SOMag Presents The Fleet Files With Fleet DJs: Thee Inkredible DJ Klasik | @djklasik504

For over two decades, the fleet dj’s has grown from a small crew to a proficient coalition with over 500 members and counting. since 2001, THE WORLDWIDE FLEET DJ’s has changed the lives of both its members and the entertainment industry they have thrived in.

These are the members. These are Their Stories. THESE ARE “THE FLEET FILES”

DJ Klasik


FLeet DJ Since: 2021

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Region: SOUTH REGION/Louisiana Fleet DJ’s


THEE INKREDIBLE DJ KLASIK is one of the newest members of The Worldwide Fleet DJs. Even before he joined the coalition in 2021, the concept of music and entertainment was instilled in him from a young age. Having a father who was also a DJ was a huge plus, and since the age of five he’s been connected to the culture.

I asked him what made him decide that this was the path you needed to take. He replied, “It’s been my passion since my teenage years. My love of music and rocking the crowd is what convinced me to become a DJ.” It’s why he is also known as “Your Neighborhood Vybe Pusha.”

Becoming a member of Fleet came by chance for Klasik. Rayshad Rogers was a student at JSU who would do weekly house parties as a hobby. He took his shot saying, “I saw that one of my friends from JSU was a member. I did my research on it and made the best decision in my DJ career so far.”

DJ Klasik

I’m Your Neighborhood Vybe Pusha.



COVID-19 was life-changing for all of us and in DJ Klasik’s case, the hobby would grow into something more. “I realized that life was extremely short and it was time to get into DJing. Get back into what I love.” It was then he founded 3Kingz Entertainment, LLC which was named after his mother’s three sons.

Klasik would join the Louisiana chapter of Fleet in 2021 and make moves quickly. After attending the annual Fleet DJs Music Conference last year, he would secure the Tre Boogie Rookie of the Year award. Soon after, he would be promoted to State Manager of the Louisiana chapter of Fleet!

Through Gumbeaux Radio on the Fleet Radio Network he rocks the airwaves with his blend of Hip-Hop and R&B. When I asked him how he finds inspiration to DJ, he spoke on his passion and partners in crime. “Besides my love of music there are a few DJs that inspire me. DJ Lil Walt, DJ P-Money and DJ Ill Nino to name a few.”

DJ Klasik

Consistency in key. Don’t give up when told ‘no’ because this industry is something you have to consistently work at.



I had to ask Klasik how he came up with his name. Most of the Fleet DJ’s have a unique story behind their name. “When I was in high school I was in an R&B group. Each of us had nicknames and mine was Klasik (Classic). I grew up in my grandparents house listening to classic Hip-Hop and R&B.”

He continued, “Now my name is THEE INKREDIBLE DJ KLASIK with the inkredible part for my favorite comic book character (The Incredible Hulk). I am THEE NEIGHBORHOOD VYBE PUSHA. That’s how they call the dope man (pusher man) and I provide the vybe for my audience.”

DJ Klasik

You can follow DJ Klasik on all social media platforms at @djklasik504. Tune in to the Fleet Radio Network to catch him on Wednesdays at 10pm EST and Sundays at 11pm EST on Gumbeaux Radio by downloading the Fleet DJ app.

I gave him the floor to shout out who he wanted. “Shout out to my wife Quinnel Rogers. Thank you for being my ongoing support system. To my team at Louisiana Fleet DJs, 3Kingz Entertainment LLC & my mama for birthing this greatness!”

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Artists You Should Know | Skypp

Photo Cred: SoundCloud


SKYPP is a cultivator of Hip-Hop that resides from the east side of Indianapolis, Indiana. Throughout his career in music, he has been the voice of reason using his Sophisticated Street Music to captivate his audience. With witty bars and cautionary narratives, he’s been a constant in the evolving Hip-Hop scene in the Circle City.

His music is mixture of boom bap, trap prophecies and braggadocious flows over modern production. So far left from the modern day standard in Hip-Hop, Skypp is the breath of fresh air that the game needs more so than often. His messages that range from self awareness and empowerment to introspection are a far cry from most aspiring rappers.

Byron Horton’s been immersed in Hip-Hop since the sixth grade. While not so bold at that time, his talent would be exposed through an incident that took place in middle school. A group of girls stole one of his notebooks and read his raps in front of the class. The attempt to embarrass him would backfire.

