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Ness: The Philly Bad Boy

Lloyd Mathis, known by his stage name Ness, is a talented American rapper and battle MC from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He rose to prominence through his participation in Diddy’s MTV reality show, Making the Band 2, from 2002 to 2004.

Photo Credits: Brian Raymond

Ness’s journey continued as he signed with Bad Boy Records. He earned songwriting credits on Diddy’s 2006 album, Press Play. During his time on MTB2, Ness became known for his intense on-camera battle rap with Da Band member, Jae Millz. This battle became a notable example of a cappella battle rap in mainstream media at the time.

Ness later returned to his battle rap roots in 2010. He would captivate audiences with his stage presence, writing skills, and fast-paced flows unique to the vibrant Philadelphia rap scene.

Since then, he has showcased his talent on some of the biggest platforms in the battle rap culture, including King of the Dot, URL, Rare Breed Entertainment, Don’t Flop, Gates of the Garden, and Grind Time Now.

Photo Credits: Brian Raymond

New Ventures

Throughout his career, Ness has faced jokes about his infamous task of fetching a cheesecake for Diddy during his Making the Band days. However, in a remarkable turn of events, Ness has redefined the cheesecake joke by launching “Ness Philadelphia Cheesecake”, a brand that has gained popularity within the music industry and hip-hop culture. This demonstrates his ingenuity and ability to transform a seemingly negative experience into a successful venture.

Since the Covid 19 days, Ness has been on a relentless mission to redefine himself. I have personally witnessed his remarkable rebranding journey. I have had the privilege of building a strong relationship with Ness, to the extent that he would visit my studio to write his rounds for upcoming battles, create reference tracks, or simply hang out and relax.

One thing that Ness consistently does is break the algorithm on Instagram every week. Since 2019, he has been dropping unique freestyle videos that go viral, showcasing his impressive rhyme schemes and captivating the attention of fans worldwide.

E Ness
Photo Credits: Brian Raymond

There was a time when the Philadelphia hip-hop industry felt that Ness was being overlooked or even blackballed. However, as of 2024, there is no denying the mainstream and underground presence of “Lew,” also known as the “Lockness Monster.” Ness’s relentless branding efforts and innovative business models have paved new lanes for him and garnered the attention and recognition he deserves.

Checkout The Latest Music From Ness

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Inside the Rhythm: Unlocking Music Success with Nathaniel The Great and the Rise of the Great Ones Label

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Nathaniel The Great
(Photo Cred: Sheen Magazine)

Get To Know Nathaniel The Great

In the latest interview, we are treated to an intimate conversation with the R&B sensation Nathaniel The Great. The episode delves deep into the creative process behind Nathaniel’s latest hit with Pushin Keys, which has become an anthem for all seasons, particularly resonating with the ladies who love to groove.

The discussion transitions into the revelation of a new venture, the Great Ones label, a collective designed to shape the future of not just musicians but also the visionary designers and videographers who are shaping our culture.

The Great Ones Label

Nathaniel takes us through the strategy behind the Great Ones label, which transcends the traditional music label model by integrating a distribution and marketing platform to support artists post-release. This model is set apart from existing services like DistroKid or TuneCore, offering a more holistic approach to artist development.

He also shares his triumphs with his IT company in the tech hub of Atlanta and discusses plans for securing TV and movie placements, effectively becoming an aggregator and expanding his reach in the entertainment industry.

Our interview also covers the personal challenges Nathaniel has overcome to reach this pinnacle of his career. It also includes insights on an upcoming tour with R&B powerhouse Jacquees. His story is one of perseverance, learning, and the drive to succeed against all odds. For aspiring R&B artists and songwriters, the episode is packed with practical advice.

Nathaniel The Great stresses the importance of understanding the business framework of music, suggesting that immersing oneself in resources that outline deal structures is crucial for anyone aiming for the big time.

Nathaniel The Great

In Conclusion

Collaboration emerges as a key theme in this episode. Nathaniel encourages creatives to embrace the spirit of working together and to view the unexpected as an ally. He reminds us that producers are often on the lookout for talented songwriters, offering a more accessible path to placements than attempting to connect with artists directly.

He extends appreciation to the fleet DJs for their unwavering support and urges all creatives to mesh with the community for potential opportunities.

The interview concludes with Nathaniel The Great offering bespoke music services such as dub plays, drops, and custom song versions. He calls for engagement and interaction, emphasizing the power of simple connections in the music industry.

