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Unique Speaks: The “Stuff” You’re Carrying

We Have the Power to Speak Over This Stuff

You have decided to take a chance on The Unique Experience, we are now family. It’s time to identify was exactly do I mean about “STUFF”. I’ve been filling my cup so that I can stay full and pour into you all, my OVERFLOW! ARE YOU READY? In case you didn’t know, you are not alone. I am here for you, and we can fight this battle better together. Everyone’s situation is different, but WE will win.

You Heard it First from Miss Unique: You’re Carrying Too Much STUFF

When we self-destruct, we hide behind so much stuff. Sometimes we have so much to worry about So. Much. STUFF. We carry so many memories that keeps us in a dark place. So. Much. STUFF. There is a lot of shame we have experienced. Too much STUFF! We constantly get blamed for things we cannot change – We carry so much stuff. Often times I find myself complaining to God yelling, ” I can’t move because there is just too much stuff!”

The Consequences of it All

Sometimes you can’t even dream because you carrying too much already. You lose the fire you once had to believe in yourself because of all that you’ve been carrying. You remember that goal you had set at one point in your life that you were so crazy about? No matter how much you think about it, you didn’t meet? Because of the stuff you carry, the load became too heavy to succeed in that. I’m talking to the one’s who are hidden under all that stuff that you’ve accumulated along this journey called life.

Amongst all that stuff, you’ve buried your mind, your heart, and your faith in the rubbish. It’s difficult to move because you’ve been devoured.

Let’s Walk Out of The Rubbish Together

Let’s remind ourselves that we hold the power over our choices in life. We have to constantly tell ourselves we can do whatever we put our minds to do. Let go of the past and live for the future. We have to realize that we go through some stuff in order to know how to help someone else get through stuff and destroy yokes. Some of the things we are carrying were never ours to begin with. Look at it this way, all of the tests we take are for our future testimonies. So, take back your power – you’ve earned it.

I Paid for Power over my life in full! Don’t judge my breakthrough if you don’t know what I’ve been through!

Miss Unique

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6 Best Unknown Rap Albums of 2022: A Year of Surprises and Evolution

In the dynamic realm of Hip-Hop, 2022 proved to be a year of unexpected twists and exciting transformations. Iconic megastars like Drake, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar made their mark with eagerly anticipated albums, though some fell short of the colossal expectations. Kanye West’s case was particularly striking, as the luminary veered into controversy and questionable choices, all while his music underwent a perplexing shift.

Yet, the essence of rap lies in its ceaseless motion, and 2022 vividly showcased the genre’s enduring wellspring of talent. A fresh generation of artists, including JID, Smino, and Mavi, soared to new heights in their careers, delivering some of the year’s most captivating releases.

Beyond the mainstream spotlight, underground stalwarts like Roc Marciano and billy woods continued to foster their expansive creative visions, fortifying rap’s independent spirit in the age of social media. Women in hip-hop, such as Megan Thee Stallion, Little Simz, Flo Milli, and Latto, continued their crusade to redefine gender dynamics within the genre. Meanwhile, global superstars like Stormzy and Central Cee made strides in gaining recognition stateside.

Amidst these shifting dynamics, certain constants remained. Nas, who has been remarkably prolific in recent years, and the consistently diligent lyricist Pusha T stood out as rap’s elder statesmen, delivering some of their most stellar work in 2022.

Yet, this merely scratches the surface of the Hip-Hop world’s vibrant tapestry in 2022.

6 Rap Albums of 2022

In the ever-evolving urban soundscape, these developments underscore the genre’s resilience, demonstrating its ability to adapt, innovate, and surprise. With a mix of established icons, rising talents, and underground visionaries, the future of hip-hop promises to be as unpredictable and exciting as ever.

Rap Album of 2022 #1: Drake and 21 Savage ‘Her Loss’

Drake has always been known for his collaborations with emerging artists, but his latest move took it to another level as he transformed his long-standing chemistry with 21 Savage into a remarkable full-length album. The Canadian superstar himself has confirmed that “Her Loss” serves as the final piece of a trilogy that began with last year’s “Certified Lover Boy” and continued with the upbeat “Honestly, Nevermind.” When you read the titles together as “I’m a certified lover boy honestly, nevermind her loss,” you begin to grasp the genius behind this ambitious project that spans three albums.

