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Journalist Bae | MoneyBagg Yo x SexyyRed Collab

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MoneyBagg Yo x SexyyRed Collab Released

September 21, 2023 – Hey, baes! Happy Friday! I just have to ask – Did you see this coming? Every friday of course we get new music (K. Michelle, Doja Cat, Doechii, etc). This week, at midnight, we also got CMG star Moneybagg Yo and Ms. Controversy herself, SexyyRed on a track together! It’s 100% giving “Ice Cream Paint Job” by Dorrough.

The truth of the matter is it’s the first of many from the upcoming CMG album “Gangsta Art 2” as head huncho, Yo Gotti announced on his Instagram yesterday. If you remember, the first “Gangsta Art” was released was released more than a year ago after signing breakout star, ‘Big GLO’ and R&B girlie, Lehla Semia. It featured songs like “Steppers”, “Tomorrow”, and “See Wat I’m Saying”. What can we expect from this new installment of ‘Gangsta Art’? Moneybagg Yo is my guy and SexyyRed is a headliner right now, so that’s how I’m rocking this time around. But what do you all think about the song? Is the sample giving what it was supposed to? Let me know in the comments down below.

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Journalist Bae | K. Michelle’s “The Problem”

K Michelle Country Album

[This is] A Love Letter to my fans. For over 10 years y’all have rallied and rebelled with me. No politics, no bs, just some real R&B


K. Michelle Confession

K Michelle has declared that “I’m The Problem” and on Friday, September 22nd, she will release a confessional album. K Michelle has always been our ballad belting girlie, but she’s calling it quits. She’s been able to produce music with incredible people across the industry from Yo Gotti, Kash Doll, to Missy Elliott, to Trina & the City Girls. However, this will be the final R&B album from the “Crazy Like You” singer.

Now, this is an 18-track album with a bonus song. The album is very true to the K Michelle production we know, but with demanding country music influences. That doesn’t take away from the rawness she’s giving. Like in “YOU” where she explains, “Even if I don’t say it doesn’t mean that I’m not messed up.”

Introducing Puddin’

Just because she’s throwing in the towel with R&B doesn’t mean she is hopping out of the game anytime soon. Stepping into 2024, she’s singing strictly country music. She will now present herself under the moniker ‘Puddin’, which is originally a family nickname. This is a major win for the artist because she’s made it clear that in the past she had NO OWNERSHIP to her art and made more money from being a Jack Daniel’s brand ambassador than she has from selling any music. In addition, she’s definitely had her fair share of battles with labels about not only artistry, but the overall direction of her brand. Currently, she’s signed to MNRK Music Group (Blueface, Sevyn Streeter, RZA) which is an independent label.

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  1. Intro: Lot of Nothing
  2. Memphis
  3. No Pain
  4. Blame Yourself
  5. Love Language
  6. YOU
  7. Lot of Nothing, Pt. 2
  8. Big Deal
  9. Wherever the D May Land
  10. Hurt Sh*t
  11. I Cheat
  12. Only One
  13. Gangsta In Me
  14. Lot of Nothing, Pt. 3
  15. This Man
  16. Scooch
  17. God Knew
  18. Same Damn Show
  19. Tennessee (Bonus Track)

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Journalist Bae | Today in Hop-Hop History 9.15

Drake has been a KEY PLAYER in Hip-Hop for more than a decade now. I can’t mention Drake without announcing his new single with Sza and his highly anticipated, 8th studio album,”For All the Dogs”, which comes out a week from today. Yet, there are certainly many mixed reviews on the Canadian rapper and his style. However, one thing that no person can deny is that Drake has come a long way from his breakout mixtape…

Introducing Hip Hop’s “Drake Era”

September 15, 2009 — So Far Gone (Prod. by “40” Shebib/Boi 1da) was released as an extended play (EP) under YMCMB/Universal Motown Records with 5 tracks from the independently released mixtape of the same name, as well as 2 additional unreleased songs.

The label bidding war over Drake was arguably one of the most notable in hip hop since the likes of 50 cent, which was just cause for the re-release. The project essentially served as a solidification of the partnership between Carter/Graham and introduced us to ‘The Drake Era”. Now, you can’t turn on the radio without hearing Drake in some capacity.

‘So Far Gone’ debuted at #6 on the Billboard 200 chart. It stayed in the top 10 for the first two weeks and sold over 100,000 copies. Just a year later, it was certified gold by RIAA. Even with killer features and a track list full of favorite songs – to this day, it is still Drake’s lowest selling project. Nevertheless, it is well on its way to platinum status!

