Big Unk Saidit

BIGUNKSAIDIT, a staple in the Indianapolis Hip-Hop scene released a new mixtape that features Naptown’s most renowned artists. Unk blessed the masses with “Nastty 500” this week. In continuance with cementing the fact that talent has always been here, Big Unk played Nick Fury to assemble this dope project.


Big Unk Saidit

The 38 track demonstration highlights the sound and vibe that is beginning to make the industry take notice. Big Unk features Naptown legends in Trajik, Maxie, Tony Cleveland, Jim E Mac and Kittii Red to name a few. In addition, he also introduces listeners to emerging artists like T.G.I. Free, Skypp, Parris LaDame and many more.


The hits from Naptown just keep on coming!

BigUnkSaidIt so you know it’s truth, is more than just a rapper or producer. He’s also a talent consultant and motivator to the Circle City. Nastty 500 is a road map for Hip-Hop for Indiana. We’ve had the pleasure of taking part in conference calls surrounding artists that are running rampant around here.

My pick from this project goes to T.G.I. Free as his “Set You Free” track is an example of what’s coming out the nineteenth state. Check out BigUnkSaidIt Presents Nastty 500 down below and let us know in the comments what you think.

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Spinrilla Shuts Down


SPINRILLA, the popular site that enabled users to create mixtapes of Hip-Hop tracks has shut down after agreeing to pay USD $50 million over copyright infringement.

A group that included record labels from all of the big three recording companies sued Spinrilla in 2017. Alleging that “a substantial amount of content uploaded to the website” belonged to the record companies.

Spinrilla Logo


In a judgment issued last Wednesday (May 3). US District Court judge Amy Totenberg, who sits on the bench for the northern district of Georgia, Atlanta division. Ordered Spinrilla and its founder, Jeffrey Copeland, to pay the record companies the $50 million fine. Giving Spinrilla five days to take its services offline.

The ruling also prohibited all employees of Spinrilla. As well as people who worked “in active concert or participation” with Spinrilla. From ever operating a service “that is substantively similar to the Spinrilla Service.”

The plaintiffs in the case were Warner Music Group’s Atlantic Records and Electra Records. Sony Music Entertainment’s LaFace Records. Arista Music, Zomba Records and Sony Music US Latin. As well as Universal Music Group’s Bad Boy Records and Capitol Records, along with Roc-A-Fella Records, Jay-Z’s now-defunct label.

Spinrilla & US Major Recording Companies

In its defense against the lawsuit. Spinrilla argued that it had been “cooperating for years in a variety of ways” with the record companies. “To successfully prevent and remove unauthorized music from”

The company has invoked the “safe harbor” clause of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

However, in a 2020, Judge Totenberg rejected that defense, noting that Spinrilla hadn’t met the requirements for safe harbor. The company didn’t have the required policy towards repeat infringers.


The Judge Totenberg, identified that 4,082 tracks have been uploaded and distributed without permission.

Under the DMCA, each violation carries a penalty of between $750 and $150,000. The ruling exposed Spinrilla and Copeland to a penalty between $3 million and $612 million.

Spinrilla and Copeland submitted an offer of judgment to the court. Under which the defendants agreed to a $50 million fine. Forced to shut down the service permanently.

Spinrilla had millions of users since its launch in 2013. The service’s Android app had more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Some 195,000 followers on its Twitter feed, which is still live, and a similar amount of followers on Facebook.


The case has echoes of the fight between music streaming site Grooveshark and Universal Music Group. Which ended in 2015 when Grooveshark’s founders agreed to shutter the site in exchange for avoiding paying financial damages.

Grooveshark’s founders: Josh Greenberg and Sam Tarantino. Agreed they would pay $75 million if they were ever found infringing the majors’ copyrights again. (Greenberg was found dead two months after the settlement with UMG was agreed.)

In December 2015, streaming service Aurous – dubbed “the new Grooveshark”. Shut down and agreed to pay $3 million in damages to the major music companies.

Major DJ organizations like Fleet DJs has Mixtape Divisions which has members who utilize platforms such as Spinrilla. This instant shut-down leaves questions from the mixtape DJ communities.

The major label may have won their infringement case. The question is what about the DJ’s who’ve invested major money into their mixtape and uploaded legitimate projects? What about the independent artist who uses Spinrilla as an alternative distribution outlet? Where’s the music? What about the invested money as subscribers?

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38 Spesh Drops “Gunsmoke” EP

38 Spesh

38 SPESH is back in the kitchen.

Spesh, originally known as 38 Special, has been rapping since the early 2000s. In 2006, he appeared on Alive on Arrival, a mixtape by early supporter and fellow Rochester product DJ Green Lantern. By the end of that decade, Spesh had headlined a couple Lantern-presented tapes.

After serving time in prison he returned in 2012 with Time Served. This began a constant dispersal of studio projects that continued through the end of 2010. Along with numerous solo releases, Spesh showcased artists on his TCF Music Group label with the Trust Tape series.

