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Akademy Records Releases new video by Bae Gii for the single ‘On You’

​R&B fans want that old thing back, and Bae Gii is going to give it to them. Her new release ‘On You’ produced by Mini on the Boards, don’t we just love when the sounds of R&B and Hip-Hop merge? It’s always the perfect verse over a tight beat.

​If you think R&B is dead, think twice. Bae Gii is a former girl group rapper turn singer, and is emerging as one of R&B’s saviors and will soon be joining the ranks of R&B’s next generation. R&B’s freshman cohort is breathing life back into the fading genre and Bae Gii is at the top of her class. Reminiscent of 90s R&B in its prime, she is all we loved about it. A little bit of edge, all the soul, and the perfect mixture of rhythm + blues. Her new single ‘On You’ has already generated quite the buzz, and fans are highly anticipating her accompanying video release.

​Bae Gii is what R&B fans have been longing for, with her sultry voice and unique style she is sure to revitalize the genre. She is the missing piece, and her fans can vouch. With her popularity growing, and music being streamed on all major platforms Bae Gii will soon be a household name dominating the R&B charts. Get hip.

About Bae Gii:

Gianni Chatman better known as Bae Gii is a Pop R&B singer, songwriter and actress. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts she now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. At 16, she formed the girl group B.O.Y. an acronym for Be Only You. B.O.Y used their music to spread love, positivity, and to address bullying. The group signed to AkademyRecords but later disbanded. Bae Gii is now focused on her solo career and will add to her growing list of accomplishments. She has opened for Lil Kim, performed at Birthday Bash Atlanta, and toured nation-wide. She released her first single in 2019, and later won best new artist in 2021 with Meet The Underdogs.

Brought to you by Akademy Records.

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Hip-hop icon DJ Kay Slay dead at 55: Keith Grayson passed after COVID battle


Keith Grayson (August 14, 1966 – April 17, 2022), professionally known as DJ Kay Slay, was an American disc jockey (DJ) and record executive from New York City.

He is referred to by The New York Times as “Hip Hop’s One-Man Ministry of Insults”.[1][2] He released four studio albums, The Streetsweeper, Vol. 1The Streetsweeper, Vol. 2The Champions: North Meets South (with Greg Street), and More Than Just a DJ.


A Picture Of DJ Kay Slay when he was actually known as “Dezzy Dez”

Keith Grayson was born August 14, 1966 in New York City, New York. Grayson was originally a prominent graffiti artist, having been featured in the 1983 hip hop documentary, Style Wars.

One of Grayson’s better known tags was “Dez”. As a youth involved in New York’s flourishing hip-hop scene, Keith witnessed firsthand the ascent of legendary disc jockeys such as Grandmaster FlashGrand Wizzard Theodore and Kool DJ Red Alert, in the late 1970s and into the 1980s.

“I didn’t so much set out to be a DJ,” he said. “It was just something to do that was fun and that I enjoyed doing.” 

With the decline of the graffiti movement in the late 1980s, Dez began dealing with narcotics and consequently ended up in jail by the late 1980s. Grayson was released from jail in 1990, and claims to have abstained from using drugs ever since. He is from East River Projects located in East Harlem, New York.


2003–2009: Streetsweeper series

DJ Kay Slay released his debut album, The Streetsweeper, Vol. 1, on 20 May 2003. In the summer of 2003, Kay Slay released a single, accompanied by a music video, for a song titled “Too Much For Me”. The single, which features a chorus sung by then-up-and-coming singer Amerie, also features verses from American rappers BirdmanNas and Foxy Brown.

The song peaked at number 53 on the US Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, making it the DJ’s highest charting single to date. The single’s music video includes cameo appearances by Swizz BeatzN.O.R.E.RaekwonWC and Lloyd Banks.

 Although the song was not a major success, its music video was aired on MTV Jams and BET. The “Too Much For Me” video did not feature Nas (because of Nas’ solo projects) or Baby; so Loon was featured instead. This replacement started a feud between Nas and Kay Slay.


On March 30, 2004, Kay Slay’s second album The Streetsweeper, Vol. 2, was released. Another single and video were released for “Who Gives A…Where You From” with Three 6 Mafia, which peaked at number 89 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. Kay Slay and the song were featured on the 2004 NFL Street video game.


2010–2022: More Than Just a DJ and Rhyme or Die

After releasing More Than Just a DJ in 2010, Rhyme or Die is scheduled for release in 2015. The album’s first two singles “60 Second Assassins” featuring Busta RhymesLayzie BoneTwista and Jaz-O and “The Kings of the Streets” featuring DJ KhaledDJ Drama, DJ Doo Wop and Fly Nate were released in 2011. In 2013, “About That Life” featuring FabolousT-PainRick RossNelly and French Montana was released as a single from Rhyme or Die.

