Straight Official Sit Downs: Money Thirsty Jay

Money Thirsty Jay

MONEY THIRSTY JAY is up next for this edition of Straight Official Sit Downs where we spotlight emerging artists. @TenthLetterMedia served up the questions and the vibe was dope! Check out their one-on-one down below and click here for more Straight Official Sit Downs.


Introduce yourself. Tell us where you are from and what first interested you in the entertainment industry?

I am Money Thirsty Jay and I am from New Orleans, Louisiana. My overall love of music is what interested me in becoming an artist.

Who or what inspires you to create?

I’m inspired to create by a combination of my life and everything that is happening in the world right now.

How would you describe your sound?

My sound is a blend of smooth, melodic bars with a dose of savagery.


Tell us about your creative process. What are your go-to’s for a session?

No matter if I’m freestyling or writing, I always follow how I’m feeling that particular day. The track can hit my ears and I will speak on what my heart tells me.

What artists would you like to collaborate with?

Lil’ Wayne & Curren$y are a few of the artists that I would love to work with.

Money Thirsty Jay

Being challenged in life is inevitable. Being defeated is optional. Ignite your hustle & make it happen.

Money Thirsty Jay


What’s a skill/talent that you possess that no one knows about?

A lot of people wouldn’t know it, but I’m cold when it comes to basketball!

If not for music, where would you be in life right now?

More than likely if not for music I’d definitely be a blogger right now.

What is the best piece of advice you have received?

Success is measured not by the position one has reached in life, but by the obstacles which you had to overcome while trying to succeed.


So what’s next for you? Where will we see you in the next five years?

I will continue to grow as an artist and further my brand. In five years I want my fanbase to expand not just through the south, but nationwide.

If there was one thing that you would change about the industry, what would that be?

All bad music deals should be illegal!

How can we stay tapped in? Let us know where we can follow you on social media?

You can follow me on all social media platforms at Money Thirsty Jay.

Check out the single “WYA” From Money Thirsty Jay down below and let us know in the comments what you think.

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Big Unk Saidit

BIGUNKSAIDIT, a staple in the Indianapolis Hip-Hop scene released a new mixtape that features Naptown’s most renowned artists. Unk blessed the masses with “Nastty 500” this week. In continuance with cementing the fact that talent has always been here, Big Unk played Nick Fury to assemble this dope project.


Big Unk Saidit

The 38 track demonstration highlights the sound and vibe that is beginning to make the industry take notice. Big Unk features Naptown legends in Trajik, Maxie, Tony Cleveland, Jim E Mac and Kittii Red to name a few. In addition, he also introduces listeners to emerging artists like T.G.I. Free, Skypp, Parris LaDame and many more.


The hits from Naptown just keep on coming!

BigUnkSaidIt so you know it’s truth, is more than just a rapper or producer. He’s also a talent consultant and motivator to the Circle City. Nastty 500 is a road map for Hip-Hop for Indiana. We’ve had the pleasure of taking part in conference calls surrounding artists that are running rampant around here.

My pick from this project goes to T.G.I. Free as his “Set You Free” track is an example of what’s coming out the nineteenth state. Check out BigUnkSaidIt Presents Nastty 500 down below and let us know in the comments what you think.

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[MUSIC VIDEO] Dead Silence-Vanilla Bean

Dead Silence Vanilla Bean
Photo Cred: Renee Shelton

DEAD SILENCE, just a week removed from his latest release Thru The Fire blessed the masses with the music video for his hit single “Vanilla Bean.” The Indianapolis MC’s vibe and smooth delivery has captivated fans both here and abroad.

TTF has been making noise as singles from the album have appeared on shows like Rebuilding Black Wall Street on BET+ and Impact X Nightline featuring Michael Strahan. The single “Vanilla Bean” made it’s way across the pond, which increased his streams on Spotify by over 250,000.

“Vanilla Bean” was produced by ZeroYouAFooBoy (@zeroyouafooboy) and mixed and mastered by Eddie J (@play_eddiej) & Shordeli (fiver).