He has blessed mics with Benny the Butcher (Cocaine Cowboys and Stabbed & Shot), Joe Blow (In the Mob We Trust), and Kool G Rap (the cross-generational Son of G Rap). Spesh closed out his second decade of activity with a handful of solo tapes, highlighted by A Bullet for Every Heathen.

38 Spesh

Named after his strain of weed, Spesh comes with that music that will get you high.


The 8 track EP has features from RansomChe Noir, the late Fred the GodsonFlee Lord, and Klass Murda. On top of his own production, Spesh is also rocking over beats by Harry FraudRain910TrickyTrippz.

Click the play button below and add Gunsmoke wherever you get music. Stay tuned for a project from Spesh and Conway the Machine in the near future.


Some of the grimmest and lucid street tales from post-2000 New York state underground have been spun by 38 Spesh. A boom-bap disciple with over two dozen solo and collaborative projects. Time Served (2012), Stabbed & Shot (2018), A Bullet for Every Heathen (2019), and 7 Shots (2022).

He’s worked closely with fellow Upstate natives such as Benny the Butcher and Che Noir, and has recorded with influences including Kool G RapGhostface Killah, and DJ Premier.

Especially prolific in 2020, Spesh was behind at least ten titles that year alone, teaming with the likes of Che Noir and Planet Asia for numerous duo projects, and offering solo releases ranging from the instrumental set Speshal Blends to Interstate 38.

Spesh linked again with Benny the Butcher for Trust the Sopranos in 2021, and the next year issued the solo 7 Shots.


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Illpo Releases “Severance Pack” Album


Illpo is the North Carolina duo consisting of rappers Boones and Bond, and they are back with a new album titled “Severance Package” full of that Boom Bap you need.

If you dig names from North Carolina like OC From NC and the Jamla crew, you need to hear Illpo.


Illpo “Severance Pack” album
MP3s, front cover, and back cover:


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Ar-Ab presents OBH or NOTHING!!

OBH Records Releases OBH or Nothing Presented by Ar-Ab & Hosted by DJ NoPhrillz and Swag 100

AR-AB referred to as King AB, is an American rapper from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The CEO of OBH (Original Block Hustlers) and the label and rap group founded by him. Complex named Ar-Ab one of “15 Unsigned Rappers Who Should Get a Deal After SXSW” in March 2013.

He signed with Cash Money Records in May 2016. The OBH members have included Lik Moss, Shamoney “Da Wolf”, p90 smooth, Breeze Begets, Pretty Flock, Skinny me, Newz, Kylledge, Kallie Ziltz, NoBrakes Bras, Young Mir, Wiz Lo, Obh Berto, Obh Razor, Obh Newz and many more.

As of 2022 with Ar-Ab passing the torch to his brother Lik Moss. OBH Records has not only a new sound & look, but also a better quality of music. Remaining sturdy to protocol that Ar-Ab has set. OBH has become a generational brand, recognized throughout the world with a die hard fanbase.

Ar-Ab presents OBH or Nothing!!

What To Expect

The project features new and elite OBH members. Lik Moss ,Pretty Flock ,OBH Razor, OBH Berto, OBH CDot and OBH Baby. The “Men” recently teamed up with Philadelphia’s Multimedia Marketing Guru Swag 100 & Philadelphia’s Legend DJ NoPhrillz, who is the creator of “PSP” Philly – Support – Philly Movement.

Ar-Ab presents OBH or Nothing!!


DJ NoPhrillz has over 10,000 mixtapes under his belt. The biggest mixtape of Phamous Phrillz career was the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson. He would be the first DJ to cover his greatest hits after his passing which made television and national headlines. Crossing international barriers with his late great friend Rich Quick., they dropped ” I’m with the DJ”. A mixtape hosted by DJ NoPhrillz and Benja Styles would land them an overseas success.

Ar-Ab presents OBH or Nothing!!

” I’m top of the line, the Maybach of this ish”.

Phamous Phrillz

Phrillz can be heard stamping the OBH or Nothing mixtape with his world famous “Let it Play, Ahhh & Got’chu” tags. He plans to break this project as the rebirth of (PSP) Philly Support Philly. He has worked with LL Cool J, Black Thought, Meek Mill, Freeway and Nipsey Hussle to name a few.

SWAG 100

SWAG 100 is Hip-Hop’s most trusted media specialist of todays industry. He’s the top choice for discovering industry secrets, advice, tips and high level interviews. As a behind-the-scenes advocate, Swag works to connect the dots for independent artists and industry labels through unique marketing.

Ar-Ab presents OBH or Nothing!!

Swag is the owner of SWAG 100 LLC. An industry leading multimedia platform that specializes in PR Marketing and Video/Audio Podcasting. He’s a member of The Worldwide Fleet DJs. He owns an FM station & record label. His expertise and skillset, he’s behind the OBH or Nothing project handling marketing and promotion.

The project is something the streets of Philadelphia and OBH worldwide fanbase has long awaited. The thought of a group project, with all members of OBH on one project. The anticipation of the project compares to being introduced to Griselda Records for the first time.