Did You Know? After Drake did this EP, he did his first studio album Thank Me Later. The EP ends with the words that begin the album, “Money can change everything/Money just changed everything”.

“Fear” / “Fireworks” (feat. Alicia Keys)

Discography of ‘SFG’


“Successful” (feat. Trey Songz & Lil Wayne)**

“Best I Ever Had”***

“Uptown” (Feat. Bun B & Lil Wayne)*

“I’m Goin In” (Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy)****

“The Calm”*


*unranked on chart

**Peaked No. 17 on Billboard

***Peaked No. 2 on Billboard

****Peaked No. 40 on Billboard

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Let’s Meet M Dot Taylor | @MDOTTAYLOR


You might be asking, “Who is M Dot Taylor?” However, after today, you will never ask that question again – you’ll only refer to him as my new favorite “Hip-Hop & B” artist. You don’t believe me? Trust me when I say, I have the facts to back it up. I got the opportunity to have a conversation with the “Ain’t Going Broke No Mo” rapper on the latest episode of After the Music Stops. It was easily one of the most down to earth interactions.

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Mario Taylor has a story that consists of grief, persistence, and ultimately success. He lost both of his parents before the age of 25 which left him no choice but to “get it out the mud”. Like many of us, he grew up in church and was always around music. However, he was very adamant about how the artistry is not just a part of his life, but truly his lifestyle! All of that was essentially put on hold while he was in the Navy, so let’s fast forward to the 2020’s when he began studying video and audio production. This is where we really get to see him work.


M Dot Taylor cites inspiration from Tupac, Jay Z, Rick Ross, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, and R. Kelly among others. He explained that Ice T is also on that list. Which is pretty dope considering he co-executive produced the song you just heard. These days he’s living out in Hollywood and performing with some living legends like Ice Cube, Bone Thugz-N-Harmony, and Jim Jones who appears on his latest song “Biggest Fan” (prod. by Zaytoven). No cap, it’s the song that made me a fan. The artistry on this song is arguably impeccable. I was happy to learn that he is involved in nearly every part of making this record come to life. Check it out below and let me know what you think! It’s the musical growth for me…

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For over two decades, the fleet dj’s has grown from a small crew to a proficient coalition with over 500 members and counting. since 2001, THE WORLDWIDE FLEET DJ’s has changed the lives of both its members and the entertainment industry they have thrived in.

These are the members. These are Their Stories. THESE ARE “THE FLEET FILES”

Name: DJ JazzyBeatz

FLeet DJ Since: ????

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Region: East Coast/Virginia Fleet DJ’s


She calls herself the #1 female DJ in the East Coast. DJ JazzyBeatz is from Richmond VA but established herself in Sanford FL. She was raised in the same city Trayvon Martin was killed in, but she promises to tell that story another time. She became a DJ because of the passion held for music and dancing. According to Jazzy, it all started with Breakdancing and All style dancing many years ago. Her DJ name came from her B Girl Name, “B Girl Jazzybeatz”, her breakdance coach gave her the name. Okay, but did you ever know she used to be a dancer? Deemed as America’s hypewoman and record breaker, we shouldn’t even be surprised. We’re so glad to have Jazzy a part of the Fleet DJ’s team because her titles really hold weight – she comes through strong ever time! So we know how she got started, but what brought her to where she is now?


We asked DJ Jazzybeatz about what music she’s playing right now and she gave us some fabulous answers! First she listed Remy Ma indisputably, because of how she goes off in such a classy way. Next, she listed one of my favorites for Louisville, KY, Marzz because she’s signed to Timbaland who hails out of Virginia. I love Marzz so I couldn’t agree more. Last but not least, YG; he gets the people going and brings a fun energy to any party. Jazz loves having a good time with her people, but please avoid the bad odors and shootouts away from ANY event! The people that inspire her are within her family, there’s not really one particular person. We cannot cite them as being one not the best family but her talents come from pieces of all them especially her mother and father. Family – we thank you for her!


Jazz does a lot in the industry. She helps artists with development, marketing, promotion, managing, as well as working in music studios as a director/content creator.  What does JazzyBeatz say to upcoming game players? Keep going, no matter what happens in your life, negative or positive, KEEP GOING & stay consistent. She gives thanks to God; without his mercy and grace Jazzy would not be here because “he rose me from dead not once but 3 times due to heart disease” so Shoutout to JESUS! Also, FEMALES CAN DO IT TO!!! This industry is hard for women because of other females or male perception of SheDjs! It’s all love over here; DJ Jazzy Beatz will greet every person, supporter and friends with OPEN ARMS LOVE so we have to show her some love too!