On “Her Loss,” Drake and 21 Savage position themselves for greatness as they effortlessly exchange verses and melodies over flawless instrumentals. It’s safe to say that the bars from this album will continue to find their way into Instagram captions well into the new year. The combination of their talent and chemistry has resulted in a project that’s not only conceptually brilliant but also musically satisfying, solidifying Drake’s status as a master collaborator and innovator in the hip-hop world.

Rap Album of 2022 #2: IDK ‘Simple


Rapper IDK and the highly sought-after electronic producer Kaytranada embarked on their collaboration for IDK’s EP, “Simple.,” two years before its anticipated spring release. IDK himself couldn’t have predicted the seismic impact of Black pop music on the dance floor in the year it dropped. Still, he had a personal mission in mind – to juxtapose the poignant narratives of his upbringing near a Washington, D.C. project with production that compelled listeners to move their bodies rather than just engage their minds.

When “Simple.” was unleashed, IDK expressed his desire to craft an album where people could “dance to real shit.” The EP weaves a vibrant tapestry of sound, with lively and urgent piano loops in tracks like “Dog Food” and more subdued ones in “The Code.” Through these beats, IDK delves into the gritty pursuit of power and the constant evasion of law enforcement. He’s not alone on this journey, as featured guests Denzel Curry and Mike Dimes join forces to add even more depth and texture to the EP.

“Simple.” doesn’t shy away from addressing themes of violence and disadvantage head-on, setting it apart from other releases like “Honestly, Nevermind” and “Renaissance.” In doing so, it offers a balanced and thought-provoking addition to the year’s dance music landscape, proving that IDK and Kaytranada are a formidable duo in pushing boundaries and delivering impactful storytelling through their music.

Rap Albums of 2022 #3: Rome Streetz ‘Kiss the Ring’

Rome Streetz

Rome Streetz, hailing from the gritty streets of New York, officially joined the Griselda family, it marked a well-deserved milestone in his career—a chance to expose his undeniable talent to a broader audience alongside hip-hop’s most renowned stable of raw lyricists. Fans of authentic rap were eagerly awaiting how the Midas Touch of Westside Gunn’s executive production would elevate the Rome Streetz experience, and they were far from disappointed when “Kiss the Ring” dropped.

Over a solid 16-pack of beats curated by Conductor Williams, Rome confidently stakes his claim as one of the world’s finest lyricists. Even if you might argue otherwise, it’s impossible to disregard the compelling case he presents. Right from the album’s intro, “Big Steppa,” Rome asserts his dominance and maintains a masterful level of craftsmanship throughout the entire project.

Whether the production leans toward the idyllic, as heard in tracks like “In Too Deep” or “Armed & Dangerous,” takes a sinister turn like in “Tyson Beckford,” or ventures into the brilliantly perplexing, as in “Ugly Balenciagas,” Rome effortlessly finds his rhythm and executes flawlessly. He skillfully weaves boasts, intricate wordplay, and poignant memories into his lyrical package, launching them at the listener from all angles.

Rome Streetz’s mission is clear—he aims to revive and modernize the classic ’90s New York hip-hop vibe, and on “Kiss the Ring,” he makes it look effortless. His ability to effortlessly meld traditional elements with his own unique style sets him apart as a true torchbearer of the genre, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating his next move in the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop.

Rap Albums of 2022 #4: Flo Milli ‘You Still Here, Ho?’

Flo Milli

When an album kicks off with a spoken-word introduction from the endlessly entertaining 2000s reality star Tiffany “New York” Pollard, you already sense you’re in for a wild ride. That captivating intro sets the stage for the remarkable solo debut of Mobile, Alabama’s very own Flo Milli—an audacious onslaught of razor-sharp lyrics that leave everyone else feeling broke and bewildered, all delivered with a confidence level that can only be described as “Very Real Housewife.”

Flo Milli’s lyrical prowess knows no bounds; she’s armed with an arsenal of insults that seem to flow endlessly. Yet, she doesn’t stop at just the bars—her infectious hooks on standout tracks like “Bed Time,” “PBC,” “No Face,” and “Conceited” will have you hitting the repeat button.

For those who caught wind of her unexpected hit “Beef FloMix” in 2019 and immediately recognized her superstar potential, “You Still Here, Ho?” is the fulfillment of that promise. Flo Milli’s debut album is a declaration that she’s here to stay and dominate the scene with her unapologetic attitude and undeniable talent.

