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THE FLEET DJs are one of the largest DJ coalitions in the world. In the realm of Hip-Hop they recognized their position in the genre’s existance and held it down both nationally and internationally for years. This week the coalition released Beyond The Turntables|The Fleet DJs Documentary to the masses which chronicles their rise, demise and rebirth into the entertainment industry.


Fleet DJs

A coalition of over 600 and counting, Fleet is a makeup of DJs, industry tastemakers, producers, models, bloggers and artists. This dynamic group is the top DJ coalition in the world, producing mixtapes that feature both major and independent artists. Fleet is well documented for for not only changing the industry, but the members that make up their amazing team.

Fleet also has numerous subdivisions that include athletics, health and publishing. Magazines such as Straight Official Magazine and The Fleet Mag introduce readers to engaging content and emerging artists.

With all the success that Fleet has achieved over the years, you would think there’s a story behind it all. Now there is.

Fleet DJs Straight Official Magazine


Beyond The Turntables|The Fleet DJs Documentary is available to watch on Tubi across all streaming platforms. Check out the official trailer down below!

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