It debuted and peaked at #54 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, making it one of Kay Slay’s most successful singles to date. In the beginning of 2014, “Free Again” was released featuring Fat Joe and 50 Cent, which came as a surprise for some seeing as how they had “beef” before, but have since reconciled.

In 2021 Dj Kay Slay released the track “Rolling 110 Deep” which featured 110 hip hop artists with contributing verses from Ice-TShaqCoke La RockKRS-OneKool G RapGhostface KillahRoy Jones JrOmar Epps and others like Harlem Legends Herb McGruff & Stan Spit.



In January 2022, DJ Kay Slay’s brother said he was in the hospital after contracting COVID-19, but was “in a recovery state”.[5] He later died of complications from the disease on April 17, 2022, at the age of 55

Rolling 110 Deep

WDZ Exclusive DJ Kay Slay Freestyle

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Triggerrun Turns Up With Latest Single

The Real Dj Spins Got The Chance To Chop It Up With Triggerrun Recently And Got To Get The Inside Scoop On The Groups Latest Moves As Well as All There Is To Know About The Group And Whats To Come In 2022

What is your Stage Name?
TRIGGERRUN: Knegil, H3theArtist and Syncere

Please tell us where you’re from?
Atlanta by way of Albany (229)

What first got you interested in the entertainment industry?
For Knegil, passion for music started at an early age with my father being in a singing group Joe Page & the Diplomats and mother sang Opera style in the church choir and played piano so it was innate to a sense. In elementary, I would follow suit in music as I played violin and saxophone through middle/high school. However, it was New Edition and Michael Jackson that I aspired to at an early age.

For me, H3, I grew up in a house of music appreciation. The soundscape of my home was as such: My mother would reimagine songs in a choral/operatic fashion, my father would croon in the shower with melodic rhythm and blues overtones, and my big sister would be practicing classical music on our Baldwin piano in the garage. Also, during my childhood, all of the programs I loved the most were complete compositions ranging from the theme songs of: The Electric Company, Sesame Street, Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood, Johnny Quest, Space Ghost…The Facts of Life, Different Strokes,etc. No matter what you turned to, the musical complexity of compositions were of the highest level. This was inspiring to me and setting the stage for my future aspirations. The proverbial moment of my musical awakening was the Motown 25 Review, when Michael Jackson took to the stage to usher in a new movement in entertainment. When I saw him perform…on that night…I was forever transformed. I knew then that I would pursue a career in the music industry.

Who and/or what inspires you to create?
The inspiration comes from the pure love of the musical art form and the ability to create an arrangement of sound thus turning it into a beautiful masterpiece.

Creating art is subjective and is the highest form of self-expression. Through self-expression in any form, in any genre, there is freedom. The freedom that you have in your expression translates to those that witness your art, whatever that may be, to experience freedom for themselves.

How would you describe your sound?
An eclectic mix of East Coast meets the ATL Dirty South fusion.

What is your creative process like?
You can never plan to capture magical moments. However, we listen to every genre and form of music for inspiration.

Our most magical creative moments come by way of happenstance. So our process is simple, whatever feels good and sounds good in the moment. It’s all emotion. Whenever or wherever we catch a vibe.

Our process is to simply capture the moment by recording it on the spot to revisit later. We create a safe space where we give one another the creative freedom to share ideas no matter how “off-the-wall” it may be. In that space, there is honesty and support. Not all ideas are used, but all ideas are allowed to be expressed.

What artist(s) would you like to collaborate with?
It doesn’t matter! Coming from the TRUE school my favs are Rakim, Nas, Tupac, Biggie, Outkast, NWA as each one of these artists changed the face of hip-hop.

If you could open a show for any artist who would it be?
Man tough question… H3…That is tough, it would be great to open for MC Hammer, or any of the icons that are Hip Hop Royalty: LL Cool J, Dougie Fresh, etc. It would be dope to open up for J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Silk Sonic…I mean…if they are a vibe…it will be a pleasure, cause The Trigger is a whole vibe!

What is one message you would give to your supporters?
Never give up your dreams. Music is for the young at heart, stay on your grind & set the narrative.

What is the most useless talent you have?
Knegil: Whistling.
H3: My most useless talent is the one that I don’t use. I don’t feel I have any useless talent. But I do have talents that are least utilized. And sometimes, even my most utilized talents become dormant due to inactivity. As an artist, you must continue to stir your gifts.

What would you be doing right now, if you weren’t doing music?
Youth sports mentoring, giving back to the youth which is what I did on my hiatus from the music business.
H3: If I wasn’t doing music, I’d probably be acting and studying the craft more. I enjoy the art of storytelling and stretching my potential and taking on different modes of thinking. That’s hardwired in my personality.

