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The 2020 decade is special era. Deemed “The Twenties” which you will never again experience. As we transition to 2024, there are a few fashion do’s and don’ts’ specifically for women. Let’s get into it…

DO: Monochromatic Schemes

We see Rihanna do this all Red outfit and it’s fabulous. (via Super Bowl) It just makes most outfits super classy.

DON’T: Hand Imprints

Beyonce already “renaissance’ed” it. Thank you very much. Let’s stop trying to replicate.

DO: Modesty

Showing your butt is played out. Being dressed will surprise us. Also, when did wearing heels get played out??

DON’T: Flip-Flops

Let’s be honest, at this point. They’re for the beaches and for stretch, the children. Cut. It. Out.

DO: Color Block

If you’re not familiar, get familar. It’s an underrated look. Do you know the color wheel?

DON’T: Distressed Items

Unless, that’s really “your thing” avoid the sadness.

DO: Polished

Why wouldn’t you want to look clean?? Please stop trying to look your worst.

DON’T: Grunge

Just, no…. You call this fashion?? Let’s start taking ourself seriously…

DO: Fragrance

You look good, you smell GREAT, you DO BETTER! Not your aftershots of “funk”…

DON’T: Baby Hair

Why can’t we agree!? Volume and body do not apply to baby hair!

Mochathemack via @softgirlleague

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Journalist Bae | Cardi B’s Worst Product @CardiB

Cardi, Cardi, Cardi B. You’re my girl! But I’m going to have to see you in the parking lot about this one. I know you’re going through a lot, but this right here is unacceptable my girl.

Y’all may have seen the photoshoot Cardi B did earlier this year for her cool topping product, Whip Shots. It was literally one of the cutest things I’ve seen all holiday season. She has all kinds of flavors for all time of year, ranging from lime to pumpkin spice to mocha, with the most special ingredient included, VODKA!

For the past year, I’ve bought various flavors, in various sizes, in various parts of the country and they either dispensed NOTHING or very little. Don’t get it twisted – this is NOT an isolated incident and I’m not the only one who has experienced this. Users have gone to social media to express their displeasure and frustration. To sum it up, “This the weakest sh*t ever!” I don’t know, I’m just saying you won’t get any more of my money until you fix it.

The directions are extremely simple and ineffective: slap it, shake it, whip it. I DID THAT! Everything I can to make it work since there’s clearly substance in the can. Even run it under hot water. I GOT NOTHING! Like I told you, I love Bardi, however I’m mad as heck I spent my money on this. I can’t even make this up you guys – but perhaps I’m the idiot for being a stan. Do better, babe.

#GetSOM via @Mochathemack

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Nicki Minaj Disqualified Over Barbz @NickiMinaj

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Nicki Minaj Pink Friday 2 Album Art

Pink Friday 2 on the Billboard Charts

This December, Nicki Minaj released her long awaited studio album “Pink Friday 2” and of course her loyal fans will lose their minds every time this lady speaks. In the first week alone, she sold 300,000+ copies. What this means is that she outsold the prequel “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (2012)” by more than 50,000 units making it her best release since then. Still only debuting at #2 on Billboard 200 unlike its predecessor which came in at #1.

Cheater, Cheater, Glitter Eater

Since the release of PF2, Nicki has revealed that Billboard will dismiss 100,000 units in her first week sales. Why? Because the girl cheated. She ran a fan contest original announcement about the contest — which is now deleted — read, “Show the PROOF of your 4 vinyls OR 4 DIGITAL DOWNLOADS (each cover) [of PF2] & you can win… A [chance] to help me pick the next 3 songs for the #GagCity2 edition that comes out in 5 days. In person ;)”

I’m sorry maybe you aren’t hearing me. She was already estimated to sell 200k first week. Then turns around and has a “100 Barbz” contest. In which they have to buy 4 editions of the album. If only 100 Barbz participated it would provide her with an extra 400 sales (quick math). However, we’re talking about a variance of 100,000 units and there’s no way on God’s green Earth that only 100 individuals participated. So yeah, Billboard said cut it.