Rap Album #5: Billy Woods ‘Aethiopes’

billy woods

Rapper billy woods, stylized as billy woods, possesses a unique ability to craft intricate missives that feel like you’re observing a medium receiving transmissions from a distant dimension. In his 2022 release, “Aethiopes,” a title drawn from the Homeric description of Black Africans, he embarks on his own epic Odyssey, connecting narrative threads with moments in history and philosophy. His delivery carries a profound resonance, akin to the subtle yet powerful force of tidal waves, and he’s aided by the eclectic and expansive sample selection curated by producer Preservation, a seasoned veteran with a past that includes serving as Yasiin Bey’s tour DJ.

Take, for instance, the track “Christine,” where Preservation’s tactile construction of the sound landscape evokes a lush cinematic atmosphere. The vinyl crackle that accompanies the slinking, dramatic guitar sample sets the stage for woods to enter the scene like an outlaw on the run. His verses, filled with vivid imagery that hits you like a rush of memories, demonstrate his comfort navigating the unfathomable depths of the unknown.

In “Aethiopes,” billy woods and Preservation embark on a journey that is both intellectually stimulating and artistically compelling. It’s an album that invites listeners to dive into its intricacies, exploring the uncharted territories of history, philosophy, and the human experience, all guided by woods’ evocative storytelling and Preservation’s masterful sonic landscapes.

Rap Album #6: Elucid ‘I Told Bessie’


ELUCID, styled in all caps, fearlessly defies convention and prompts us to question who established our sonic standards in the first place on his album “I Told Bessie.” This highly skilled artist from Backwoodz Studios takes a deep dive into his narrative across 14 tracks, sharing his story through thought-provoking couplets and mantras.

The ELUCID experience often feels like a sonic tempest, where concise six-word stories and profound concepts whirl around incisive couplets, such as “I’ve already closed the book of whatever/All the stories they tell us,” and the chorus of “Impasse,” where he muses, “Going through it, maybe’s like a threat/Might be, then it ain’t, if I hold my breath.” Throughout the album, listeners are compelled to delve deeper into their own psyche and question the reasons behind the conclusions we draw.

ELUCID’s lyrical prowess unfolds over a soundscape that feels caustically atmospheric and perfectly fitting. From the warped breakbeats of “Ghoulie” and “Old Magic” to the ominous tones of “Nostrand” and “Split Tongue,” the production serves as a fitting backdrop to his poetic musings.

“I Told Bessie” isn’t concerned with being easily digestible; rather, it excels in stimulating thought and challenging the status quo. ELUCID’s work is a testament to the power of music to provoke contemplation and push boundaries, inviting listeners to explore the complexities of their own perceptions and beliefs.

SWAG 100
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Unique Speaks: Dose of Reality

The Naked Truth

Listen up, ladies and gents! It’s time for a new level of The Unique Experience. Let’s take a dose of reality together and really get into Unique Speaks. Until we start being real with ourselves and have honest conversations with ourselves, we will forever allow other people to dictate our lives, as well as our potential. Until we are true to ourselves, we will forever hide behind the masks of temporary emotions (depression), demonic battles, and lack at being who we are destined to be.

Time to Change Wardrobes

It’s time for us to wake up and live for ourselves – stop waiting on confirmation or permission from someone else to live and prosper. We as people need to make deposits into our own accounts (ourselves). Don’t base your life upon someone else’s blueprint of success. Know your own worth and value! People will help you, but they don’t want you to know your worth and value. Some folk don’t want you to be able to know how successful you can really be. They love to see you struggle but hate to see you celebrate. We have to remember that we are the author of our own stories. YOU determine how that story ends.

Playing “Dress-up”

We often dress our real-life situations as what the world would see as a humble, well put together lifestyle. We do this by using positive affirmations, theme songs, and other motivational things. Unique Speaks about Affirmations. Affirmations are a really good way to boost your confidence and lean towards a better you. The reality of it all is knowing whether or not they are empty affirmations. Not only should we say our affirmations, put some extra steam behind it and attitude into it. Own it! Convince yourself.

Reintroducing You to YOU

Let’s take another look at ourselves in a new mirror. We tend to look at ourselves through someone else lens, therefore we tend to become just what they see. We are our own problem. People only do to us what we allow them to do. Be humble and aware of the person you are. Don’t be arrogant. Arrogancy will kill dreams. Don’t be inadequate, instead, trust yourself with who you see in the mirror and believe in the process.