“They probably expected me to be discouraged, but it motivated me to make these people believers.”



Skypp has an impressive catalog with multiple successes including a Top 15 charting release on iTunes in 2020. His notoriety however, would begin years before that. In 2011, after securing over half a million plays on his Skypp Saturdays series on SoundCloud he was on the radar of the industry’s elites.

Skypp gained the opportunity to not only open for Yo Gotti, but the chance of a lifetime in another Naptown celebrity. Mike Epps approached him with a record deal and flew the MC out to Atlanta for a Tupac Anniversary Celebration. He would meet Meek Mill, Rick Ross and the late Afeni Shakur.

Although the label would dissolve and the deal never came to fruition, he again was not discouraged. As one door closed on Skypp, another would open. A change in management would bring Sid “Uncle Jamz” Johnson (Babyface, Field Mob, Mariah Carey) to his request. It’s been all gas and no brakes ever since!



Skypp Sorry 4 My Trauma
Skypp- Sorry 4 My Trauma

Skypp is coming out of the blocks fast in 2023. His anticipated project Sorry 4 My Trauma released on February 3rd. The album is currently in the Top 40 US Hip-Hop Albums on iTunes (#6). This places him amongst the ranks of Mount Westmore, Eminem, Drake & 21 Savage.

The twelve track album consists of production from Zero the Composer & The Megalodon. One of the hit singles “My HLF” is also making noise. It’s a smooth track that caters to the ladies this time around. You can check out the single down below.

Some have labeled 2023 as Skypp’s breakout year. While the debate is up for discussion, he feels as if this is moment in time is a milestone in his career. In a press release he stated, “S4MT is some of the most important music I’ve ever made. The transparency is refreshing but the music is just elite. This album will be highly revered and an instant classic. I’m sure of it.”

Photo Cred: Phaysed Imagery (Al Hayes)

I have made many albums, over 15 of them and I can say that I have never made music quite like this.



Skypp has always been on my radar of the Hip-Hop landscape in Indy. At one point he was hard to avoid. As well as being an artist, he is also revered for his work in his community. This gained the attention of the city. Soon after I would see the homie on the side of IndyGo buses all over the city!

Photo Cred: WTHR 13

Make sure you download Sorry 4 My Trauma today on iTunes & Amazon Music. In anticipation of my full listen of the album, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite sessions of Skypp. Check out “Music In Transit” down below!

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Artists You Should Know | Jai Humble

Jai Humble
Jai Humble


JAI HUMBLE is an amazing talent in the world of R&B. Originally from San Diego, California Jai possesses both the swag and the energy necessary to catapult her to the top of the industry. While she is charming and laid-back, the girl next door also has a story to tell through her music.

From her humble yet structured beginnings, Jai was raised in a military family. I asked her what drew her to want to pursue a career in music. Humbly she replied “The ability to express myself and my experiences is what convinced me. I have a unique sound and I’m not just a brand. I’m also a lifestyle.”

As a child Jai had an unforgettable voice. She was the lead for her church choir before becoming a star athlete. As a basketball celebutante, she would experience tragedy before her senior year of high school. Losing her 15 year old brother Ziggy brought Jai to indescribable lows.

But as the Phoenix rises, so did Jai.

Jai Humble
(Photo Cred: SHOUTOUT DFW)

She would go on to Mississippi College where her skills were being recognized on a regional level. Jai said that she still wanted more. Then there’s that voice we talked about earlier. After gaining the attention of local entertainment figures, Jai would make the move to Dallas and never looked back.


Since 2018 Jai has delivered on numerous tracks. The R&B songstress evolves on every track, giving her listeners different versions of her versatility. When I asked her where she draws inspiration to create she replied “different experiences and various situations led to an abundance of creativity.”

Jai has seen her share of success in her career. From her hit single “Loving Me Up” being featured on BET to receiving her first movie placement, she is observant of how she got here. “The accomplishments throughout my journey include the growth of my team and seeing where we came from and where we now stand.”

One of my personal favorites of Jai is her hit song “Whiskey On Ice.” This was my formal introduction to her while attending the 11th Annual Fleet DJs Music Conference. She performed live and her stage presence commanded the artists soundstage. Check out the subtle yet seductive introduction to Jai down below.

(Photo Cred: Dark Magazine)

Never change who you are. Let what’s for you flow to you. Fall in love with the process.