Dead Silence Vanilla Bean


The visual for “Vanilla Bean” includes Silence’s spot on CBS affiliate WISH-TV 8 to promote the album. Filming would conclude at GORDONS MILKSHAKE BAR. Captured by PMFGOAT Films, the vibe was infectious as people walking by couldn’t help but to groove with the set.

Silence is an amazing talent you need to hear! Thru The Fire is available now on all streaming platforms. Check out the official music video for “Vanilla Bean” which features yours truly on the thumbnail down below. Let us know in the comments down below what you think!

Dead Silence Vanilla Bean


Follow Dead Silence on social media on Instagram @deadsilence9

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#SaturdaySpotlight Featuring Trajik | @big_trajik



TRAJIK is an Indianapolis artist who’s a household name in the Hip-Hop landscape. The Traptown MC has a career that spans over a decade and includes milestones that most artists dream about. Always standing on business, Trajik delivers with gritty, impactful lyrics that highlight his well-documented rise to fame.

From gracing the cover of The Indianapolis Star as the face of Hip-Hop to appearing in hit FOX TV shows like Empire & Proven Innocent, Big Trajik has what it takes to break the glass ceiling.



Trajik’s latest release To Kill A Goat is ten tracks of his raw and uncut delivery. He links up with Naptown’s own Skypp for the single “My Truth” and Parris Ladame on “Me and My Bitch” that further cement the notion of talent in Indy.

The first single on the album “Goated” is where Trajik turns his thoughts into poetry. He spits, “cuz I was devoted/wise words been quoted/I took my pain an turned it into poetry/ready for the world ain’t no hoe in me/they act nonchalant but they notice me”

Check out the official video for “Goated” down below. To Kill A Goat is available now on all music streaming platforms.



Trajik is not only a veteran in the game, but also a dope friend. We’re both native to the east side of Nap and I have covered his career since the beginning of mine. I remember our first sit-down interview years ago while writing for Scoop The Entertainment Source magazine. He would then go on to grace our pages years later.


I reflect back to what I asked him in that interview about his future. No joke, he spoke on doing more than just rap. He had aspirations to become an actor, brand ambassador, etc… and it’s dope to see all of that come full circle!

Stay locked in with Trajik via social media on Instagram @big_trajik and give a listed to “To Kill A Goat” TODAY!!

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The 13th Annual Fleet DJs Music Conference

The Fleet DJs Music Conference is an award-winning event that for over a decade is the official kick-off to summer. A multi-day festival of music and entertainment, the conference is an independent artists’ dream as they will be able to network and build relationships with the most important aspect to the genre of Hip-Hop- the DJ’s.

This year’s event marks the 13th year of the conference. As an official sponsor of the conference, we can tell you from previous experience that it’s an event that you DON’T want to miss! Come party with DJs, producers, record execs, models and tastemakers in addition to Fleet DJs worldwide!

Klassik CEO invites you to the Fleet DJs Music Conference
Fleet DJs Music Conference


A coalition of over 600 members and counting, Fleet is a collective of DJs, industry tastemakers, producers, models, bloggers and artists. This dynamic group is the largest DJ coalition in the world producing feature mixtapes for both national and independent artists. Fleet is documented for not only changing the industry, but the members that make up this amazing team.

The Fleet DJs Music Conference provides the opportunity for artists and business owners to experience networking experiences unlike any other. An artist soundstage, private listening sessions and a media panel day are just some of the events that will make Orlando seem like a movie!


Fleet DJs Music Conference

The itinerary for this year’s conference released this week and it will be UP! The event will last 4 days from July 18th to July 22th. The events include artists listening parties, business and music networking panels and community based events. In addition, Fleet will have an artist soundstage that gives artists the opp to prove their skills.


The guestlist continues to grow for the event! You never know who might pop out for the conference this year! But don’t take our words for it. You should be there for an unforgettable experience. Listen to some of our friends tell you all about it down below!

The Fleet DJs Music Conference is open to any and everyone. To be a part of the hottest event of the summer, log on to to register. Tickets are going fast so get yours today!