You can give out millions in cashapp money though…”

@NickiMinaj in regard to being disqualified after prior MegxCardi contest

Business or B.S.

There’s always a Devil’s advocate, so of course there are a plethora of people who see absolutely nothing wrong with her actions. “Sounds like good marketing to me,” one social media user wrote. “She knew she couldn’t keep up with my girl,” another wrote. Chileeee, I’m going to stay out of this one. But, what do you think? Does Nicki deserve to keep those excess sales? Or is she just trying to play the charts?

Let me know in the comments how you feel about Nicki Minaj and her new project!

#GetSOM via @MochaTheMack

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Journalist Bae | FSU College Football Diss @TrubLyfe

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Let me tell you something, bae. The 2023 football season is not over yet honey, it’s only getting MORE HEATED. Artist, Trub Lyfe included! But for this Tallahassee, Florida team, there’s forever smoke for not being included in the biggest game of college football of the year – despite being undefeated. I mean, the good thing is they still get to go to their state game, but who cares at this point! At least that’s how this FSU fan feels. Did he do this Tupac beat justice? I’m just saying he read it from top to bottom.

Florida State University (FSU) finished the U.S. college football season with a 13-0 winning record, but they were left disappointed after they failed to make the 2023 playoff. Their last two wins came without their star quarterback, Jordan Travis, who got a broken leg in the home game against North Alabama (November 18 of this year). The four (4) playoff slots are not determined solely by record, but decided by a committee of (thirteen)13 members.

Everybody and they mama is involved in this Trub Lyfe video though! I mean it. Check it out right here on Straight Official Magazine, period.

#GetSOM via @mochathemack

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Journalist Bae | Christmas Music “4 The Culture”

On behalf on Straight Official Magazine, we want to wish you all a very happy holiday season. I’ve seen more than a few complaints that this time of year just doesn’t feel the same. Well, congrats! You’ve unlocked the next level of life, it’s your turn to make it feel like something. Now I can’t organize your gathering, but what I can do is give you a soundtrack of Christmas music for the culture. Choose wisely.

1. Home for the Holidays (Vol. 1 & 2) – Love Renaissance

These black people really sat in the studio and made their own versions of ‘Feliz Navidad’ and ’12 Days of Christmas’. Go find this EP right now – I can’t make this up! Featuring DRAM, Summer Walker, 6lack, and more…

2. Christmas on Death Row – Death Row Records

I love Christmas so this was the perfect rabbit hole for me to fall down. If Love Renaissance (LVRN) wasn’t enough, we have a compilation from Death Row Records and it’s the vibe you never knew you needed.

3. Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama – Chance The Rapper + Jeremih

I just want to say that EVERYBODY’S SO CREATIVE! They just don’t make regular Christmas songs anymore. If you really want to turn up for the holidays – take this trip to Chi-town. You ever heard Jingle Bells like this?

4. A Wonderful Christmas With Ashanti – Ashanti

This is y’all girl, right? Enough Said. At least she’s singing classic Christmas music…

5. Miss Patti’s Christmas – Patti LaBelle

Let’s wrap this up! I hope this thread brought you as much joy as it brought me. To top it off, we have a collection from Patti LaBelle. I had to give you something you can definitely play for the aunties. We’re going all across the spectrum here.

Okay, wait – honorable mention… Have you all heard “All I Want For Christmas” by Dej Loaf & Kodak Black? That’s enough. I’m not about to play anymore.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! #GetSOM via @MochaTheMack

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Journalist Bae | RED LIGHT PLAYLIST (Part 2)

Today is New Music Monday, the day is almost over, so here we have the second edition of the Red Light Playlist inspired by Moore Music Radio’s “Midnight Meltdown”. Now, while this R&B playlist is carefully curated, it’s presented in no particular ranking or order, just catch the vibes and let me know which song stood out to you. Hopefully you can find a few that are brand new to you! Check out part 1 here. Also, can we give an honorable mention to Transparency by 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, and Usher…

10. Warm December – Sabrina Claudio

Kicking off the vibes, we have a very sultry holiday ballad from the Miami-native. I could personally listen to this song all year the way her voice just runs like water. I’ll let you be the judge, but don’t sleep on the Florida baddie.