One of the most talked about mixtapes amongst the DJ community is the OBH or Nothing which hasn’t even dropped yet. Key players in several DJ coalitions are ready to push the button on this one. Pretty Flock and Lik Moss have been active lately. Feeding the streets and keeping the OBH brand and name alive.

Lik Moss

Ar-Ab presents OBH or Nothing!!

Lik Moss is now the face of OBH Records. Not only is his name buzzing in the lyricist community, but he’s revered as one of the best. Moss has drawn comparisons to elites like Jadakiss. Lik Moss. Releasing high level, top-tier projects the streets deemed them all as classics. The Good Book, Moss’s latest release which shows the independent geniuses behind OBH Records. The Good Book. Not just a music project. It was turned into a movie lyric book and released as an NFT as well.

Pretty Flock

Pretty Flock has been a staple to OBH group. Flock is an OG and veteran to the Philadelphia Hip-Hop community. He’s one of, if not the hardest workers out of the men. Along with having several main roles in movies and a web series, he owns the Sneaky Report podcast, interviewing high level guest. Dropping 3-4 songs and 1-2 videos on a monthly basis. Pretty Flock continue to build awareness around his craft and the OBH brand.

Ar-Ab presents OBH or Nothing!!
Ar-Ab presents OBH or Nothing!!
Click Image to save the project in your “Playlist or Libary”.


OBH or Nothing Vlogs

SWAG 100

#GetSOM via @swag100 and check out more of the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop here.

Ar-Ab presents OBH or Nothing!!
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Producer Dready on the Beat Debuts “Global Business” Mixtape

Dready On The Beat


DREADY ON THE BEAT recently released his new mixtape Global Business. The tape is Hosted By Trap-A-Holics and features artists such as Heezy Uno, SnappaJiggSaw, WooDaSavage, and WindyHillBaby.

The German producer and engineer is following up his 2019 releases Jack My Swag and 30 beat packs and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Dready On The Beat
Dready On The Beat


Follow on social media on Instagram (@dready_85), on YouTube and check out his music on Soundcloud (Dready 85er).

Check out the mixtape below on Spotify and Apple Music.#GetSOM via @essince and check out more of the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop here.
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Big Weezy Reps St. Louis with Debut “No Genre” Mixtape

cover art for "no genre" mixtape by st louis rapper Big Weezy

Big Weezy just released his debut mixtape “No Genre” produced by platinum-selling production duo, RayRayandAR. The mixtape includes a feature from Rahli and co-production by Davie Napalm, K Kudda Muzic, Kyboogs, and SwaggBoyyonthebeat.

The son and brother of MCs, Big Weezy grew up in St. Louis watching his family make music. He was inspired by Eminem, Ludacris, Cassidy, and Tupac and had the ability to memorize lyrics. He wants people to feel good and have that same sing along feel when listening to his music.

He first debuted “Baller Alert” and “Don’t Stop”, in 2021 but he’s planning a big run this year with “No Genre”, a tour, and merch!

Stream Big Weezy “No Genre” below on Spotify or click click here  

Follow Big Weezy Social media: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

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Get to know DaveOsound, an upcoming artist from Port Arthur Texas

Dave O also known as DaveOsound is an upcoming artist from Port Arthur Texas. He is an electrician and has always made music as a hobby, but lately he has been inspired by his growing fan base and passion for music so he has decided to take his rap career to the next level. He is very versatile with his music and has a song for just about any type of mood the listeners are in.
He has been heavily influenced by the Houston rap scene and electricity.
He simply fused those two together and created a very energetic style of music implying that he is putting voltage in his songs for the listeners.

Check out his album ‘East Coast Energy

Stay Connected


Official Lyric Video to Nice Man Link:

Official Lyric Video to Venom Link:

For Booking Contact: / 409-332-0502

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Means Money drops a new album ‘Blender Talk’

Get familiar wit Means Money, a new artist from Cincinnati, Ohio.
His music is elevating on every song as he records multiple times a week. His new album Blender Talk has features from Los & Nutty, Chicken P, Marijuana Xo and more. He quickly records songs and has piled up over 100 records in a short amount of time. He recently just did a song with Rmc Mike. Be on the lookout for new music and videos from Means Money.

Stream on these platforms

Follow on Instagram

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Devin Roy @PapiFrio – “Underneath” (The Grey Sky)

28 year old emerging artist Devin Roy has a lot to say, and will use whatever medium possible to convey his thoughts. Since his initial release, “M.A.N.,” Devin Roy has maintained the momentum with three other singles “Blessings”, Spidey & Motor, and “A Bear Called Papa” displaying his perception and truthfulness through impactful lyrics paired with innovative production, illustrating how multi-faceted he is as an artist.

His debut album “Underneath (The Grey Sky)”, is a heartfelt ode to Roy’s artistry and the journey he’s had to embark on to find himself. Giving content insight into his evolution as an artist and a man. The 15-track body of work is ripe with clever and introspective rhymes laced over a wide array of production ranging from bass heavy beats, to sample based production. Influences from Trap to R&B to Jazz and old school hip hop help to create a dynamic and fascinating atmosphere throughout the project.


Instagram – @papifrio
Website –

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