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SOMag Presents “The Fleet Files” With Fleet DJ’s: DJ Chase Flow

For over two decades, the fleet dj’s has grown from a small crew to a proficient coalition with over 500 members and counting. since 2001, THE WORLDWIDE FLEET DJ’s has changed the lives of both its members and the entertainment industry they have thrived in.

THESE are the members. HERE are their Stories. WELCOME TO “THE FLEET FILES”!


DJ chase flow

FLeet DJ Since:



california/west coast fleet

Check out DJ Chase Flow on Fleet Radio Network’s MIXTAPE HEAT RADIO every Saturday at 9 PM EST


DJ CHASE FLOW represents California Fleet as he should! The beginning of his story, though, started in Philly. Let’s go back to his story at age 13.

I would always rap with my older brother Shizz Bradley and his crew Infinity in Cyphas; one of the members of the group would always call me young Flizowwwww.”

Chase Flow on how he got his name

As he got older, the “Flizowwww” just seemed to stick beside his government name “Chase”. He developed an alter ego “Big Bad Wolf” from a single off of his EP Go Chase Flow. In his interview, he explains how Wolf is Flow backwards and how the 2 monikers presented the very dynamic contrasts as a Hip Hop artist and Dj. Did you know he is also a producer and composer? Most Fleet DJs are multi-talented like that. His goal these days is to entertain, uplift, and inspire his audiences across the world.


Now, 2017 Chase found himself doing a radio interview with Dj Paulymack on 105.5 UFM and kept referring to Chase as a DJ, however, he wasn’t a DJ at the time so when they cut to commercial, he explained “Man, I’m not a Dj,” but PaulyMack explained how the people in the general public acknowledge DJs and Emcees more than record producers, so he ran with it for the interview. 

 They later went to the club for an artist showcase; PaulyMack shouted him out as a DJ yet again and a flood of girls tried to get into the VIP section to see him. For Chase, it was a mix between the factor of being the man at the party and having an appreciation for DJs being a record producer and the love for DJs making mash up remixes of artist acapellas over his beats.


A year later in Philly the transition between DJs was happening and his music went out while the next DJ was setting up, so everyone looked to Chase and folks started leaving. Long story short, the promoter got upset and didn’t work again. Lesson learned to never come to a gig assuming they have everything there! On the bright side, he did a party in California where no one was really interested in dancing and as he got a little worried, the blend of different genres changed the energy of the room & the party got crazy.

By the end of the set he booked multiple parties! Mr. Flows said it himself, “At the end of the day you as the DJ controls your environment.” Watching other Dj sets online, listening to them on SoundCloud and of course seeing the live show really inspired The CHASE FLOW INTERNATIONAL Brand that is displayed currently.

I listen to way too many various genres and artists. I’m feeling… All of Griselda Gang, Kanye West, Daddy Yankee, El Alfa, Ricky Kej, J-Balvin, Lyric Jones, Nas, Jay-Z, Ricky Ruckus, Anne Marie… Tierra Whack, Madeon, Calvin Harris, B.Smith, Major Lazer, NCT Dream, Tems, Polo & Pan… Ludwig Goransson, Biggie Smalls, Wu Tang Clan, Devin Morrison, Robert Glasper, The Time Clockers and of course the greatest of them all Chase Flow.

Chase On his current playlist


This week’s feature currently has a Hip Hop Show every Saturday night at 9PM EST called “The Outro” on Mixtape Heat Radio (@TheOutroHeatRadio) as well as a bunch of projects he produced on. With a few artists under the label CWMMG (Chase What Matters Music Group) – be on the lookout for B.Smith new single, TK Tru Knowledge project and The New Live crew Party Favor$ new EP. Don’t forget the EP projects Keys 2 The Kingdom, On The Road EP, The Time Clockers EP, Say it feat Wavyy Jonez, Philly vs Everybody, and PGR Vol. 1 Mix.


Practice & Learn the business of music (publishing, Dj techniques, writing, free styling, etc.). Be Coachable and open to learning music, being organized with your file & time management, understand branding and the concept of marketing yourself. Have integrity and be a person of your word. Find your tribe, believe in yourself, invest in yourself and don’t let rejection stop you from what you feel in your heart, be confident in your uniqueness. Have a foundation in your life and create balance in your life. That is what will make you stand out! 

Stay Tuned into & @ChaseFlowinternational for more details.

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Happy Monday, y’all! The day is almost over, and soon the smooth sounds of the “Midnight Meltdown” will begin caressing the airwaves of Moore Music Radio. Nevertheless, today is New Music Monday across the nation. That means I had to bring y’all a red light playlist, specially curated by me! Now, this list in no particular ranking or order, just catch the vibes and let me know which song stood out to you. Hopefully you can find a few that are brand new to you.