Who are some artists you admire and why?
Rakim is one of the cornerstones that the foundation of hip-hop was built. His style of MC’ing and lyricism still reigns supreme until this day as one of the ill-est to ever spit. H3… I’ve always admired, and am a fan of, Busta Rhymes. He’s a “linguistic mad man”. His CRAZY performance energy and verbal flow has always been amazing to me. He’s Kinesthetic!! I am drawn to that! I also love Soul /R&B Artists with clever and conversational lyrics such as: Musiq Soul Child and Ne-Yo.

What is the best advice you’ve been given?
Knegil: Stay humble, be prepared and wait your turn. And when opportunity presents. Kill It!
H3: Walk quiet and carry a big stick. We have always been about action and execution.

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?
Knegil: The stigmatism and negativity (elaborate)
H3: Expand the musical limitations. Allowing the creativity of artists to breathe in the industry and allowing for diversity of styles and musicianship to take place at higher levels across the board. There’s so much potential in artists. The industry tends to pigeon hole an artist into one faction of his or her expression. We are all living our dreams out loud…Why limit the dream?

What’s next for you, where would you like to see yourself in the next year?
Next, is winning awards/nominations on this new independent platform while transcending and elevating to higher levels of achievement in this game. Having our music and our likeness used in feature films, games, soundtracks, and other intellectual properties to establish our legacy and dominance in the game.

What is your social media?
How can people get in contact with you? IG: @triggerrun; FB: Triggerrun Trp; Tik Tok @triggerrun; YouTube: Triggerrun

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Benny The Butcher Butchers Tye Harris’ Name

Benny the Butcher made mention of this phenom during a recent interview with Ebro Darden. But he called him Tye Ferris and not Tye Harris. Though it was an honest mistake it led viewers to wonder, Who Is Tye Harris? When you hear recording artist Tye Harris of Dallas, Texas you imagine hearing an eclectic mix of Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock, Jazz and even operatic elements, however when you see Tye Harris you are instantly impressed with who he is. Growing up in Dallas certainly shaped him into the artist that he is. Burgeoning from the impoverished Areas of the city certainly inspired him to see the world differently than his everyday peers. Through his development, music became the soul food for nurturing his environment. Music is his love language. When you speak with Tye Harris (not only about music) you are impressed with his confidence, wisdom, and outlook. You get an opportunity to witness the maturation of a true artist.

His current single “Asphalt and Concrete” is an ode to him leaving the thought processes of surviving the streets and him making the conscious effort to start thriving in his life. Thriving by going to the next level as an artist. Tye has begun working on his first global commercial album release with the assistance of My Coterie Production Studios, Jerome “J-Roc” Harmon, Chris Godbey, and many more. This project will be poignant, full of depth, and sonically unique. There is no other way for Tye Harris to be.


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Semme Da Addy, Lon Don (Official Music Video)

Semme Da Addy, Lon Don (Official Music Video)

Independent record labels CLR Music Group, LLC & Mack 9 Music Group, LLC present “Semme Da Addy” by South Side, Chicago artists Lon Don official music video. Lon Don is a songwriter, producer and entrepreneur. Lon Don achieved recognition for his works with rappers Kanye West, Jay-Z, Joe, Johnny P, Do or Die, Traed, State Property, Ricjilla, Fathatyme, American Idol’s very own Angela Martin, Cap 1, Mikkey Halsted, Charles Mack, Corona Brome, Young ACE, Sound Trakk (Producer for Lupe Fiasco), L.E.P with DJ Monty and Mikey Mike. Lon Don has been heard on 92.3, 107.5 WGCI, Say Less Do More TV, Wala Radio and other iHeart radio stations. Lon Don has worked with multi-platinum producers, Kanye West and The Legendary Traxter and he has written for artists on a work for hire basis. He worked with Rocafella artists and helped with the State Property 2 soundtrack and College Drop Out. With an upcoming music project featuring Kanye West, Legendary Traxster, Realionaire Money and Aceron. Checkout Lon Don “Semme Da Addy” official music video.

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For over two decades, the fleet dj’s has grown from a small crew to a proficient coalition with over 500 members and counting. since 2001, THE WORLDWIDE FLEET DJ’s has changed the lives of both its members and the entertainment industry they have thrived in.

These are the members. These are Their Stories. THESE ARE “THE FLEET FILES”

Name: DJ JazzyBeatz

FLeet DJ Since: ????

