for Christmas then the gift was born. “I became obsessed, taught myself. Once I felt I was great enough to start going out into the world with my gift, I grew a hunger for all the other instruments, then production, then audio production. Soon enough, I fell in love with everything music. Period,” says TZIE. If you have listened to Jade Alexis’ “Toxic” or Torazz” – “Baby I Gotta”, you would know that TZIE’s multi-talented abilities separate him from the rest. His creative sound is guaranteed to put him on top and keep him there.

“I have no limits to my artistry now. I can go whenever and however I please and have the confidence that it will sound as good as I want it to.” – TZIE


Most people recognize Kanye as a rapper, but TZIE recognizes the true artistry in Kanye —the Producer— which fuels the drive and pumps the inspiration of his music production mindset. “Kanye taught me the keys to success through our similar stories growing up. He taught me consistency, how to create outside of my comfort zone, work ethic, and most of all, how to inspire myself daily. I inspire myself now every day because of how Kanye molded my mindset to be,” he says. TZIE has aspirations of working with Ye, Travis Scott, Baby Keem, Snoop Dogg, Doja Cat, Tyler the Creator – to name a few. He has been steadily building his production arsenal with over 2,000 finished tracks and is ready to show the world- he is worthy of being highly recognized as the most slept-on Producer.

Truthfully, TZIE is bringing a fresh new style of Hip-Hop to the industry. This impressive young up-and-coming Producer has completed his new EP “TFrost” which features a few of his labelmates like CharleeLynai and Lil Leek. The 7-track storyline is about TZIE’s alter ego, who is a bad villain but not by choice. The EP depicts events that took place in his life that caused him to be a cold-hearted individual that plays no games. In “TFROST”, TZIE will unapologetically take you on a journey. You will learn who he is, his mindset, his everyday life, and his thought patterns. “TFrost” is available on all digital music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play. Be sure to connect with TZIE on social media and all digital music platforms.










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Torazz and His 4EYMG Labelmate TZIE pair up on his latest Sexy and Provocative Single, “Baby, I Gotta

Singer and songwriter Torazz is a 4EYMG artist from Prince George’s County, Maryland, and creates a new genre of music that he likes to call R&B/Pop. He sings R&B while the beat behind it is Pop, then merges the two streams into one unique style of music. Torazz is a self-described funny guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. Music has always been his outlet. He makes his music to help people get through their adversity, just as music has helped him get through his.

“Music is my therapy. Music got me here” – Torazz

Growing up as an only child appeared lonely for Torazz. As a teenager, with hormones raging and the feeling that his parents just didn’t understand- music was like a friend and confidante. When he was eleven years old, he began to write poems and put beats behind them. He grew up with music that his dad listened to often. Also, he was inspired at a young age by the music of Trey Songz, whose mixtapes and albums his dad would play. Although Torazz is not a rapper, he loves listening to Drake, whose music style allows him to sing along with rap.

“Singing and writing music gave me the feeling that I was talking to someone who could relate to what I was going through” – Torazz

Torazz’s experience while attending the annual Fairmount Heights Day celebration was a thrill-filled turning point, and he knew from that moment on that his music would take center stage in his life. His cousin Durell, who is an A&R for 4EYMG, asked him to go up on stage and sing. It was the first time he had ever sung in front of a large audience. Torazz had a couple of jobs before making music his job. He used to be a manager at DollarTree and later worked at Amazon. But the music never feels like a job to Torazz. “Music is just a lifestyle at this point.” He has been in a couple of sessions with other artists to give them input, but his main focus is on his music.

“Learn to network, and understand that you don’t know everything” – Torazz

Torazz believes in staying open-minded with wisdom- he takes to heart what he does. His priority is God and having a stronger foundation of people around him who “believe in the moment.” He is confident in his musical artistry and assures everyone that his work with ‘4EYMG’ will be just the beginning of a string of artistic successes. His progression from just a year ago has been phenomenal as he tests his limits and breaks barriers, taking the music seriously above all other distractions. Now that he’s working to find that single to become his city anthem. “Believe me- there is more to come!” Be sure to connect with Torazz on social media and digital music platforms.




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Santa Sallet is Putting On For The DMV

#GetSOM via @djspins

Recently I got the chance to chop it up with SANTA SALLET to get to know the upcoming DMV recording artist and speak on what he has going on currently.

DJ SPINS: What is your Stage Name? Please tell us where you’re from and what first got you interested in the entertainment industry?

Santa Sallet: My name is Santa Sallet and I was born a champion in Roseau, Dominica. I currently rep the DMV. I love cartoons and I excelled at poetry at a young. One day I came home and I saw Busta Rhymes’ video Gimme Some More and the rest is history.

DJ: Who and/or what inspires you to create?

SS: I see rap kind of like martial arts. I enjoy the sport of rapping and I want to continue sharpening my sword and my skills. The way I can do that is to rap with the best. To do that, I need to be part of the best of them.

DJ: How would you describe your sound?

SS: Classic. I bring a lot of classic 90s rap sounds with a modern flair. My rap style is really a child of New York/East Coast rap.

DJ: What is your creative process like?

SS: I am always freestyle. I am forever freestyling. I will hear a beat that’s so dope once it comes on that I can’t stop freestyling to it. The only way I can stop is to conquer the beat by writing a song to it. Then I can find peace once more.

DJ: What artist(s) would you like to collaborate with?