9. Truth or Dare – Tyla

Speaking of water… Next we have South African breakout star, Tyla with this lively ultimatum – “Truth or dare, is it true you care?.” Well, do you? It’s just enough of a crossover to be a beautiful R&B song.

8. Get Close – Ari Lennox

This is still fairly new and hasn’t quite jumped out as a favorite, it’s giving filler music. Elevator music for the bedroom. Really chosen for the sake of variety and the feeling of the sound. Lyrics aren’t deemed relevant in this case.

7. Nothing Even Matters – SIR

Not brand new, but a great addition nevertheless. Who could imagine such a voice from such a man!? The entire song, from production to visuals, fantastic!

6. Simple – Coco Jones, Babyface

As the song suggests, a very simple song from the duo. Though it’s minimal, it can be labeled effective.

5. Calm & Patient – Jhene Aiko

A social media fave right now, are the smooth sounds of Cali-born, Jhene Aiko. You can’t help but feel both patient and calm. A real feel good vibe just showers overs.

4. Finding Peace – Summer Walker

If you’re having a real self-care/aware moment, this sound would be essential. Maybe I’m bias because I’m a Summer fan… You decide…

3. The Divine Feminine – Savannah Cristina

This song has a fairly different feel than the rest on this playlist, however it does what needs to be done. I am bias this time to the soft life, but again, let me know what you think…

2. Sensational – Chris Brown, Davido, Lojay

A MASTERPIECE! SENSATIONAL, if you will! I am not disappointed in this song in any shape or form. This can be played at anytime. 10/10!!

1. Bosses In Love – Kehlani, Ty Dolla Sign

It’s got volume! It’s got body! There is no way to possibly make this song better. “You know what’s going on…” they belt out. If no other song, you have to add this one.

#GetSOM via @mochabk

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The Love Album: Off The Grid | @Diddy

There are only 4 reasons you wouldn’t love this album: You prefer new school music, you don’t like dancing, you’re just bias, or you just never loved anybody. Now, Diddy recently received the VMA Global Icon Award, the key to New York City, and BET‘s Lifetime Achievement Award. When he says, “I thought I told you that we won’t stop,” he means it!


I feel safe in white, deep down inside I’m an angel…


The Love Album Is A MOVIE

The album is feature-film length with 23 tracks at roughly over an hour and 20 minutes. He’s landed the love and collaboration of various jaw dropping peers including Mary J. Blige, Justin Bieber, The Wknd, & Jazmine Sullivan. In the mist of controversy – this album still takes you through a narration of finding love, being there, complicating it, and losing it. All of this is happening “off the grid” and as he says – with no phones, no distractions. The lead single on the production is “Another One of Me”. I don’t know how you could’ve missed this joint – but let’s jump into a track -by-track review.

What’s To Love About It? Let’s Review

Okay, so let’s talk about it – the tracks with an asterisk (*) indicate the ones deemed worthy of adding to your playlist. Wait no longer, Let’s do it!

1. Brought My Love (The-Dream + Herb Albert)

Starting off, we have a very funky-feel with vocals from songwriting legend Dream, followed by Diddy and Herb. A lot of these songs don’t actually feature anything but Diddy adlibs, so this was good to hear. If nothing, this is a dance record. Family reunions, two stepping with your love in the living room, cleaning the house… this is that vibe. Not too much, just enough.

*2. What’s Love (NOV WAV)

A New York feel with R&B swag. No lie, I did have to listen to this a few times to really love it, but I can’t complain. Diddy is also on this track which does give it a boost in opinion. Overall, the production – the feeling is everything.