Nathaniel The Great
(Photo Cred: shoutout atlanta)

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DJ Kay Slay’s ‘Rolling 200 Deep’ Unleashed

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In a fitting tribute, DJ Kay Slay is being honored with the release of the most extensive posse cut in hip-hop history “Rolling 200 Deep,” 

DJ Kay Slay

In the tradition of ‘Rolling 50 Deep’ and ‘Rolling 110 Deep,’ DJ Kay Slay has dropped his final offering, ‘Rolling 200 Deep’. A colossal track featuring an astounding roster of 200 rappers. Spanning across multiple generations of hip-hop talent.

With a runtime of 62 minutes, this musical extravaganza is divided into 16 distinct tracks. It was already in the works before the tragic loss of DJ Kay Slay to Covid last year.

‘Rolling 200 Deep’ is the fourth installment in DJ Kay Slay’s celebrated ‘Rolling Deep’ series. This includes ‘Rolling 25 Deep’ (2005), ‘Rolling 50 Deep’ (2020), and ‘Rolling 110 Deep’ (2021).

What To Expect

The lineup for this epic track is nothing short of legendary. Featuring iconic figures such as Snoop Dogg, Ice-T, Raekwon, Run DMC, Bun B, Big Daddy Kane, and Goodie Mob. Alongside these legends you’ll find other notable names like Tony Yayo, Cory Gunz, KING Crooked, Uncle Murda, Herb McGruff & Stan Spit.

Cassidy, Joel Ortiz, Young Buck, Rah Digga, Kid Capri, and many more contributed their lyrical prowess to this ambitious project. The production of ‘Rolling 200 Deep’ is masterfully handled by Suits TM of Trackateering Music. The music video was expertly directed and edited by Will C. and Richie4K of StreetHeatTV.

DJ Kay Slay

DJ Kay Slay’s journey in the world of hip-hop is a tale of evolution. Known as a prominent graffiti artist, he gained recognition through his appearance in the 1983 graffiti documentary, ‘Style Wars.’ He bore witness to the birth of hip-hop culture firsthand, observing the rise of luminaries like Grandmaster Flash, Grand Wizzard Theodore, and Kool DJ Red Alert.

Change of Course

However, his life took a different turn as he became entangled in street life, leading to a period of incarceration in the late 1980s. Upon his release in 1990, he was granted a fresh start. 

His musical career eventually soared with the release of four successful studio albums: ‘The Streetsweeper, Vol. 1,’ ‘The Streetsweeper, Vol. 2,’ ‘The Champions: North Meets South’ (with Greg Street), and ‘More Than Just a DJ.’ DJ Kay Slay also hosted a highly acclaimed radio show on Hot 97.

In August, the streets of his native Harlem, N.Y., paid tribute to DJ Kay Slay by unveiling a street sign in his honor at East 105th Street and 1st Avenue. The poignant ceremony occurred just one day before what would have been his 57th birthday. Hip-hop luminaries such as 50 Cent, LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Tony Yayo, and others attended.

In Conclusion

‘Rolling 200 Deep’ is a unique masterpiece in hip-hop history. It echoes the voice of the streets and the culture of hip-hop that DJ Kay Slay so passionately represented. Artists like Papoose have openly acknowledged the profound influence of DJ Kay Slay, with Papoose stating, “I probably wouldn’t be in the game if it wasn’t for Slay.”

DJ Kay Slay Rolling 200 Deep
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Fleet DJs: Uniting the Music Industry


The Fleet DJs, a dynamic force within the music industry, have been making waves for over a decade. Founded on the principles of unity, innovation, and passion for music. This collective of DJs, artists, and music enthusiasts has continually pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of entertainment.

The Evolution of Fleet DJs

From humble beginnings to hosting the celebrated 13th Annual Music Conference, the Fleet DJs have consistently championed emerging talent, provided a platform for industry veterans, and fostered a sense of community among music lovers worldwide. Their dedication to promoting diverse voices, exploring new sounds, and embracing the ever-evolving landscape of music has earned them a reputation as trailblazers in the industry.

This year’s conference promises to be their most monumental yet. Featuring a lineup of industry titans, breakout stars, and insightful panel discussions. It’s an event that no music enthusiast should miss. The Fleet DJs continue to connect artists, producers, and music aficionados, fostering collaboration and growth within the industry.