SS: Busta Rhymes, obviously, but also Schoolboy Q, ASAP Mob, Tyler the Creator, Dave East, Maxo Kream, Baby Keem, Kendrick Lamar, and the legends like Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z.

DJ: If you could open a show for any artist who would it be?

SS: Schoolboy Q or Tyler the Creator right now would be dope.

DJ: What is one message you would give to your supporters?

SS: Think and grow rich. What you think, say and do is what you will become.

DJ: What is the most useless talent you have?

SS: Juggling and completing Rubik’s Cubes really fast are pretty useless talents.

DJ: What would you be doing right now, if you weren’t doing music?

SS: The same thing I do every day. Try to take over the world. Being a rapper is just the start. I am an entrepreneur and rapping is just one of my business ventures. So I guess I’d still be making money.

DJ: Who are some artists you admire and why?

SS: I admire Kanye West. He was one of the first artists known for both their production and ability to rap. I wanted to emulate that and produce my own rap albums. In addition to Kanye West, I also admire other billionaire rappers such as Jay-Z and Dr Dre (Not quite…but you get the idea). I too would like to be a billionaire rapper. Finally, I admire Will Smith. What an amazing career. He’s also one of my early rap influences. He has a phenomenal career as a CLEAN rapper and actor. I too would like to rapper/actor.

DJ: What is the best advice you’ve been given?

SS: Be original. I was lucky enough met DJ Jazzy Jeff for the release of his album “The Magnificent” during a family vacation in Cape Town, South Africa. I bought his record and lined up for a signature. When I got to the front I asked him if you had one piece of advice for an aspiring rapper, what would it be? He thought about it and replied, “Just be original. No matter what you do or what anybody says just be original. Be yourself. Be original.” As a huge Fresh Prince fan, I remember being SUPER nervous at the time and like walking away when he started talking, but he stopped me because he really wanted to make sure I heard what he was saying. I now approach my rap career with these words in mind.

DJ: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

SS: I wish it was easier to use other people works to create derivative works. Like I get its copyrighted and you need to be compensated. I don’t get why you are allowed to say no. Let’s make sampling easier. I guess you could disagree with the message your music is being used for, but that’s art. I think it’s meant to be free to grow and evolve. They say you have two deaths: The first is when you die. The second is the last time someone says your name. I want to live forever, baby. Use my music.

DJ: What’s next for you, where would you like to see yourself in the next year?

SS: I want to go on tour. I will be dropping my official mixtape early next year. Be on the lookout for Plutography. I want everybody to hear it. I plan to rap all over the world.

DJ: What is your social media? How can people get in contact with you?

SS: You can find me on everything @SantaSallet. You will find me hanging out on Instagram the most. If you want to get in touch head over to my website at and fill out the contact form. Otherwise, don’t be weird and just drop me a message on any of my socials.

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Bryson Tiller Releases ‘Killer Instinct 2’

#GetSOM via @mochathemack


Happy Monday! Y’all know I’m always going to shoutout the 502 especially, because lately they’ve really been putting on. Although it seems like this Louisville artist always leaves his fans on read, he’s returned! BRYSON TILLER released ‘Killer Instinct 2’, which is a sequel to his 2011 Halloween mixtape by the same name. It very much gives Trap Soul Halloween, so let’s get into it.

via Flaunt Magazine

This new release consists of 13 tracks including Tiller’s rendition of Normani’s “Wild Side” and Chris Brown’s “Heat”. The TrapSoul creator also only features fellow Kentucky artists like Julius Keith, Marz, and producer Rob “Saint” Calloway. These folks made ART fit into 28 minutes. (And can talk about the Diddy intro on Money Dance?)

Ima keep showing them what Louisville sounds like…”


Where’s Bryson Tiller Been?

Tiller took to the internet and assured fans that new albums are on the way citing his grandmother’s death as his reason to resist stagnancy. This is certainly reflected in the first track entitled “First Call”, which appears to be a conversation with himself about getting back on track. He follows up in the calls after to remind young Tiller to keep going, also revealing that the second voice is future Tiller. Bryson is now gearing up for his long-awaited album Serenity, the follow-up to last year’s Anniversary.

Celebrating the anniversary with you guys last year really helped me fall in love with making music… because to be honest, for a while there I really didn’t want to be bothered with anything music related…”

via Capital XTRA

What I love about this project is how raw it is! Bryson was just honest through and through, in addition like he said, he just came to be an artist and create with no expectations. He did just that! That “Kentucky Shit” was just dope in a right of its own because this is honestly a song I’ve been waiting for from him. Oh, and the Marz vocals – YES!

If you haven’t heard it yet, tap in here. After you listen, tell me what the best track was! Take listen to the first volume of the mixtape here.

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Pittsburgh’s DJ Yas The Empress Signs Residency in Las Vegas

#GetSOM via @essince

DJ YAS THE EMPRESS is living the DJ’s dream. There is an old saying that location is everything. In regards to her new location, it just happens to be the one that dreams are made of!

As one of the world’s premiere entertainment destinations, Las Vegas residency is one of the DJ world’s most sought after roles. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, DJ YAS THE EMPRESS has helped her book residency. Straight Official Magazine wanted to congratulate her on this next milestone in her ongoing career.

Make sure to follow DJ Yas on all social media platforms and her moves in the industry via LinkTree at @djyastheempress

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