Big Weezy Reps St. Louis with Debut “No Genre” Mixtape

cover art for "no genre" mixtape by st louis rapper Big Weezy

Big Weezy just released his debut mixtape “No Genre” produced by platinum-selling production duo, RayRayandAR. The mixtape includes a feature from Rahli and co-production by Davie Napalm, K Kudda Muzic, Kyboogs, and SwaggBoyyonthebeat.

The son and brother of MCs, Big Weezy grew up in St. Louis watching his family make music. He was inspired by Eminem, Ludacris, Cassidy, and Tupac and had the ability to memorize lyrics. He wants people to feel good and have that same sing along feel when listening to his music.

He first debuted “Baller Alert” and “Don’t Stop”, in 2021 but he’s planning a big run this year with “No Genre”, a tour, and merch!

Stream Big Weezy “No Genre” below on Spotify or click click here  

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Get to know DaveOsound, an upcoming artist from Port Arthur Texas

Dave O also known as DaveOsound is an upcoming artist from Port Arthur Texas. He is an electrician and has always made music as a hobby, but lately he has been inspired by his growing fan base and passion for music so he has decided to take his rap career to the next level. He is very versatile with his music and has a song for just about any type of mood the listeners are in.
He has been heavily influenced by the Houston rap scene and electricity.
He simply fused those two together and created a very energetic style of music implying that he is putting voltage in his songs for the listeners.

Check out his album ‘East Coast Energy

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Official Lyric Video to Nice Man Link:

Official Lyric Video to Venom Link:

For Booking Contact: / 409-332-0502

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Means Money drops a new album ‘Blender Talk’

Get familiar wit Means Money, a new artist from Cincinnati, Ohio.
His music is elevating on every song as he records multiple times a week. His new album Blender Talk has features from Los & Nutty, Chicken P, Marijuana Xo and more. He quickly records songs and has piled up over 100 records in a short amount of time. He recently just did a song with Rmc Mike. Be on the lookout for new music and videos from Means Money.

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Devin Roy @PapiFrio – “Underneath” (The Grey Sky)

28 year old emerging artist Devin Roy has a lot to say, and will use whatever medium possible to convey his thoughts. Since his initial release, “M.A.N.,” Devin Roy has maintained the momentum with three other singles “Blessings”, Spidey & Motor, and “A Bear Called Papa” displaying his perception and truthfulness through impactful lyrics paired with innovative production, illustrating how multi-faceted he is as an artist.

His debut album “Underneath (The Grey Sky)”, is a heartfelt ode to Roy’s artistry and the journey he’s had to embark on to find himself. Giving content insight into his evolution as an artist and a man. The 15-track body of work is ripe with clever and introspective rhymes laced over a wide array of production ranging from bass heavy beats, to sample based production. Influences from Trap to R&B to Jazz and old school hip hop help to create a dynamic and fascinating atmosphere throughout the project.


Instagram – @papifrio
Website –

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Flipstyle – “Quantum”

Flipstyle, founder of Street Music Records, continues to elevate music entertainment with his epic new release, Quantum, which dropped 2/15/2022. Quantum features some of the hottest undiscovered talent from Chicago.  Flipstyle will be dropping several albums, mixtapes, videos, movies and more via Street Music Records and his new media company, Contego Media. Stay in tune with all the latest projects – Follow @flipstylemusic on IGTwitterTikTok and Snapchat. Be sure to visit: for all the latest music, videos, news and more!

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Flipstyle – “Metadata”

Flipstyle, featured by Trillest Entertainment in The Spotlight: New Releases You Need to Hear This Year and as one of the 21 Hottest Artists of 2021, kicks off 2022 with his new release – Metadata – which marks the 5th album from Flipstyle. The new album features the innovative singles: Modern Entertainment (Pt. 1), iZoom, We Gone (Make it) & Lemme Get Dat.   The unique style and technique of Flipstyle also includes a multitude of entertainment versatility including tracks such as What it Do, 7:17, & Royale Clash.  You can expect more quality music and videos from Flipstyle – including another new album, Quantum, dropping 2/15/22. Flipstyle is Now Streaming on ALL MUSIC PLATFORMS!  Get all the links, news and more exclusive content at Follow @flipstylemusic on IG, TikTok, Twitter, Reddit and Snapchat.
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Marko 24k – “You Made Me This Way”

Atlanta native, Marko24k is a rising rap artist who puts positive energy into everything he does. He got his start in music 5 years ago, when he turned his knack for poetry into writing song lyrics.

Unbounded by the conventions of hip-hop, he creates music for all moods. Whether it be hype, contemporary, or chill music, Marko24k has the versatility to pull it off. He has collaborated with many artists, recently working with Bundles FVG, Arsonal Da Rebel, DJ Envy, and more on their project, Genesis vol. 1. His New album “You Made Me This Way” drops November 22nd. Showing zero signs of slowing down, Marko24k has a lot planned for the upcoming months.

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Brenae Releases Her Debut Mixtape


#GetSOM via @djspins

Atlanta recording artist Brenae released her debut mixtape titled Appaloosa Cove. Brenae gets mixtape heavyweight The Real Dj Spins to host the project and add his DJ touch to it. The mixtape features 12 tracks with a mixture of freestyles and full song format.

Brenae (Photo Cred: Eye of Kedar Photography)

Appaloosa Cove is powered by The Fleet DJ’s and has gained 20k streams so far on Audiomack. Stream Appaloosa Cove down below and keep up with Brenae on Instagram @Bre_naee_

Brenae (Photo Cred: Artist IG Page)
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Young Holyfield Overcomes Odds With New Release “Replenish”

Young Holyfield faced a lot of different challenges throughout young adulthood which ultimately led to him being incarcerated. Even with all the odds stacked up against him ( black, convicted felon). Young Holyfield stayed consistent.

He shares the meaning of his new Album, “Replenish”, “Uplift, motivate, and to never give up on your dreams”.

Click Here to listen to the hot new album “Replenish” by Young Holyfield or Listen below.

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[Album] BurrLin – “Onward & Upward”


BurrLin releases his 4th solo effort, Onward & Upward, to round out a year of sprinkled singles which kept his fanbase engaged. The album title, Onward & Upward, spins off his initial mixtape series title, Growth Zone, which is certainly on brand for the seasoned independent artist. One unique thing to note about this album is that it has zero features. It allows fans to better fall in sync with BurrLin’s evolving sound, aura, and aesthetic. This album feeds his core fanbase while concurrently inviting new listeners into BurrLin’s world and ideology of forward progress and ascension.


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