To start off our red light playlist, here we have Mr. Nova with an up tempo, yet suave melody. It really makes you feel something. I just don’t if I feel in my heart or my… you know.


Next up, Jon Vinyl with “Always” from his album ‘Lost In You’. If love songs that make you close your eyes, snap, and sing – THIS THE ONE!


In this video we have Marzz, a voice for the young folk with an old soul. You may have seen her on the Soul Train Awards and let me just say, hearing her sing live adds a whole new sparkle to this song.


I’m so excited to see what Anayka She does in her career because this song is just so rich and honest. Unfortunately, we often see girls who look like her and sing like her struggle to breakout.


Take a listen to this single from A Haygan & Sasha. The vibes are oh-so-nostalgic, and the spoken word is simply what intimacy feels like through art.


Now, we always knew this woman could sing from her viral videos. If you’ve been loving the Silk Sonic collabs (i.e. Smoking Out the Window, Leave the Door Open), then you will love this track from Jade.


Now this one is a classic remake. Dare I say that the vibes in this song are even smoother than the original by Lauryn Hill & D’Angelo. The vocals just flow together like water. We often discourage artists from remakes because we DO NOT want them to mess up our favorites, but give this one a chance!


Hailing out of Louisville, KY we have Chief Griffey (who is also celebrating another year in the industry today). It gives us some R&B vibes with a Soca crossover. If you’re trying to wine and grind, check this out!


First things first, thank you for this track BRXTN because every time I listen to this song, without fail, I just feel super sexy. This is a perfect song to add to your red-light playlist whether you’re a single or a couple.


Lastly, but not least we have Steffany Moneque with the breathtaking song “Discretion”. This track gives me mixed emotions because, my goodness it’s beautiful, but it’s so intense. Oooo girl, this is poetry!

So, what was your favorite? Tag me in your responses on Instagram @mochathemack

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SOMag Presents “The Fleet Files” With Fleet DJ’s: DJ Laz Vagez | @lazvagez416


They don’t call it the WORLDWIDE Fleet DJ’s for no reason. In this file, we head across the U.S. border to Ontario, Canada where we meet none other than artist, producer, engineer, DJ Laz Vagez. It’s safe to say that he is a jack of all trades, and we can’t be mad at that because most of the illustrious Fleet members are. Vagez became a member in 2009 and returned in 2021. So, who is DJ Laz Vagez and how dare he be from Canada with a name like Laz Vagez? Let’s jump right into it!


He came up with his name years ago when he was a radio host for Champ Radio at a local university when he was alongside Hollywood and M Dot (RIP). It was only fitting, but he started his career long before that. At the age 12, he started rapping under the moniker D’Sinatra. By 14 years old, he dedicated his life’s work of engineering to help the hood come up. I guess that’s why you can rarely go to state where he doesn’t know anyone. Fun fact: did you know that Laz Vagez was a credited engineer on a Smiley/Drake collab? He’s really making a name for himself out here.


Vagez is a real asset to us here in Fleet and on the Straight Official staff being that he is one of the program directors on Straight Official Radio. Since he’s so involved in the radio scene, I asked him what the top 3 songs are that he listens to all the time. His playlist right now includes $500 ounces x Westside Gunn, ‘97 Hov x Benny the Butcher, CTG x D’Sinatra & Rock Nitty. He says that becoming a DJ allowed him to learn to read crowds and recognize what music meshes well with other music and to love and respect other genres. He has a lot of people looking up to him so even we think he’s going hard; he’s already thinking of ways to go harder.

Artists, stay consistent. Find a producer and continue to work with that person, that’s how you create saucy hits. Producers, be willing to create new sounds and network. Put out your work anywhere and everywhere. Make beat kits and drum kits and COLLAB! We can collab with anyone all over the world

Laz Vagez’s advice to upcoming industry members


What’s next for the multi-talented DJ? He’s currently in the process of perfecting his production craft in order to build a project like the Metro Boomin‘ x 21 Savage collab. I hear he’s coming out with an online course for engineers as well. I’m so grateful to connect with such a powerhouse. He’s not a person you can be around and remain stagnant. I’m excited to see what he achieves in the next decade.

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This Hair Wall Is A Braider’s PARADISE! | @hairwall_official

The Hair Wall and its creator
The Hair Wall created by Dani B.

Everybody knows that the pandemic created a whole lot of hustlers! NotKnotDani, aka Dani B, is no different. In 2019, she gained an accolade that not many in this day and age can obtain! She INVENTED and patented a whole product for braiders called the Hair Wall.