Let’s Wrap It Up

We have now changed our wardrobe and ready to take up space. We will learn to connect to people who would allow us to take up space. Now we will celebrate ourselves in front of all that said we couldn’t do it on our own. We will no longer have space for attention seekers who get offended because we learned to love ourselves. We take full responsibility for our own life with this dose of reality.

#GetSOM via @missunique

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Ladies’ Guide to Football Season

This basic, yet all-inclusive football season guide is strictly for my ladies! Before we jump in, I just need to know one thing, which woman are you? A) You just need a schedule to know when you can “shenan-again” on Amazon. B) You actually want to learn something about the sport, so you sound like you know what you’re talking about. C) Football is really your thing. No matter who you are, I’m going to tell you some key points you should know and be able to identify. ‘Tis the major season… Let’s make it quick!

Football Season Summary

To keep it simple, NFL games air on Sunday (SNF), Monday (MNF), and Thursday (TNF)- that doesn’t mean that other leagues aren’t playing on the other days. However, for the purposes of this guide, the timeline for the season goes a little like this: Preseason in August (these are “off the record”, exhibition games, the Hall of Fame Game is a whole shebang), Regular Season Kickoff in September (which lasts until approximately the first week in January), Playoffs (which lasts the entirety of January), lastly we get to Championship games (this is going into February and ending the season with the likes of the Pro & Super Bowl).

Pro-Tip: The more wins, the higher the seed. The higher the seed, the better your chance is to make the playoffs.

There’s no real way for me to tell you which games are most important in regard to the regular season and I damn sure will not tell you which team to root for. What I can do is give you the basics!

Who’s Playing?

There are 32 teams in the league that are divided into 2 conferences made of 4 divisions with 4 teams each. Below is a visual for reference (ignore the numbers, they mean nothing to us right now). You can find official NFL team schedules that tell you when and where they play, as well as how to get tickets here.

It’s All About the Super Bowl?

Correct. The Super Bowl is essentially a battle between the best team from each conference (National Football Conference + American Football Conference). How do they decide who’s the best out of the 32? The simple answer: football Playoffs. There’s a catch though – only 14 teams make it there. The first 8 playoff spots are awarded to the teams that finish with the best record in each division. The remaining 6 spots (three from the AFC and three from the NFC) are given to the teams with the best record who did not win the highest seed in their division. The playoffs are single elimination – meaning win your game or go home! This lasts until 4 teams remain which is where we find out who advances to the Super Bowl. Once we get to the final game – it’s winner-take-all! Find out more about the 2024 Super Bowl here or check this out to see your teams Super Bowl history.

Key Terms

If football is really your thing, click here for a full football dictionary. But to save you some time – here’s a few terms you should know:

  • Blitz: when 5 or more defensive players rush the opposing quarterback, in an attempt either to tackle them or force them to hurry his pass attempt.
  • Fantasy Football: an online game where you play with the real players on a virtual platform. The points of the game are dependent on the performance of the chosen players in real-life matches.
  • Fumble: any act, other than a (forward) pass or kick, which results in a loss of player possession
  • Penalty: When either the player or coach violates the rules of the game as per the rulebook. There are 7 referees on the field and any of them have the ability to throw flag(s) on the play. The consequences vary.
  • Pocket: The area formed by the quarterback’s blockers to prevent defensive players from tackling him.
  • Quarters: Regulation time for all NFL games is 60 minutes and each game is divided into four 15-minute quarters. Of course, football is never exactly an hour – you have to account for commercials & timeouts, etc.

Did You Know? The jersey numbers that players wear are anything but random! The displayed number can allude to what position they are playing in the game.

OK, sis! I’ve given you the resources – Now, GO DO GREAT THINGS!! Best of luck!!!

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38 Spesh Drops “Gunsmoke” EP

38 Spesh

38 SPESH is back in the kitchen.

Spesh, originally known as 38 Special, has been rapping since the early 2000s. In 2006, he appeared on Alive on Arrival, a mixtape by early supporter and fellow Rochester product DJ Green Lantern. By the end of that decade, Spesh had headlined a couple Lantern-presented tapes.