Learn more about the Fleet DJs 13th Annual Music Conference here.

straight official logo

Join the Movement

As we celebrate the 13th Annual Music Conference, we invite you to be part of this incredible journey. Whether you’re an aspiring artist looking for exposure, a seasoned professional seeking fresh perspectives, or simply a music lover eager to connect with like-minded individuals, the Fleet DJs’ conference offers something for everyone. Join us in shaping the future of music, and together, let’s make harmonious waves across the industry.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this musical revolution. Visit the for more information and secure your spot today. Together, we’ll amplify the beats and melodies that move the world.

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6 Best Unknown Rap Albums of 2022: A Year of Surprises and Evolution

In the dynamic realm of Hip-Hop, 2022 proved to be a year of unexpected twists and exciting transformations. Iconic megastars like Drake, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar made their mark with eagerly anticipated albums, though some fell short of the colossal expectations. Kanye West’s case was particularly striking, as the luminary veered into controversy and questionable choices, all while his music underwent a perplexing shift.

Yet, the essence of rap lies in its ceaseless motion, and 2022 vividly showcased the genre’s enduring wellspring of talent. A fresh generation of artists, including JID, Smino, and Mavi, soared to new heights in their careers, delivering some of the year’s most captivating releases.

Beyond the mainstream spotlight, underground stalwarts like Roc Marciano and billy woods continued to foster their expansive creative visions, fortifying rap’s independent spirit in the age of social media. Women in hip-hop, such as Megan Thee Stallion, Little Simz, Flo Milli, and Latto, continued their crusade to redefine gender dynamics within the genre. Meanwhile, global superstars like Stormzy and Central Cee made strides in gaining recognition stateside.

Amidst these shifting dynamics, certain constants remained. Nas, who has been remarkably prolific in recent years, and the consistently diligent lyricist Pusha T stood out as rap’s elder statesmen, delivering some of their most stellar work in 2022.

Yet, this merely scratches the surface of the Hip-Hop world’s vibrant tapestry in 2022.

6 Rap Albums of 2022

In the ever-evolving urban soundscape, these developments underscore the genre’s resilience, demonstrating its ability to adapt, innovate, and surprise. With a mix of established icons, rising talents, and underground visionaries, the future of hip-hop promises to be as unpredictable and exciting as ever.

Rap Album of 2022 #1: Drake and 21 Savage ‘Her Loss’

Drake has always been known for his collaborations with emerging artists, but his latest move took it to another level as he transformed his long-standing chemistry with 21 Savage into a remarkable full-length album. The Canadian superstar himself has confirmed that “Her Loss” serves as the final piece of a trilogy that began with last year’s “Certified Lover Boy” and continued with the upbeat “Honestly, Nevermind.” When you read the titles together as “I’m a certified lover boy honestly, nevermind her loss,” you begin to grasp the genius behind this ambitious project that spans three albums.

On “Her Loss,” Drake and 21 Savage position themselves for greatness as they effortlessly exchange verses and melodies over flawless instrumentals. It’s safe to say that the bars from this album will continue to find their way into Instagram captions well into the new year. The combination of their talent and chemistry has resulted in a project that’s not only conceptually brilliant but also musically satisfying, solidifying Drake’s status as a master collaborator and innovator in the hip-hop world.

Rap Album of 2022 #2: IDK ‘Simple


Rapper IDK and the highly sought-after electronic producer Kaytranada embarked on their collaboration for IDK’s EP, “Simple.,” two years before its anticipated spring release. IDK himself couldn’t have predicted the seismic impact of Black pop music on the dance floor in the year it dropped. Still, he had a personal mission in mind – to juxtapose the poignant narratives of his upbringing near a Washington, D.C. project with production that compelled listeners to move their bodies rather than just engage their minds.

When “Simple.” was unleashed, IDK expressed his desire to craft an album where people could “dance to real shit.” The EP weaves a vibrant tapestry of sound, with lively and urgent piano loops in tracks like “Dog Food” and more subdued ones in “The Code.” Through these beats, IDK delves into the gritty pursuit of power and the constant evasion of law enforcement. He’s not alone on this journey, as featured guests Denzel Curry and Mike Dimes join forces to add even more depth and texture to the EP.