Jai Humble


Jai Humble Stop Playing

Jai Humble blessed her fans early this year. She released her first project of 2023 titled “Stop Playing” today to rave reviews and replays! On a recent Fleet DJs Conference Call last week, she let us hear this and another unreleased track. While both songs resonated heavy, this song right here needs to be heard!

Produced by Mav Rock, Jai gives a side of her that hasn’t been displayed during her music career. Based on her life experiences she glides across the track and presents a powerful anthem for women. Check out the track down below and download and stream it on all music platforms!

Jai Humble
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SOMag Presents The Fleet Files With Fleet DJ’s: THE INKREDIBLE DJ KLASIK | @djklasik504

J Kristyle

For over two decades, the fleet dj’s has grown from a small crew to a proficient coalition with over 500 members and counting. since 2001, THE WORLDWIDE FLEET DJ’s has changed the lives of both its members and the entertainment industry they have thrived in.

These are the members. These are Their Stories. THESE ARE “THE FLEET FILES”

Name: Thee inKredible DJ Klasik

FLeet DJ Since: 2021

Location: New Orleans, LouIsiana

Region: SOUTH REGION/Louisana Fleet DJ’s


THEE INKREDIBLE DJ KLASIK Js. A noteworthy manager, a well respected online radio host with his station “J Kristyle Indie Radio”, Fleet DJ of Memphis where he provides artist opportunities and services, and an overall well rounded individual.

Born in Memphis, Tennessee James C. Everett knew from early on that he was destined to be in the music industry. Even with his dreams, he took time to know the business side first. “There are so many businesses & brands that offer the same services. I wanted to separate myself from the competition by being the difference.”

This would allow him to officially join the frey in January of 2013. His brand would bring warm highlights to the bitter winter months. His radio station is a worldwide web based internet radio, with many notable artists ranging from Adele to Lil Durk, to the catchy tunes of Da Baby, French Montana and many more artists worldwide.

J Kristyle


J Kristyle is more than just a brand. It’s a network of artists, tastemakers, and talent agents seeking the next superstar. To date his firm represents 2 artists. First Lady Mo Money, and motivational Hip-Hop artist Money Matt®.

As a promoter and an online radio DJ, James takes precedence for the unsigned hype. I asked him about any takeaways from his journey. He spoke on the one that means something to him. “I want to be a blessing to all the unheard independent artists. I like being able to see the smiles on their faces when they hear their music on the radio.”

Over the next several years, look to find J Kristyle as a major competitor in not only independent music, but the music industry as a whole. Be on the lookout for mixtapes & an Independent Artist Vol 18 for J Kristyle Indie Radio and more.

J Kristyle


Come in the industry working hard consistently, invest in yourself and travel.

J Kristyle’s advice to upcoming DJs

As a DJ I had to know what he’s listening to currently. “I have a bunch of independent and major artists in my current playlists. To name a couple of songs Beestang – Meet The Ratchets, Young Adolph – Major and Hall of Fame, Yo Gotti – Gangsta Art. When I asked about the meaning behind his name, he kept it simple. “I got my name as J (f0r James) and Chris (Kristyle).”

Check out J Kristyle in action in the video down below. You can follow him on social media (Facebook, YouTube & Twitch) at J Kristyle Management as well as on TikTok (@jkristylemanagement) and Twitter (@jkristyle23).

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SOMag Presents “The Fleet Files” With Fleet DJ’s: Kim Da SSB | @mzkim2012

For over two decades, the fleet dj’s has grown from a small crew to a proficient coalition with over 500 members and counting. since 2001, THE WORLDWIDE FLEET DJ’s has changed the lives of both its members and the entertainment industry they have thrived in.

These are the members. These are Their Stories. THESE ARE “THE FLEET FILES”

Kim Da SSB


FLeet DJ Since: 2021




KIM DA SSB is not only a member of the Worldwide Fleet DJ’s, but also an example of how one person’s faith and works can elevate them to unbelievable heights. I asked about her desire to become a DJ and if she had influences. “Honestly, I was scared to death to play music for my show or events alone (laughs). DJ Stylz pushed me out of my comfort zone and told me I could do it. Once I learned the basics and how I could make people happy, I was hooked!”

Kim has established herself amongst her male counterparts as part of the Fleet DJ’s. Currently the Assistant State Manager of Tennessee Fleet, she’s also a full time mom who finds time to be an entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Her passion for engaging people in conversation can also been seen in the digital pages of Straight Official Magazine via her Cocktails & Conversation column.