After serving time in prison he returned in 2012 with Time Served. This began a constant dispersal of studio projects that continued through the end of 2010. Along with numerous solo releases, Spesh showcased artists on his TCF Music Group label with the Trust Tape series.

He has blessed mics with Benny the Butcher (Cocaine Cowboys and Stabbed & Shot), Joe Blow (In the Mob We Trust), and Kool G Rap (the cross-generational Son of G Rap). Spesh closed out his second decade of activity with a handful of solo tapes, highlighted by A Bullet for Every Heathen.

38 Spesh

Named after his strain of weed, Spesh comes with that music that will get you high.


The 8 track EP has features from RansomChe Noir, the late Fred the GodsonFlee Lord, and Klass Murda. On top of his own production, Spesh is also rocking over beats by Harry FraudRain910TrickyTrippz.

Click the play button below and add Gunsmoke wherever you get music. Stay tuned for a project from Spesh and Conway the Machine in the near future.


Some of the grimmest and lucid street tales from post-2000 New York state underground have been spun by 38 Spesh. A boom-bap disciple with over two dozen solo and collaborative projects. Time Served (2012), Stabbed & Shot (2018), A Bullet for Every Heathen (2019), and 7 Shots (2022).

He’s worked closely with fellow Upstate natives such as Benny the Butcher and Che Noir, and has recorded with influences including Kool G RapGhostface Killah, and DJ Premier.

Especially prolific in 2020, Spesh was behind at least ten titles that year alone, teaming with the likes of Che Noir and Planet Asia for numerous duo projects, and offering solo releases ranging from the instrumental set Speshal Blends to Interstate 38.

Spesh linked again with Benny the Butcher for Trust the Sopranos in 2021, and the next year issued the solo 7 Shots.


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SWAG 100 FM-Hip-Hop Radio For Indie Artist and DJ’s

What is SWAG 100 FM?

SWAG 100 FM is Philadelphia’s first non-stop Hip-Hop station for the indie artist. Dedicated to independent artists and DJs, it follows the footsteps of NYC based radio station HOT 97. Known to be the first hip-hop music-only station in the whole world. Starting off as an experimental station, HOT 97 swiftly developed into a pioneer in radio history. It is now the favorite station for trendsetters and influencers in the NY hip-hop scene.

SWAG 100 has the radio pioneers blueprint, implementing and carving it’s own stamp in the radio business. Having countries like Canada – Russian Federation and United Kingdom as their top listeners outside of the United States. It has become a staple in the city of Philadelphia and Tri-State area for independent artist and local businesses.

SWAG 100 FM - Hip-Hop Radio For Indie Artist and Djs
SWAG 100 FM Top 3 Listening Countries

Who Runs SWAG 100 FM?

The owner of SWAG 100 FM is Lee McIntosh III (SWAG 100). He’s a member of the worldwide Fleet DJs organization. With a network like the Fleet Radio Network ,their reach is over 1 million listeners worldwide.

Instead of only playing typical BillBoard hits and radio programed songs, SWAG 100 pushes independent music both nationally and aboard. This separates them from any other station in the business.

The Philly based station focuses on overlooked genres. Along with Hip-Hop they feature Drill, Grime, Afrobeats, Reggae, Reggaeton, R&B, Trap and Soul.

Having a wide variety of played genres, SWAG 100 decided to take on Disc Jockeys who specialized in these specific areas of music. SWAG has scouted DJs throughout the Untied States. This allows him to produce a well balanced radio station schedule.

The Personalities of SWAG 100 FM Radio

DJ PoohGeez “Philly Fleet DJs” Owner of “Tunnel Bangers Podcast” is a Philadelphia legendary DJ who focuses on old-school Hip-Hop and R&B mixes.

DJ L.E.S. Rico is a Florida Fleet DJs recruiter for the Latin division of Fleet. He is one of the most highly respected DJs in the East Coast. He airs on 19 radio station throughout the United States, focusing on Reggaeton, Reggae and Hip-Hop genres.

Dj NoPhrillz aka PHAMOUS PHRiLLZ mixtape – tour and radio DJ who’s the creator of (PSP) Philly Support Philly he’s a manager of “Philly Fleet DJs” Owner of “Official Street Radio” and “Xfinity Marketing”. PHAMOUS PHRiLLZ is a Philadelphia icon and staple to the hip-hop community of his city. NoPhrillz main focus is breaking independent artist alongside his Industry Hip-Hop radio mixes.