“Simple.” doesn’t shy away from addressing themes of violence and disadvantage head-on, setting it apart from other releases like “Honestly, Nevermind” and “Renaissance.” In doing so, it offers a balanced and thought-provoking addition to the year’s dance music landscape, proving that IDK and Kaytranada are a formidable duo in pushing boundaries and delivering impactful storytelling through their music.

Rap Albums of 2022 #3: Rome Streetz ‘Kiss the Ring’

Rome Streetz

Rome Streetz, hailing from the gritty streets of New York, officially joined the Griselda family, it marked a well-deserved milestone in his career—a chance to expose his undeniable talent to a broader audience alongside hip-hop’s most renowned stable of raw lyricists. Fans of authentic rap were eagerly awaiting how the Midas Touch of Westside Gunn’s executive production would elevate the Rome Streetz experience, and they were far from disappointed when “Kiss the Ring” dropped.

Over a solid 16-pack of beats curated by Conductor Williams, Rome confidently stakes his claim as one of the world’s finest lyricists. Even if you might argue otherwise, it’s impossible to disregard the compelling case he presents. Right from the album’s intro, “Big Steppa,” Rome asserts his dominance and maintains a masterful level of craftsmanship throughout the entire project.

Whether the production leans toward the idyllic, as heard in tracks like “In Too Deep” or “Armed & Dangerous,” takes a sinister turn like in “Tyson Beckford,” or ventures into the brilliantly perplexing, as in “Ugly Balenciagas,” Rome effortlessly finds his rhythm and executes flawlessly. He skillfully weaves boasts, intricate wordplay, and poignant memories into his lyrical package, launching them at the listener from all angles.

Rome Streetz’s mission is clear—he aims to revive and modernize the classic ’90s New York hip-hop vibe, and on “Kiss the Ring,” he makes it look effortless. His ability to effortlessly meld traditional elements with his own unique style sets him apart as a true torchbearer of the genre, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating his next move in the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop.

Rap Albums of 2022 #4: Flo Milli ‘You Still Here, Ho?’

Flo Milli

When an album kicks off with a spoken-word introduction from the endlessly entertaining 2000s reality star Tiffany “New York” Pollard, you already sense you’re in for a wild ride. That captivating intro sets the stage for the remarkable solo debut of Mobile, Alabama’s very own Flo Milli—an audacious onslaught of razor-sharp lyrics that leave everyone else feeling broke and bewildered, all delivered with a confidence level that can only be described as “Very Real Housewife.”

Flo Milli’s lyrical prowess knows no bounds; she’s armed with an arsenal of insults that seem to flow endlessly. Yet, she doesn’t stop at just the bars—her infectious hooks on standout tracks like “Bed Time,” “PBC,” “No Face,” and “Conceited” will have you hitting the repeat button.

For those who caught wind of her unexpected hit “Beef FloMix” in 2019 and immediately recognized her superstar potential, “You Still Here, Ho?” is the fulfillment of that promise. Flo Milli’s debut album is a declaration that she’s here to stay and dominate the scene with her unapologetic attitude and undeniable talent.

Rap Album #5: Billy Woods ‘Aethiopes’

billy woods

Rapper billy woods, stylized as billy woods, possesses a unique ability to craft intricate missives that feel like you’re observing a medium receiving transmissions from a distant dimension. In his 2022 release, “Aethiopes,” a title drawn from the Homeric description of Black Africans, he embarks on his own epic Odyssey, connecting narrative threads with moments in history and philosophy. His delivery carries a profound resonance, akin to the subtle yet powerful force of tidal waves, and he’s aided by the eclectic and expansive sample selection curated by producer Preservation, a seasoned veteran with a past that includes serving as Yasiin Bey’s tour DJ.

Take, for instance, the track “Christine,” where Preservation’s tactile construction of the sound landscape evokes a lush cinematic atmosphere. The vinyl crackle that accompanies the slinking, dramatic guitar sample sets the stage for woods to enter the scene like an outlaw on the run. His verses, filled with vivid imagery that hits you like a rush of memories, demonstrate his comfort navigating the unfathomable depths of the unknown.

In “Aethiopes,” billy woods and Preservation embark on a journey that is both intellectually stimulating and artistically compelling. It’s an album that invites listeners to dive into its intricacies, exploring the uncharted territories of history, philosophy, and the human experience, all guided by woods’ evocative storytelling and Preservation’s masterful sonic landscapes.