3. Deliver Me (Busta Rhymes, Dirty Money)

If you liked the Dirty Money album then of course, this is for you, babe! Featuring your favorite Danity Kane girl(s). It’s very smooth, still maintaining that aggressive beat. The whole album is vibey. It really just depends on which Diddy era you prefer, I suppose.

4. Stay Awhile (Nija)

Another dance record that just hits. Really groovy (lol)! If you’re a Mary J. Blige fan, this might be your thing! This album almost doesn’t miss unless you just missed it.

5. Homecoming (Jozzy)

Ooooh, we have Diddy prodigy, Jozzy on the track. It’s not one of my favorites, let’s be honest. It’s pretty good though. I don’t think it’s a great representation of Jozzy but I’d have to hear that from her. This is a skip from me. Good production though. That ending is beautifuuuul too. JUST LISTEN TO IT THOUGH!!

*6. Pick Up (Diddy feat. Jacquees + Fabolous)

The song starts with Jacquee-Ee-eeeEe-eeS. “Ima give you what you need babe, if you let me take the lead baby”! I was unsure when it started but Diddy make Jacq pick up the pace and I like it. Fabolous always adds a special flair and this was nothing different.

*7. Tough Love ( Diddy feat. Swae Lee)

THIS. IS. MUSICAL. GOLD. I didn’t expect to love this song and I listened a few times to get to that point, but fiiiiireeee. The combination I never knew I needed. This track is built for a specific type of person though. Not heavy on lyrics but how the notes come together. And it just makes you think “Shame on me for how I’ve been living”…

*8. Stay Long (Summer Walker)

Personally, I’m a Summer Walker fan so I was interested to know what this would be like. But it’s short and sweet just like Summer.

9. It Belongs to You (Jozzy)

Jozzy, this was so much better. 90s/00s vibes. If Keyshia Cole started later in the years, I believe she may have sounded like this.

*10. Another One of Me (21 Savage, The Wknd, French Montana)

This was the lead single and rightfully so. The Wknd says this is his last collab so definitely love that it has to be this one. It has a slow start though. French ate his verse especially for what this is! 21 comes with his rhythm we expect… but this just feels classier. Diddy ends the song speaking so smoothly. You can’t help but feel it.

11. Intermission (Side B)

Feel free to skip unless you just meditating or something… He says here, that the frequency changes… and we get a little old-school interlude. It’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong. This album is a win to me, but people have preferences. JUST LISTEN!!! or not….

*12. Moments (Justin Bieber)

JUSTIIIIN! Babyyyy… this is the Justin you guys don’t know about. The “Notebooks” Bieber. You’ve seen in the media that he’s been paralyzed in the face but honey you cannot tell here. I instantly loved this. I always thought Bieb was a star vocalist though (again lol). Nevertheless, this will vibe you through. Minimal Diddy. Just vibes. Get in your bag, stay in your bag, he says. Let me send this to my lil brother, he needs those words. And we end with a smooth instrumental outro.

*13. Need Somebody (Jazmine Sullivan)

Jazmine Sullivan feels as expected. She starts soft but you feel the emotion. We’re used to herlower registers. JAZ’S SOPRANO REGISTER POPS OUT ALL THE WAY! She’s amazing at anything. ADD!

*14. Mind Your Business (Bosses In Love) [Kehlani/Ty Dolla Sign]

My first run through of this album, this was an immediate add! I don’t know, maybe it’s just me… Perfect blend of live and studio how I see it though. WEST COAST REPRESENT! These people are singing for their rent!! From beginning to end, if you know then you know – you’ll need this song!

15. Nasty (Interlude) [Jozzy]

I told you she’s the prodigy (Jozzy, 32, Memphis). Here’s a (nasty) interlude with Jozzy. It’s actually good though. Not too vulgar…well…

*16. Reachin’ (Coco Jones, Ty Dolla Sign)

I don’t know… I feel like Ty makes this song. Of course an interlude almost tells you what you’re getting into… so you can USE this, too. What is it about Coco, you guys!!?? Production on 700000% though. My loooooove.