Entertaining and creating a vibe gives her great pleasure. Kim has acted as a host, moderator and MC for various events around the Memphis area. Her advice to anyone pursuing their dreams was downright spiritual. “First allow God to show you a path and a purpose. If this industry is truly for you, no one will be able to stand in your way!”

Kim Da SSB

I consider myself a Musical Bartender.

Kim Da SSB on why she became a DJ


Also known as the Soulful Social Butterfly, Kim Shropshire also counts success in being an advocate for those who are unable to. Outside of being a personality, she is the founder of I’m A.L.I.V.E. (Accepting Live Is Very Essential). A business that houses the various ways she tries to reach the masses by way of motivational speaking, merchandise, and entertainment.

Kim is a fighter for those who are victims of domestic violence and bullying. At one point in her life, she has danced with those two things. As a survivor, she strives to show the importance of self love and your worth in hopes that others will find the courage to leave those situations.

Serving the community and motivating others to LIVE is a passion she takes pride in. Kim mentors a group of young girls ages 7-17 monthly. The goal is to expose them to as many opportunities as possible and show them how to love themselves.

Kim Da SSB

My name is Kim Da SSB. Originally it was the Soulful Social Butterfly. That was difficult for people, men especially to say. After hearing three people call me SSB I knew I had to make a change.

Kim on how she came up with her name


When she isn’t being a advocate and a DJ, Kim has her hands on a number of different projects. “I am serving as a host to a virtual event for the youth who would like to get into the music business.” Over the summer, Kim put together the Party With a Purpose event where she launched her brand of customized t-shirts and merchandise.

I asked Kim about her experiences as a DJ. One positive time came from her being in the right place at the right time. “The best experience was filling in for a DJ friend at my favorite Karaoke spot. He got sick at the last minute and I had my laptop and hard drive with me.” Her one negative experience came from technology. “The worst experience is during my radio show. I had some technical difficulties and I had to act fast, while broadcasting live.”


Kim Da SSB with Jay Mill
Kim Da SSB & Chief Editor Jay Mill at the 11th Annual Fleet DJ

Kim is an amazing addition to both the Fleet DJS & Straight Official Magazine. Her spirit and energy help to liven any event where she is hosting. We even had the privilege of flying in together to attend the 11th Annual Fleet DJ Music Conference where she and the ladies of 2Flix3 did an amazing job at the Meet and Greet event.

I gave Kim the floor to shout out anyone she wanted. “I would love to say thank you a million times to everyone who has played a part in this new chapter of my life. Friends, family, Fleet, artist, and fans you know who you are. Please understand the love I have for you all runs deep. I thank you for listening to me brainstorm ideas, supporting my events and showering me with love. It is my prayer that the transparency I provide will give you the encouragement you need to follow your dreams.”

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[NEWS] Pat Stay, Famous Battle Rapper Dies

Pat Stay
Pat Stay

PAT STAY, Canadian battle rapper has died. CNBC News reports that Stay was the victim of a fatal stabbing in downtown Halifax early Sunday. Halifax Regional Police have not identified Stay as the victim, but Stay’s brother, Peter Stay, confirmed the news to CBC.

The Nova Scotian MC was revered for his boasts, witty insults and lyrics. The acclaimed artist had won several rap battles over the course of his career. His most memorable took place in 2015 which was hosted by Drake and where he would secure his fourth victory in a North American competition.

Pat Stay
Photo Cred (

Pat gained an immense following on social media recently. Just two days ago, Stay dropped a new track that has already amassed more than 50,000 views on YouTube. The video also includes the OVO God giving praise to Stay saying “Pat Stay’s definitely one of, if not, the best.”

Straight Official Magazine offers our prayers and condolences to his family, peers and fans. Check out one of our favorite videos down below of Pat Stay challenging The Game to a rap battle.

Pat Stay
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[NEWS] Actor Ray Liotta Passes Away at 67

Actor Ray Liotta is photographed for The Wrap on June 5, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Elisabeth Caren/Contour by Getty Images)

#GetSOM via @TenthLetterMedia

RAY LIOTTA has passed away. Confirming multiple news reports, the acclaimed actor passed while on location in the Dominican Republic. TMZ reports that while shooting a movie titled “Dangerous Waters” that he died in his sleep. Liotta was 67 years old.