Rap Album #6: Elucid ‘I Told Bessie’


ELUCID, styled in all caps, fearlessly defies convention and prompts us to question who established our sonic standards in the first place on his album “I Told Bessie.” This highly skilled artist from Backwoodz Studios takes a deep dive into his narrative across 14 tracks, sharing his story through thought-provoking couplets and mantras.

The ELUCID experience often feels like a sonic tempest, where concise six-word stories and profound concepts whirl around incisive couplets, such as “I’ve already closed the book of whatever/All the stories they tell us,” and the chorus of “Impasse,” where he muses, “Going through it, maybe’s like a threat/Might be, then it ain’t, if I hold my breath.” Throughout the album, listeners are compelled to delve deeper into their own psyche and question the reasons behind the conclusions we draw.

ELUCID’s lyrical prowess unfolds over a soundscape that feels caustically atmospheric and perfectly fitting. From the warped breakbeats of “Ghoulie” and “Old Magic” to the ominous tones of “Nostrand” and “Split Tongue,” the production serves as a fitting backdrop to his poetic musings.

“I Told Bessie” isn’t concerned with being easily digestible; rather, it excels in stimulating thought and challenging the status quo. ELUCID’s work is a testament to the power of music to provoke contemplation and push boundaries, inviting listeners to explore the complexities of their own perceptions and beliefs.

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The Creative Journey of R&B and Hip Hop Artist, Chris Envy

Step into the mind of R&B and Hip Hop artist, Chris Envy. As we explore his life, music, and creative process. We delve into the artists that have shaped his sound. How his recording booth doubles as a confessional, and the importance of relationships in shaping his artistry.

The Creative Journey of R&B and Hip Hop Artist, Chris Envy

This is a journey into Chris’s unique approach to music creation, from singing in his basement. To finding inspiration for his single, ‘XO, XO’. Chris opens up about the therapeutic nature of his craft. Using his recording booth as a space for emotional expression and release.

We further dive into the dynamics of the music industry. Discussing why R&B artists are seen as the ‘cool boys’ and the crucial role of women in an artist’s life.

Venturing into a candid discussion about body enhancements, their impact on relationships. And the art of discerning genuine connections beyond the physical. Wraping up with a nuanced conversation about sensitivity in the industry and Chris’s passion for nurturing future legends.

This is your invitation to an honest, insightful conversation with Chris Envy. A rising star in the R&B and Hip Hop scene. Prepare to be inspired! checkout video below fro the exclusive interview on #Goat Vibez Interviews

Hailing from Mount Vernon, New York. Chris Envy is swiftly establishing himself as a promising new talent in the music industry. His unwavering dedication and ambition have set the stage for the highly anticipated release of his studio single. “Time Machine,” and the launch of his official website.

Industry experts foresee a bright future for Chris Envy, predicting that he will undoubtedly leave an enduring impression on the music scene, becoming a formidable and influential figure in the music world.

The Creative Journey of R&B and Hip Hop Artist, Chris Envy
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Goat Vibez Interviews: The Lady Alma

Philadelphia’s Queen Of Soulful House Music

Who Is The Lady Alma?

House music mainstay LADY ALMA is one of the many reasons Philadelphia’s sonic scene is world renowned. Her uplifting anthems considered instantly infectious wherever they’re heard.

For decades, she has recorded memorable musical gems with other global forces in song crafting. Her list includes Philly’s own King Britt, longtime collaborator Mark de Clive-Lowe and 2x Grammy Nominated Terry Hunter.

In addition, she’s collaborated with Uber-producers Kaidi Tatham, David Harness, Osunlade, DJ Spinna, Yukihiro Fukutomi, Will “Reelsoul” Rodriguez, Miza, Fanatix, 4Hero and more.

The Lady Alma

Illustrious producer Rob Paine, her long standing musical brother-in-arms, features LADY ALMA on “Love Right Now”. His saucy grind with Joey Crawford on Worship Recordings, its mix blessed by Pete Moss.

Kicking off February with more flavor than a spice store, “Love Right Now” shows their enduring allure. This is a follow up the 2022 re-issue of the Frequent Fliers remix of Paine’s 2006 EP spotlighting LADY ALMA. Other songs include “This Is The Life,” as well as the 2020 mellow dance groove, “All the Way Far Away”. Their BBE Music collaboration co-produced by David Marston and boosted via remixes by Toribio & Troop 493.