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#SaturdaySpotlight featuring Dead Silence | @deadsilence9

Dead Silence
(Photo Cred: Kaymakay Designs)


DEAD SILENCE is an artist who while his moniker interprets his approach as quiet is the polar opposite. The Indianapolis MC has been making his rounds as of late. From hosting the How You What? Sophomore Cypher last month to appearances on CBS News affiliate morning shows, Silence is quiet as kept a staple in the Indy Hip-Hop community.

Dead Silence has both the talent, mind and heart to thrive as an artist. With his music featured on segments for both ESPN and The NBA on TNT, he has unique star quality. On the eve of his new project Thru The Fire being released, he invited us for a unique experience. Silence held a TTF listening session & video shoot for the smooth single “Vanilla Bean.”

Upon first listen, TTF is a no-skip project. It serves as both a story being told and background music for any facet of life. He then would tell us that the project was engineered to play as such, which is mind-blowing!


Dead Silence
Dead Silence

Thru The Fire is a 9 track EP that is designed to please. Dead Silence links with Naptown’s own Foxd’legnd on “Been Thru Hell” and provides the most relatable feeling to anyone listening. With production from DJ D Nyce & Zero The Composer, TTF is a vibe that needs to be experienced.


Dead Silence is yet another deserving artist from Indianapolis who along with his counterparts continue to chip at the glass ceiling. Dubbed as the Morgan Freeman of Hip-Hop by his fans, his smooth delivery and cadence helps cater to the notion of music making a comeback this year.

My pick from TTF is the single “Vanilla Bean” which is making noise both here and across the pond. The single has made streaming platforms in Germany and helped expedite Silence to over 250,000 streams on Spotify.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out the lyric video for “Vanilla Bean” down below and stay tuned for the official music video featuring a cameo or two from yours truly!

Thru The Fire available NOW on all music streaming platforms!

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Dame Dash Emerges With New Artist Kittii Red

Dame Dash Presents Kittii Red

Dame Dash, co-founder of Rocafella Records is making headlines after introducing his newly signed artist Kittii Red. Dash recently sat down in an interview with Red and talked about a variety of topics. The Indianapolis femcee was poised as Dame moderated an in-depth look into his new acquisition.

In an episode of “Relate To Great”, Dame and Kittii spoke on her journey in music. The conversation included Dame’s personal relationship with Congressman Andre Carson as well as Kittii’s take on authenticity in art and talent discovery. Check out their one on one down below.

Courtesy of America Nu Network
Kittii Red

Red is a Naptown veteran that has established herself as a talented artist. To celebrate the new venture and her soul day, Kittii released a track called “Birthday Song” that is trending and giving more recognition to the Circle City. It will be the first song released under Dame Dash’s BluRoc Records label.


Kittii Red

Kittii Red released her first single under the BluRoc Records umbrella this week. Produced by Micha D’vinci, “Birthday Song” is an appropriate debut song for her.

Kitti Red-Birthday Song


Another win for Naptown!

Dame signing Kittii just confirms what I have known for over a decade. The talent in the nineteenth state was always here, just not effectively promoted and cultured. But those days are fading fast. With social media platforms, DJ coalitions and publications aiding the fight the industry has no choice but to come here.

Kittii Red and numerous artists like her are here to continue to chip away at that glass ceiling. Dash choosing to implement a platform for artists in Indianapolis also proves his ear for music. If he so happens to be reading this, know that there is a whole fleet of DJs here as well that need to connect with you. Let’s work!

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#SaturdaySpotlight featuring T.G.I. Free | @iamtgifree

(Photo Cred: Kaymakay Designs)


T.G.I.Free is quickly becoming a force to be recognized in Hip-Hop. The Naptown MC from The Far made his presence felt at Chreece Nap City All-Star last month performing alongside Jet Santiago and Skypp. A few weeks later, the city was scrutinized for a cypher that made it’s rounds.

Free alongside 4 other far eastside artists were the city’s “Redeem Team” as the How You What? Sophomore Cypher was the take that did not miss! T.G.I. took the anchor of that track meet and with powerful, gritty punchlines he closed it out like Michael Jordan in Game 6.