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Region: East Coast/Virginia Fleet DJ’s


She calls herself the #1 female DJ in the East Coast. DJ JazzyBeatz is from Richmond VA but established herself in Sanford FL. She was raised in the same city Trayvon Martin was killed in, but she promises to tell that story another time. She became a DJ because of the passion held for music and dancing. According to Jazzy, it all started with Breakdancing and All style dancing many years ago. Her DJ name came from her B Girl Name, “B Girl Jazzybeatz”, her breakdance coach gave her the name. Okay, but did you ever know she used to be a dancer? Deemed as America’s hypewoman and record breaker, we shouldn’t even be surprised. We’re so glad to have Jazzy a part of the Fleet DJ’s team because her titles really hold weight – she comes through strong ever time! So we know how she got started, but what brought her to where she is now?


We asked DJ Jazzybeatz about what music she’s playing right now and she gave us some fabulous answers! First she listed Remy Ma indisputably, because of how she goes off in such a classy way. Next, she listed one of my favorites for Louisville, KY, Marzz because she’s signed to Timbaland who hails out of Virginia. I love Marzz so I couldn’t agree more. Last but not least, YG; he gets the people going and brings a fun energy to any party. Jazz loves having a good time with her people, but please avoid the bad odors and shootouts away from ANY event! The people that inspire her are within her family, there’s not really one particular person. We cannot cite them as being one not the best family but her talents come from pieces of all them especially her mother and father. Family – we thank you for her!


Jazz does a lot in the industry. She helps artists with development, marketing, promotion, managing, as well as working in music studios as a director/content creator.  What does JazzyBeatz say to upcoming game players? Keep going, no matter what happens in your life, negative or positive, KEEP GOING & stay consistent. She gives thanks to God; without his mercy and grace Jazzy would not be here because “he rose me from dead not once but 3 times due to heart disease” so Shoutout to JESUS! Also, FEMALES CAN DO IT TO!!! This industry is hard for women because of other females or male perception of SheDjs! It’s all love over here; DJ Jazzy Beatz will greet every person, supporter and friends with OPEN ARMS LOVE so we have to show her some love too!

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Aceron – Gangsta (Official Video) @AceronYBMG

Aceron – Gangsta (Official Video)

Chicago native Aceron formerly known as Young Ace lets his music speak for itself. Aceron has moved over 500,000 units from several mix tapes worldwide. He has also performed with Kanye West, Rick Ross, and T.I. to name a few. At the age of 19 Aceron realized he had a gift in the midst of his grimy hard upbringing he was doubted by many and praised by few. Through the early part of his life he performed at train stations, high school talent shows, open mics and even school homecomings. Through his animal-like drive he was introduced to Kanye West by his cousin Prince Lon Don. It was there where he matured his smooth flow and ugly word play after developing his craft. Aceron delivered his first hit single “Juke N Pimp” which gained regular rotation at Chicago’s premier radio station Power 92.3. His new hit single “Gangsta” has gained the attention of the masses. Aceron’s solid musical foundation birthed a powerhouse. He is a creative machine with an increasingly growing fan base. Aceron is well on his way to becoming the heart of the new hip-hop generation. Being the CEO of his company “Young and Brave Music Group” He released Albums “Value One”, and “Value Two” and “Value Three” Aceron is now preparing for the release of his new untitled album featuring his hit single “Gangsta”. The album is set to be released the summer of 2022 with release date undecided.

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Shady Baby releases the official visual for ‘Ball’



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Danny T, A Name You Won’t Forget

The music industry undoubtedly continues to evolve day to day, year to year, even decade to decade. The last decade specifically has proven that anybody can make music. However, not everyone can make good music. New on the scene, artist Danielle Terapeuta is pushing her way to the top with her raw talent and artistry. Danielle Terapeuta is one of many artists on the rise in the quickly expanding Detroit musical scene. Being located in the small market of Traverse City , hasn’t stopped Danny T in the slightest from exploring and perfecting her craft. She is just beginning to showcase not only her musical gifts but also her visual creativity. Danielle Terapeuta just dropped a new single with an accompanying visual and the pair visually and sonically fuse original Motown style vibes
together with a new edgy sound.

Be sure to check out Danielle Terapeuta’s Newest Track Release Yadda Yadda Featuring Dan Dada

New Visual Why Featuring GMT

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Here’s the first single off Clay Hodges’ second studio album, “B Good 2 U”

Here’s the first single off Clay Hodges’ second studio album, “B Good 2 U” The song is entitled “Duality” and it was produced by Romoney. This album along with Clay’s previous releases are available on all digital streaming platforms and the visuals are available on youtube. Follow Clay on social media to stay up to date on his future shows and latest content. Catch Clay Hodges live in concert on April 8th at 48 Posey St Savannah, GA. The show starts at 8pm, other acts include: Lascrilla, Kiara Songbird, J Corlett, Aspen Martin, Halftyme Humble, & Calvin J. Ford.

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