The Lady Alma

February blows a kiss to fans of “A Philly Special Christmas” too. It’s the set arrival of the third, final vinyl pressing of the charitable 2022 album. An LP notably rocked by a rewarding cover of “Merry Christmas Baby” teaming LADY ALMA and multi-talented Philadelphia Eagles player Jordan Mailata.

The pressing before it sold out in two minutes, hit Billboard #1 on the Compilation chart and Top 10 on Album Sales.

What’s Going On Now?

LADY ALMA’s paired up with DJ Spinna for another killer Galactic Soul remix. This time for her soulful classic “Running for Nothing,” which was released on UK record label TotheRock Records.

She’s heartily highlighted via a compilation of remixes created by a slate of acclaimed DJs —  including Hunter, Mark Francis, Shannon Chambers and Lil Dave — artfully recreating the LADY ALMA track, “Make You Move,” for T’s Box Records.

Standouts in Hip-Hop and rock admirably enlisted LADY ALMA to build on musically that year as well. Specifically the legendary Grammy Award-winning DJ/producer Marley Marl for an EP project due for release this 2023, and “Kickin” with Philly’s own G. Love & Special Sauce and Chuck Treece.

Two songs from her project with Marl (“Livin’ For The Groove” and “Joy {Hallelujah}”) were co-written by singer-songwriter-producer Kenny Bobien. They are scheduled for delivery to audiences later in the year.

The Lady Alma

The Philly-raised songstress born in San Diego is known for a range of uniquely inspirational jams. Among them “Happiness,” “Believe,” “Chances,” “Hold It Down,” “Peace You’ll Find”.

Fans of LADY ALMA recognize not only the magic of her skillful vocal arches but her amazing songs’ motivating messages amid the musicianship.

Count that among the top reasons “Gimme That Music,” her virtual residency at World Café Live named after her 2004 jam with Peter & Tyrone, rocks its crowds so well and with such consistency, sublimely aided and abetted by Vertical Current.

The city of Philadelphia has notably recognized LADY ALMA as one of its key musical contributors, both via past African American Music Appreciation Month celebrations and official proclamation bestowal.


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Spinrilla Shuts Down


SPINRILLA, the popular site that enabled users to create mixtapes of Hip-Hop tracks has shut down after agreeing to pay USD $50 million over copyright infringement.

A group that included record labels from all of the big three recording companies sued Spinrilla in 2017. Alleging that “a substantial amount of content uploaded to the website” belonged to the record companies.

Spinrilla Logo


In a judgment issued last Wednesday (May 3). US District Court judge Amy Totenberg, who sits on the bench for the northern district of Georgia, Atlanta division. Ordered Spinrilla and its founder, Jeffrey Copeland, to pay the record companies the $50 million fine. Giving Spinrilla five days to take its services offline.

The ruling also prohibited all employees of Spinrilla. As well as people who worked “in active concert or participation” with Spinrilla. From ever operating a service “that is substantively similar to the Spinrilla Service.”

The plaintiffs in the case were Warner Music Group’s Atlantic Records and Electra Records. Sony Music Entertainment’s LaFace Records. Arista Music, Zomba Records and Sony Music US Latin. As well as Universal Music Group’s Bad Boy Records and Capitol Records, along with Roc-A-Fella Records, Jay-Z’s now-defunct label.

Spinrilla & US Major Recording Companies

In its defense against the lawsuit. Spinrilla argued that it had been “cooperating for years in a variety of ways” with the record companies. “To successfully prevent and remove unauthorized music from”

The company has invoked the “safe harbor” clause of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

However, in a 2020, Judge Totenberg rejected that defense, noting that Spinrilla hadn’t met the requirements for safe harbor. The company didn’t have the required policy towards repeat infringers.


The Judge Totenberg, identified that 4,082 tracks have been uploaded and distributed without permission.

Under the DMCA, each violation carries a penalty of between $750 and $150,000. The ruling exposed Spinrilla and Copeland to a penalty between $3 million and $612 million.

Spinrilla and Copeland submitted an offer of judgment to the court. Under which the defendants agreed to a $50 million fine. Forced to shut down the service permanently.

Spinrilla had millions of users since its launch in 2013. The service’s Android app had more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Some 195,000 followers on its Twitter feed, which is still live, and a similar amount of followers on Facebook.


The case has echoes of the fight between music streaming site Grooveshark and Universal Music Group. Which ended in 2015 when Grooveshark’s founders agreed to shutter the site in exchange for avoiding paying financial damages.