“Set You Free” is a 7 track production that highlights Free’s raw delivery and lyricism. From “10th Street” featuring Skypp to “Take My Crown” Free rode every track with purpose and precision over soulful samples from Isiah Darty (Zero) & Trashbaggbeatz. T.G.I. Free has the follow up to “Set You Free titled “Trust In Free” on the way later this year.

With the city of Indianapolis becoming the next city to produce the next big artist, Free has his cap in the circle and it ain’t safe! Check out T.G.I. Free alongside Jet Santiago in “Danger Zone” down below.


Stay tuned for “Trust In Free” from T.G.I. Free coming soon. Stream music on Apple Music & Spotify. Follow on social media:






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Skypp Releases “Sorry 4 My Trauma Too”

SKYPP is riding a few waves going into this weekend. The Indianapolis MC is a year removed from releasing “Sorry For My Trauma” which debuted at #6 in the world. He also alongside 4 other Naptown artists released the How You What? Sophomore Cypher 8 days ago. At nearly 20k in views and rising, this push is coming at an ideal time.


On Friday, Skypp released “Sorry 4 My Trauma Too” to the masses. The project is anticipated to be a “sophomore effort” to the SMFT series. With Skypp there’s never been a need to worry about a jinx of any kind. He’s a multi-time iTunes charting artist with placements that keep him around the names of Drake & 21 Savage on most occasions.

His music is mixture of boom bap, trap prophecies and braggadocious flows over modern production. So far left from the modern day standard in Hip-Hop, Skypp is the breath of fresh air that the game needs more so than often. His messages that range from self awareness and empowerment to introspection are a far cry from most rappers today.

Skypp-Sorry 4 My Trauma Too


Skypp (Photo Cred: Kaymakay Designs)
(Photo Cred: Kaymakay Designs)

Follow Skypp on social media on Instagram, YouTube & Spotify

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The 21st Annual Southern Entertainment Awards

Southern Entertainment Awards

The Southern Entertainment Awards has, is and will always be a staple in Southern culture, music and entertainment. From it’s humble beginnings the conference has grown into an annual celebration of Southern artists and DJs. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, the annual awards show has grown substantially from its remarkable beginnings at Gibson’s Showcase in 2004.

Since its conception, the event was held Nashville, Tunica and Memphis. Over the years, there’s a consistent increase in attendance numbers, expansions of categories and nominations and media coverage. The SEA’s built a strong recognition of reputable and successful independent and mainstream professionals.

With names like Yo Gotti, Nicki Minaj, B.o.B., Conya Doss, Algebra Blessett, Rudy Currence and Big K.R.I.T. to emerge from the SEA’s, it’s clear their impact is something to behold.


The Southern Entertainment Awards strives to be a platform that showcases independent talent. Offering industry support and bridging the many gaps between music, arts and brands.  Through tailored efforts, initiatives and consistent outreach, the SEAs challenges themselves to provide a solid foundation for indie artist.

Entering its 21st year, the SEAs strive to be a well-known and respected venue and channel. It gives independent artists worldwide a platform. Far evolved from its desire to be an outlet used to acknowledge southern DJs, the SEAs were once viewed as a ‘regional event’. Now they are an esteemed as a recognizable brand throughout the world.

Southern Entertainment Awards


Going into it’s 21st year, The Southern Entertainment Awards will take place from Friday, May 17th through Sunday, May 19th. The event will be at the City Winery in Atlanta, GA. For the second year in a row, Straight Official Magazine has received a nomination at the event! The publication is up for Magazine/Publication of the Year.

In celebrating Hip-Hop, lifestyle and culture, we have been diligent in our quest to break the next new artist. Backed by The Worldwide Fleet DJs we are the home publication for the DJ coalition. Straight Official can’t WAIT to be apart of this spectacular event!

While voting for the event has come to an end, we appreciate each and every one of you who gave us your vote. If you’re going to be in Atlanta in May, you should tap in and #GetSOM of the 21st annual SEA Awards!

To learn more about tickets and events at this years SEA Awards, click here.

#GetSOM via @TenthLetterMedia & click here to celebrate Hip-Hop, lifestyle & culture!

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