The Squad Runs Deep

DJ Breezer254 “Florida Fleet DJs” Radio DJ for K102 and SWAG 100 FM. He focuses on Tropical music like Reggae, Afrobeats, Amapiano, Soca, Dancehall, and Reggaeton. Giving Africans in the diaspora a reliable DJ that they can reach out to and count on to represent the African culture.

YoungChamp is a Massachusetts Fleet DJ and a Main DJ for 107.3 FM. He is also a featured DJ on Shade45‘s Drunk and Mix Show. He focuses on breaking the newest mainstream hip-hop industry hits.

T-Quest “Florida Fleet DJs” Owner of “Gotta Love Me Radio – GLM Designs”. She has a Podcast show that airs on SWAG 100 FM and around the U.S. on other stations titled The T-Quest Show with DJ ILL NINO. She specializes in givng artists, businesses and brands the exposure they need to further themselves.

DJ SWAG 100 ” Philly Fleet DJs” Owner of “SWAG 100 LLC – SWAG 100 Podcast and SWAG 100 FM”. DJ SWAG 100 is a mixtape – tour and radio DJ who’s committed and focused on breaking independent artist on the U.S. Billboard charts. He also airs the prized SWAG 100 Podcast segment known as “Goat Vibez” on SWAG 100 FM. He conducts high level interviews with Celebrities, Athletes, Industry Artist and Professionals who cater to the music business.


swag 100

SWAG 100 “Goat Vibez Interviews” is a heavily noted platform in the podcast world. Available on the top 18 major podcast distribution platforms. Independently established on iHeart Radio Apple PodcastSpotify PodcastTuneIn + AlexaPodcast Index Amazon MusicGoogle PodcastPodchaserPodcast AddictPocket CastsListen NotesPlayer FM – Deezer – Overcast – Castro – Castbox – Podfriend and Goodpods.

SWAG 100 radio spins are tracked through This system reports to the BillBoard and allows artist & record labels access to view records for data and analysis.

SWAG 100 FM is Re-Branding HipHop Culture for independent music and over looked genres that the world loves. Visit where you can listen to non-stop music 24/7. Watch or listen to podcast segments, shop for merch and more!

SWAG 100 FM - Hip-Hop Radio For Indie Artist and Djs

SWAG 100 FM - Hip-Hop Radio For Indie Artist and Djs
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NFL Records Recording Artists Damoney & Tunchie24 Are Taking Over Our Youth!!!

Damoney & Tunchie24 are some incredible young stars from the city of Chicago. Talented is an understatement.

Damoney is 8yrs old, the younger brother. Tunchie24 is 11 years old and also a free spirit.  The duo brings out the best energy you ever saw in a kid. Tunchie24 he is the rapper of the group NFL shorties with his brother Damoney he is da hype man and known to be the turn-up kid. They are both guaranteed to be successful if they keep working hard and keep that energy.

The Father is also CEO of NFL Records Mac Rod has been working with a lot of known artists such as Dr. Big Chris whom he managed in the past but still has a partnership with. Also, the young rapper Cago Leek also from Chicago motivates the Duo with his skills and talents. You can’t help but love these kids!

They actually have music that can uplift our youth. As they Motivate through the song “BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE”.  Be on the lookout for new music coming Damoney & Tunchie24. NFL Records (NEVER FORGET LOYALTY) is the motto.

It means a lot to these kids. CEO/ Father is showing these kids it’s more than just rapping about money or the norm. It’s more about life and music for encouragement. City of Chicago has so much going on with violence, overall it is a pleasure to see positive kids doing positive Music. I will love to personally thank the Father/CEO for showing the kids the way. Music can change the world because it can change people, Tunchie24 did a remix on Lil Baby’s Instrumental “FreeStyle” you can see the star in him it comes natural, you can see the hunger and to hear the motivation that in his lyrics touch he soul.

For Booking information, email

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GNS Shy Black Talks On New Release With DJ Spins

GNS SHY BLACK stops by the Straight Official headquarters to chop it up about his latest single, his creative process and more. Check out our 1-on-1 down below.


DJ SPINS: So how did you come up with your stage name?

GNS SHY BLACK: My pops nick name was shy, So I just added to my nickname black. 

Q: Tell us where you’re from and what first got you interested in the entertainment industry? 