Grooveshark’s founders: Josh Greenberg and Sam Tarantino. Agreed they would pay $75 million if they were ever found infringing the majors’ copyrights again. (Greenberg was found dead two months after the settlement with UMG was agreed.)

In December 2015, streaming service Aurous – dubbed “the new Grooveshark”. Shut down and agreed to pay $3 million in damages to the major music companies.

Major DJ organizations like Fleet DJs has Mixtape Divisions which has members who utilize platforms such as Spinrilla. This instant shut-down leaves questions from the mixtape DJ communities.

The major label may have won their infringement case. The question is what about the DJ’s who’ve invested major money into their mixtape and uploaded legitimate projects? What about the independent artist who uses Spinrilla as an alternative distribution outlet? Where’s the music? What about the invested money as subscribers?

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King James Worthy & Big Gipp Release “Gipp N Worthy”

King James Worthy and Big Gipp Drop New Ep "Gipp n Worthy"

In the mid-1990s, Big Gipp was a member of the Atlanta-based hip hop group Goodie Mob. Which he has gone on to release six studio albums. The group had a hit with their song “Cell Therapy” in 1995, and Gipp was also featured on the soundtrack for the film Soul Food that same year. Gipp parted ways with Goodie Mob 1999, but the group reunited in 2005 and released a new album in 2010.

King James Worthy and Big Gipp Drop New Ep "Gipp n Worthy"
King James Worthy

James Allen Worthy is an American record producer, singer, songwriter and entrepreneur. Worthy’s production, and work includes various recording artists like Fetty Wap6LACKTruth HurtsRobin S, and 112. Worthy came to prominence working, producing, and writing for artists such as J HolidayRobin S.KuruptYung Berg, and many others.  

King James Worthy and Big Gipp Drop New Ep "Gipp n Worthy"

King James Worthy and Big Gipp, first met when Kurupt invited Big Gipp to a studio session. The Studio was at King James Worthy’s house, and these guys have been close friends ever since. Their new album Gipp n Worthy, is currently #9 on the iTunes charts and has been streamed over 1 million times.

Fans can expect a players moodset. The duo credits their creative push from one another, forcing each-other to step out of their normal elements. This is King James Worthy first full project with another artist and this happens to be the first time Big Gipp taylored and catered his music intentionally towards the ladies.

Stepping out of their comfort zones made this a successful collaboration and ability to create music that resonates.

Swag 100 had the chance to interview and review the Gippp N Worthy projecct with Dj PMoney from the NYC Fleetdjs.

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Quando Rondo’s “Recovery” Album: A Perfectly Executed Revival

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Quando Rondo‘s new album “Recovery” is a perfectly executed revival of the Trap&b sound. The production is top-notch, the lyrics are on point, and the vocal delivery is second to none. This is easily one of the best albums of 2023 and it is sure to be a classic in the years to come.

Quando Rondo's "Recovery" Album: A Perfectly Executed Revival

Swag 100 had an opportunity to sit in on Quando Rondo’s “Recovery” album listening session. This is the official Recovery review.

The album starts off with the lead single “50”, which sets the tone for the rest of the album. The production on this track is absolutely amazing, and Quando Rondo’s voice sounds great. The lyrics are very personal and relatable, and the song is sure to resonate with a lot of people.

The third track, “Lost Ones”, is a bit more subdued than the first track. The production on this track is still very good, but the focus is more on the lyrics. Quando Rondo speaks about a lost love ones on this track, and it is clear that he is still hurting from the experience.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Forever16”. The production on this track is incredible, with haunting piano chords and a somber melody. Quando Rondo’s vocal delivery is perfect for the emotional content of the song, as he discusses his feelings about his neigborhood & his battle with his pain coping with it. During our zoom interview with Quando he states this is his favorite one on the album.

Another standout track is “Me First”. The production on this track is very uplifting, with bright synths and a slow bounce beat. The lyrics are also very vivid, as Quando Rondo talks about overcoming his struggles and having faith in himself.

Quando Rondo's Recovery

Overall, “Recovery” is an excellent album from Quando Rondo. The production is top-notch, the lyrics are on point, and the vocal delivery is superb. This is a must-listen for fans of the trap&b genre, and it solidifies Quando Rondo as one of the best artists in the game right now.

Quando Rondo Recovery Trailer

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