This product is the ultimate braiding solution. It allows stylists to have a better overall consistency of braids in an efficient amount of time. It’s, so far, the only one of its kind. Braiding racks and thread holders exist on the market, they can become messy and time consuming leaving you better off to just separate the hair manually for each braid. The good thing is that the Hair Wall comes in different sizes and colors. This means not only efficiency for the client, but a sleek and professional look for the braider. The best part is, it’s portable by design in contrast to the bulky braiding racks.

Inventor of The Hair Wall @NoKnotDani


Dani has been braiding hair for 2 1/2 years, but she’s already killing the game. One night she was prepping for her next appointment. After taking 8 hours to finish a client earlier that day, she vowed to find a solution to prevent that from happening again. She didn’t have space or money to buy the already invented hair rack, so she had to come up with something else before her next client arrived.

Although it’s not the same wall we know of today, she invented it THAT NIGHT with dollar store hooks and a simple flat surface. When she finally got started on her next appointment – she literally cut her time in half to an impressive 4 hours! From then on she started doing her research on if it had already been done. Fortunate for her, it never had been! She had a real winner on her hands!


Since this is a fairly new invention, it’s just now hitting the beauty supply stores. If you don’t live in Kentucky or Indiana, it’s not as simple as walking into the store and purchasing one. However, you can order them online!

Dani plans to use proceeds from her invention to help new braiders invest in themselves with her product. Not a braider, but still want to support this Black Owned Business? People are already using the wall for businesses that are not even hair related. You can use it to store jewelry or a place to hold your keys. It could serve as a work of art for your wall, or any other creative ways you can think of!

Be sure to go follow Dani @NoKnotDani on Instagram and follow @HairWall_Official to place your order!

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SOMag Presents “The Fleet Files” With Fleet DJ’s: DJ Swetmusic | @dj_swetmusic

For over two decades, the fleet dj’s has grown from a small crew to a proficient coalition with over 500 members and counting. since 2001, THE WORLDWIDE FLEET DJ’s has changed the lives of both its members and the entertainment industry they have thrived in.

These are the members. HERE are Their Stories. WELCOME TO “THE FLEET FILES”!

Name: DJ Swetmusic

FLeet DJ Since: 2019

Location: Louisville, Kentucky



DJ Swetmusic (pronounced sweat music), also known as “James Swetmusic”, has been a member of the Fleet conglomerate since 2019. James got his start as a rapper where he was born and raised in southern KY. He began rapping and writing in middle school. By 2003, he dropped the first of 27 mixtapes. He cites his influences as including Snoop Dogg, Goodie Mob, Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes, Dayton Family just to name a few. Swetmusic Ent. is his personal brand, but it started as Swetshop Ent. “Sweat”/”SWET” came from running an in-house studio with a closet as a booth and people were coming out of there sweating to death! Around 2010, he signed to the independent label “Phoenix Legacy Records” in Hopkinsville, KY.


His father was a DJ while in the military and growing up his mother’s boyfriends were seemingly always in the DJ industry, so it was easy for him to take interest. Once he got to a certain point as a rapper, he decided that he still wanted to mingle amongst artists, entertain people musically, and maneuver through the music business, but he wanted to do more! The DJ Swetmusic we know now was inspired to transition to DJing by just continuously hearing dope music and seeing other dope DJs do their thing! Now, he’s a part of an elite DJ family – SHOUTOUT TO THE WORLDWIDE FLEET DJS!

We asked Swetmusic about his best and worst experience as a DJ and this is what he said, “My very first gig ever was the best [because] my name was in a local magazine along the bride and groom… My worst experience as a DJ was when my computer froze 4 times at an event, then I left, went home, and forgot my computer at the event location knowing I had a gig the next day.” Wow! Those are pretty memorable experiences.

Shout out to my Worldwide Fleet DJs and Secure the Vibe DJs family for allowing me to be a part of such dope coalitions! Much love to my friends, family, and fans. Shout out to Kentucky, my home! 



Besides being a DJ, James also writes, raps, does artists/business interviews and is a “beat maker”. He released a new video this year for his song “40+” (shot by @tmtelevision) off of his “No Country for Old Men” project available on, soundcloud, and Audiomack. He let us know that new music and videos will be rolling out in the first first quarter of 2022.

DJ Swetmusic says he appreciates all of the people who have been keeping up with him over the years – anyone who has ever supported and helped push him to continue things musically.

DO YOU! Stay true to who YOU are. Be consistent. Work on your craft EVERYDAY! Build relationships. Take risks. Build a good trustworthy network of like-minded people around you and LEARN THE BUSINESS!

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