*17. Stay Part 1 (Jeremih, KalanFRFR, K-Ci)

A continuation of the interlude. “Baby won’t you just staaay!” Diddy should’ve kept his input to himself. If we’re using this song for a moment, I could see it happening.

*18. I Like (Mary J. Blige)

VERY CUTE! Ms. Ma’am been popping out lately. Very classy, classic, dance around vibe, of course. It’s simple and catchy – just enough. If I can’t be with you, I don’t know what to do you’ve got my heart! Beautiful sample of herself!

*19. Closer to God (Teyana Taylor)

At this point, we’ve recently learned about the separation of Tey(T), yet she’s still taking on other creative ventures in life. She cries out in the song “Everything unspoken doesn’t need a song – I only want to be the one to get along….” Artistry at it’s finest. This was not the visual I was expecting but still above and beyond.

20. Boohoo (Jeremih)

It’s giving Beatles which I didn’t expect, but it works out for the best. I real feel good, cry if you’d like type of song, I suppose. I wonder how this song is doing on the pop charts because it certainly works for Jeremiah and the array of voices.

21. Burna Boy Interlude

Talk about singing from the soul! It’s an interlude that definitely gives you the feels and what’s next to come is nothing less than this energy. This is an “Allah” chant in a beautiful fashion, but what comes next is even more chilling…

**22. Kim Porter (Diddy, Babyface, John Legend)

This one screams, “I love you and lost you – but how could I?” Both Babyface and Legend create a melody of pure love in this song. I feel this in the deepest part of my heart. Every element of this song blends in an unimaginable way. From instruments, tempo, unique vocals, harmonies, the build of it all is passionate through and through. It also features excerpts from the late Kim Porter.

*23. Space (H.E.R)

Here we are at the end and “I’ve really enjoyed my time with you off the grid”, Diddy says before H.E.R. begins her eerie ballad. She’s the perfect woman for this. Diddy used his network and made a masterpiece….

What are your thoughts? Which tracks stood out to you?

#GetSOM via @Mochathemack

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Journalist Bae | Introducing King Priimme @_kingpriimme

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November 28, 2023 — I got the opportunity to sit down with the 1st artist out of Virginia Fleet! According to him, he doesn’t do “heart to hearts” because he puts it all in the music. Neverttheless, this was that. Meet this Brooklyn-native, King Priimme. Let’s get into it.

Now, He’s King Priimme…

He used to be Optimus Prime or Bars, amongst other names, but now he’s known exclusively as King Priimme. In 1990, Anthony “King Priimme” Johnson was born in none other than Brooklyn, NY. Let him tell it, the journey to King began immediately. His [maternal] family is musically inclined so it was only natural to join the hallway cyphers around the boombox. The family affair was so real that Priimme and his cousin began to rap under their uncle’s wing after relocating to Virginia in 2003. However, the empire state of mind never left, citing influences like JAY-Z and the Notorious BIG. Feeling like an only child, the venture out with his cousin took him further than he expected.

I’ve been rapping, but I got to a point where I was ready to know what I sounded like on a song!”

@_KingPriimme on When he hopped off the music porch

Dream Team Records

Once he started to get the hang of things, he eventually left from under his uncle to create Dream Team Records with the intention to change the wave of music. Priimme explained that hip-hop is no longer real generally. It’s been twisted, turned, and diluted to accommodate a very sensitive, impressionable environment. He was also very clear that after a certain point, everything about and around him has been carefully crafted and chosen. If nothing else, I can definitely agree with that – representation matters!

I can’t make you want it as much as I want it & I definitely want it!”

King Priimme on Choosing a team

VA Fleet

Shoutout to DJ Pink Diamond for recruiting the 1st ever VA fleet artist. So far with coalition, the artist has been able to walk through new doors and sit at new tables. Including performing at the Virginia Fleet Conference, headlining this saturday at Open Mic, with more appearances coming soon after. While family/work balance is important to the artist, you can expect his next project “The Black & White Album” next year. For now, you can vibe to his single “Right Now” and his other projects.