Sources close to Liotta also claim that his fiancée was with him during the filming. There has been no reports of foul play nor any other suspicious accusations surrounding this story.

Ray Liotta (Photo Cred: TV Insider)

Ray’s Sketch of Life

Liotta was one of Hollywood’s hardest working stars. While known for several roles, his most memorable role was starring in “Goodfellas” alongside Robert De Niro & Joe Pesci as mobster Henry Hill. Another unforgettable performance was in the iconic film “Field of Dreams” and his portrayal of Shoeless Joe Jackson.

Liotta had countless films under his belt including “Cop Land”, “Corrina Corinna” and “Blow” where he played alongside Johnny Depp as Fred Jung, the father to Depp’s character George Jung. It was this role that was a personal favorite of mine. The heart-wrenching scene produced one of the film’s most memorable quotes.

Ray was a devoted father and husband. He most recently celebrated his engagement to Jacy Nittolo via social media. Liotta leaves her and his daughter Karsen Liotta, who is also following in her father’s footsteps to mourn his loss.

(Photo Cred: Actor IG Page)

Straight Official Magazine offers our prayers and condolences to the Liotta family as well as his peers and his fans.

R.I.P. Ray Liotta

Ray Liotta (Photo Cred: The AU Review Website)

‘May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face. And may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.

Ray Liotta as Fred Jung in “Blow”

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SOMag Presents “The Fleet Files” With Fleet DJ’s: DJ XXL | @dejayxxl

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is photo_2021-07-15_19-12-41.jpg

For over two decades, the fleet dj’s has grown from a small crew to a proficient coalition with over 500 members and counting. since 2001, THE WORLDWIDE FLEET DJ’s has changed the lives of both its members and the entertainment industry they have thrived in.

These are the members. These are Their Stories. THESE ARE “THE FLEET FILES”

Name: DJ XXL

FLeet DJ Since: 2012

Location: Los Angeles, California

Region: WEst region/California Fleet DJ’s


DJ XXL has a tenure in both Hip-Hop and the entertainment industry spanning over a decade. I asked XXL what made him get into the genre. “I got into Hip-Hop as a backup dancer with Ice-T & The Syndicate. The crew (2 Much Bass) was one of the biggest dance crews in LA. Taking names and battling was the mindset. We KILLED crews on the dance floor!” He recollected on a moment that was big. “My biggest battle was with Brand X, held in Huntington Park, California in East L.A. Ice-T and The Syndicate were judges of the event, which is how we got our way into being linked with the Syndicate. We were featured in the Original Gangsta video with black hoodies and Rottweilers.”

Joseph Rudd is a assertive and driven individual. He has touched a number of the essential building blocks of Hip-Hop in his journey to becoming a Fleet DJ. “I also am a member of 4 of LA’s largest graph crews (FBI, Far Beyond Imagination, OSB One Step Beyond, & SNM, So No Mercy). It was during the graph crews time when I first became an MC. My rap name is Juggala Vein.”

DJ XXL said his decision to become a DJ was inevitable. “I am already a B-Boy, rapper and graffiti artist. I already embodied the other elements of Hip-Hop so DJ was the last one I needed to capitalize on.” As a member of Fleet, he is the main moderator for Fleet DJ Conference Calls, designing the national protocol for conference calls. He has been on the move for Fleet in ten years. “I was originally on WCF (West Coast Fleet) DJ’s Team for 1 year before moving to the Midwest Fleet DJ’s. There I represented and built the Iowa division. I also built the Chicago team to expedite the success of Iowa. Then I became the State Manager for the Chicago Fleet DJ’s. Built it up to 10 DJ’s before I gave the team to new management and migrated back west to become manager of the WCF.”

Be different. Don’t follow trends because originality is your number one commitment.

DJ XXL’s advice to upcoming artists


Our conversation shifted to moves outside of being a DJ. XXL is also a core actor with the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). “I’ve been in 10 motion pictures. I was in The Fan as a cop in the final scene with Wesley as one of the cops that shot DeNiro’s character.” Another film that XXL was in was a skateboard movie called Grind in which you can see him clear as day down below.

XXL is an A&R as well as a manager for independent artists. I asked him what can we expect from him this year. “I’m currently the road manager for West Coast artist Marc Handsome. Be on the lookout for a new music video with Mark featuring Jim Jones called “If I Like It” dropping soon!” XXL wears several hats as he is a producer, radio personality and media correspondent for Straight Official Magazine.