Brooklyn New York. Brownsville Glenmore Plaza to be exact and just being around the culture and the place that birthed Hip-Hop made me fall in love. It’s every where you hear music all day where I’m from.

Q: Who and/or what inspires you to create? 

My life definitely inspires me to make the music I make it’s real life music.


Q: How would you describe your sound?

My sound is just unique. The way I flow to beats you’ll never know what sound you will get. It’s just different.

Q: What is your creative process like?

Where ever life takes me. I go with it and try to mix it in my music but I also go off the club vibe. I’m tryna make the females move. Create a vibe. 

Q: What artist(s) would you like to collaborate with?

Lil Baby, Lil Durk, Drake and Yo Gotti.

Q: If you could open a show for any artist who would it be?

Definitely Yo Gotti. 


Q: What is one message you would give to your supporters?

I love all of y’all! Y’all really stayed down with me threw everything so this is our success. 

Q: What is the most useless talent you have?

My most useless talent would have to be basketball.

Q: What would you be doing right now if you weren’t doing music?

Music saved my life so only God knows. 

I really never admired rappers. I admired my big brothers. They had everything rappers talked about so I looked at them like that.

GNS Shy Blacks on why he doesn’t admire rappers


Q: What is some of the best advice you’ve been given?

Freedom is everything.

Q: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

I would change how they scout artist and make sure they own their masters

 Q: You Dropped Your Latest Release Earlier this Year. Tell us about it.      

I dropped CNN for the club. I just wanted to actually push a song instead of dropping back to back ones. The fans liked it so I’m just pushing it until the door get kicked in! 

Q: What’s next for you? Where would you like to see yourself in the next year?

Right now I’m just putting in this foot work in to get my name out there & by next year I will be making a comfortable living off rap. 

Q: What is your social media? How can people get in contact with you? 

You can follow me on Instagram @therealgnsshyblack_pc and on Tik Tok: GNSSHYBLACK

 #GetSOM via @djspins and check out more of his interviews right here.

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The 11th Annual Fleet DJ’s Music Conference

The Fleet DJs Music Conference is an event that for over a decade has been the official open invite from the entertainment industry. Hosted by The Worldwide Fleet DJs, it is one of the major events that kicks off the start of the summer. For the second year in a row the party takes place in Jacksonville, Florida. As the chief editor of Straight Official Magazine, I attended last year’s conference for the first time. I have made it a point not to miss another one!

The Fleet DJs Music Conference 11th Annual Flyer


A coalition of over 600 and counting, Fleet is a makeup of DJs, industry tastemakers, producers, models, bloggers and artists. This dynamic group is the top DJ coalition in the world, producing mixtapes that feature both major and independent artists. Fleet is well documented for for not only changing the industry, but the members that make up their amazing team.

The Fleet DJs Music Conference provides opportunities to artists and business owners through networking experiences unlike any other. Some events include a celebrity basketball game, a Sneaker Ball and a Panel Day. All attendees can also meet members of Fleet DJ’s as well. They can also gain knowledge from radio program directors and record label executives who will be in the building to assist artists in getting both seen and heard.


The itinerary for the award winning event dropped and this year’s event will be LIT!! The conference will last four days from July 14th to July 18th. Along with the parties, DJ battles and artist soundstages will be the plethora of special guests scheduled to be in attendance. With this year’s conference lasting longer than last year’s, there are sure to be plenty of things to see and people to meet!

The Fleet DJs Music Conference is open to any and everyone. To be a part of the hottest event of the summer, log on to to register. Tickets are going fast so get yours today!

Klassik, CEO of the Fleet DJ’s welcoming all to the Fleet DJ’s Music Conference
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New York’s Spinx Da Don Returns with New Video, “Where’s The Love”


Bronx Born, Long Island-based recording artist, Spinx Da Don drops off his music video, “Where’s The Love.” Rapping over soulful production courtesy of Daniel Thompson, Sphinx Da Don reflects on the coldness of the streets and his daily grind.

Directed by WillC of StreetHeat and presented via CASH POWER RESPECT RECORDS, the buzzing song has been steadily spinning on the airwaves of SHADE45 with the Heavy Hitter DJ- DJ Wallah being the very first to break the record.

Watch the video below, and be sure to keep up with Spinx Da Don on Instagram here.

#GetSOM via @tampamystic and check out more emerging artists here.

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