Check more of him here:

#GetSOM via @MochaTheMack

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Journalist Bae | City Girl Era Over?

Apparently, even City Girls don’t want to be City Girls anymore and they aren’t the only ones…

RAW Review

After a good 5 year run, City Girls as we know them, may be done. This October, Caresha “Yung Miami” Brownlee and JaTavia “JT” Johnson released the album R.A.W. under the Quality Control label (QC). If you’ve checked out the album at this point, it’s probably either because you’re a fan of some sort or you’ve seen their viral sales statistics which was less than 10,000 units in the first week.

I feel like, collectively, we didn’t do what we had to do to promote the album.”

JT on low album sales
Cover Art for City Girls’ “RAW”

I feel like we got poor management, poor timing…it’s really never no strategy. We just out here…

JT on who’s to blame

Now, the album does include JT’s solo debut “No Bars” which was on Apple iTune’s Top 10 list, but that’s about the extent of that. After the 2nd studio album ‘City On Lock’ debuted at #29 on the Billboard charts, the rap duo and their fans had high hopes for their future together. However, they’ve been sitting on a lot of these songs for years as explained by Yung Miami. What is evident, is that the girls are close-knit. What is even more evident is that we see them consistently going in their own direction at this point. In an interview Miami explicitly says that the City Girls are not forever – she has to raise her daughter. But did you see the demise coming so soon?

After further review, the new album is kinda lit! Aside from lack of promotion, a majority of the songs sound like something we’ve already heard before and that definitely plays a factor in who is buying into this album. Samples are all the rage these days, but it’s still unclear who could pull off an album full of them.

End of an Era

There’s been a lot of talk about JT going full throttle in her solo career soon, since this was originally her dream. It almost makes sense considering these past couple years, JaTavia and Caresha have been viral for most anything except music. There’s no concrete answer as to what the group will look like or be doing after RAW. Nevertheless, these ladies aren’t the only ones looking for a rebrand.

In the 20’s, females have been dominating the rap game with some raunchy, pimped-out looks and lyrics, but there are a few girlies who are no longer singing that tune. Sukihana appears on Love & Hip Hop: Miami and confesses, “…Talking about eating a**, I’m not on that sh*t right now. I’m a new woman!” Summer Walker explains “At the end of all that ghetto sh*t, we’re going to evolve: mentally, spiritually, physically, financially, and emotionally. We’re going to have balance.”

I couldn’t agree more! Be on the lookout for the journey of these women as they transition from city girls to soft life. Will they be able to pull it off?

#GetSOM via @MochatheMack

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Journalist Bae | Barbie @officialjaidynalexxis

jaidyn x Barbie

October 16th, 2023 – The world is still LOVING the ‘Barbie’ Movie, for certain! But here’s a plot twist, if I dare say, for the culture we all know and love. Jaidyn Alexxis, co-parent with BlueFace Baby, released a song called “Barbie”. I guess if the baby’s dad and Chrisean Rock are doing it, why not make it a threesome.

So, Blueface posted this video on his Youtube about a week ago and it of course includes cameos from himself. The song also contains a “Whistle While You Work” sample from the 1937 Disney feature “Snow White” or the more updated 2006 example “Whistle While You Twerk” by the Ying Yang Twins. The song has next to nothing to do with the pink-frilly filled, Margot Robbie, Barbie movie.

Surprisingly, this latest song is not her first, however, it does seem to be getting quite a bit more traction than the previously released tracks “Work Out” and “Stewie” (both delivered earlier this year).

Supposedly, Blueface and Jaidyn Alexxis have broken up since the release of the song, but we’ve seen this episode before.

Anyhow, you’ve got to see this… She’s lowkey poppin her ish. Your thoughts?? Let me know in ithe comments!

#GetSOM via @MochaTheMack

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