With every DJ having a story behind how they got their name, I had to know how he came up with his. “Basically I used to try to figure out what my name would be. My personality is larger than life. I put it together as XL initially, but added the extra L to personify that, to be larger than life.” I asked him what would his biggest takeaway would be in being a member of Fleet. “After 30 years I’m still a DJ. It’s my ability to break new music & network with the industries past legends as well as upcoming artists that has remained the constant.”

DJ XXL with Jim Jones

Quincy Jones didn’t have his first hit until he was 50. Don’t give up.

XXL’s advice to upcoming artists


As a member of Fleet, I didn’t officially meet XXL until we crossed paths at the 10th annual Fleet DJ Music Conference last year. Once we met it was all gas and no brakes! He is a vital member of the coalition as well as an official brother from another. I look forward to seeing what will do next as a member of Straight Official Magazine!

I gave XXL the floor to close out our interview and he had nothing but admiration for the Fleet DJ’s. “Thanks to The Worldwide Fleet DJ’s for embracing my energy and inner talents and giving me the opportunities and platforms to elevate in the entertainment industry. Shouts to Ice-T, Cypress Hill, Mellow Man Ace, My DJ, DJ Earl-E, and the whole Transparent Crew. First but not last, to my mom and dad for genetically giving me the tools to do what I do best.”

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SOMag Presents “The Fleet Files” With Fleet DJ’s: Mocha The Mack | @mochathemack

For over two decades, the fleet dj’s has grown from a small crew to a proficient coalition with over 500 members and counting. since 2001, THE WORLDWIDE FLEET DJ’s has changed the lives of both its members and the entertainment industry they have thrived in.

These are the members. These are Their Stories. THESE ARE “THE FLEET FILES”

Name: MOcha the Mack

FLeet DJ Since: 2021

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Region: south region/Florida Fleet DJ’s


MOCHA THE MACK is the newest member of The Worldwide Fleet DJ’s for a reason. Although she’s rarely behind the ones and twos, it’s her one-two combination of being a journalist and media personality that’s enough to move the crowd. As a writer for Straight Official Magazine, Mocha is a part of the home publication of Fleet DJ’s. She does it all from content creation and promotions to music reviews and interviews.

Her whatever-it-takes persona has helped the magazine in it’s growth. “I’m winning by helping y’all win, so if you ever need an assistant or PR rep on your team, I’m ya girl! If you need something and don’t know where to find it, I’m ya girl, I’ll help connect you.”

Justice B.K. has always had a desire to become a writer. Even before she became Mocha, she knew way back in Kindergarten that this was her path. “I used to make student and staff gossip mags out of loose leaf paper. After that I focused on music training and passed up the opportunity to establish myself as a writer in high school and college.”

You have to be willing to always be a student to excel at anything, not just journalism.

Mocha The Mack

When I asked where she draws inspiration from to create, she relied on a personal creed. “My motto has always been “Aspire to Inspire” and that’s just been applicable to everything for me. I really didn’t know how many people would actually pay attention to me, without me going out of my way to be extraordinary.”

In her journey into journalism, Mocha has found her way to approach interviewing that makes the reader feel as if they were there during the sit down. “When I transcribe interviews, I always tell the subject’s story as colorful as possible because I want you to see the picture they painted for me.” Mocha also controls her own narrative by being cautious with her words. “But when I talk about myself, I’m just as strategic with words because you only know what I allow you to know. That’s how I control my story.”


Mocha has always had big dreams. Besides wanting to be a teacher, she’s been preparing herself for a career in music. “I’ve been training musically my ENTIRE life so I sing, dance/choreograph, act, and even DJ a little! (laughs) We talked about peaks and valleys in our respective paths. Mocha talked about overcoming herself to achieve her goals.

“My best experience would have to be my early days of interviewing and being a mistress of ceremonies. I knew it was what I wanted to do but I was so scared of rejection. Those programs went extremely well and I got so much praise for just being courageous! I learned to believe in myself and keep pushing through with this thing no matter what!”

There was a point in time that Mocha could have walked away from her pursuit of her journalism. She told me that two words she kept hearing most of her life almost changed everything if not for an invitation to join Fleet. “I never would have taken my journalism career seriously if I hadn’t joined. Too many times in life I heard that I “should have”. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity again.”

Follow your heart and do what you love because that will make it easier for you to stick to it and win. You may have to do a million different activities until you find what you love, but just do it!

Mocha’s advice to aspiring artists

I had to ask Mocha how she came up with her name. Her story behind it was hilarious! “So not that many people know my real name anymore and I just refuse to tell most people because they try to act like they really know me (laughs). On the other hand, I needed a rebrand for people to take me seriously. I had a friend back in the day whose hair color was the same as her skin. I’m an earth sign so I guess it makes sense that I like brown anyway but I had to come up with a cuter name than brown, so I chose Mocha.”

She continued, “Everyone began calling me Mocha, despite a few haters but I digress (laughs) then Megan Thee Stallion said in a verse “I get in my act on that yak/ He call me “Megan Thee Mack” and that just stuck with me! Anyone who knows me knows how Mocha can get of the yak so I replaced Megan with Mocha. Now I can’t sing it any other way!”(laughs)


My sit down with Mocha was indeed inspirational. As a writer myself it was easy to connect with her on several viewpoints. When I asked her if we could look forward to any future projects, she was a bit reluctant. “The problem is I tell y’all stuff a little too early sometimes (laughs) but, I can tell y’all that my book is still under construction and y’all can look forward to writers’ workshops happening very soon. Y’all go follow @MackbookMedia on Instagram because it’s coming!”

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SOMag Presents “The Fleet Files” With Fleet DJ’s: DJ Les Rico | @djlesrico

For over two decades, the fleet dj’s has grown from a small crew to a proficient coalition with over 500 members and counting. since 2001, THE WORLDWIDE FLEET DJ’s has changed the lives of both its members and the entertainment industry they have thrived in.

These are the members. These are Their Stories. THESE ARE “THE FLEET FILES”

Name: DJ Les Rico

FLeet DJ Since: 2019

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Region: south region/Florida Fleet DJ’s


Even before joining The Worldwide Fleet DJ’s, DJ Les Rico knew that being a DJ was his passion. When I asked him what inspired him to become a DJ, he referred to a memory that has stuck with him for years. “Living in the lower eastside of Manhattan, we would have block parties in the parks. There were local DJs that taught me a lot. It sparked my interest and kept me out of trouble.” Rico has over 30 years experience in being a DJ. Like his coalition family, he dons several hats. He is a recruiter for the Latin division of Fleet as well as DJ for Straight Official Radio.

Enrique Ramos is a man that is grounded by his family values. “I focus on keeping family a priority. Making time for both them and DJ’ing.” Being currently retired, Rico spoke on how he maintains balance in his life. “I utilize my time DJ’ing while my wife works to keep balance over everything.”

Rico has encountered his share of peaks and valleys in his career. His best moment came from one of his largest events. “My best moment was when I DJ’d at a 3-day event and on the last day it was at DeSoto Park in front of a huge crowd! The joy that I felt was indescribable!” When Rico spoke on his valley, it had nothing to do with being a DJ. It dealt more with a medical condition that he has had for over two decades.

Having a medical condition I am challenged everyday. Playing my music helps me to defeat how I am feeling.

DJ Les Rico on how he deals with his condition


In 1998, Rico’s life would change forever. “I was diagnosed as AIDS positive on June 29 1998, with a 16 T-cell count and not given a good chance to live.” Even with this placed upon him, Rico found both strength and courage from the one thing that meant the most to him… his family. “But with the love and support of my family, I am currently now with T-cell over 1200 and undetectable! I am living with God and with the love of your family, anything is possible!”

It was the same joy that Rico got from DJ’ing at DeSoto Park that helped tremendously with his condition. “It has become a healing force against my battle with HIV.” I asked Rico how he came up with his stage name. “DJ on the Lower East Side of NYC!” (laughs)

As we further spoke, I found out just how giving he is when it comes to his craft. “I have events free of cost on many occasions. Anytime or any place, I embrace the opportunity to help local charitable organizations and help support fellow DJs.”

DJ Les Rico and wife, Lisa


I have met many goals in my life. I am seeking new ones with each experience I undertake.

DJ Les Rico

DJ Les Rico is a fine addition to the Fleet DJ family. With his own family being the center of his life, it’s no secret that he is successful in all that he does within Fleet. You can follow DJ Les Rico on Instagram and tune in to Straight Official Radio to hear him in action!

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