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Raz-B | Throwin’ Racks


B2K member Raz-B has new music arriving. His new single “Throwin’ Racks” is fun -sexy and ready for the clubs. Our Fleet DJs music curators say’s Throwin’ Racks has the appeal for many musical outlets via TV, radio and movie.

Raz-B Throwin' Racks

Straight Official journalist Swag 100 conducts an exclusive interview with the R&B star, receiving transparent answers to every question from the former B2k member. Raz breaks down his current lifestyle – well being and career, giving us detailed information in which we or many may have never known.

Watch this video to checkout the exclusive interview and hear Raz-B new single Thrown’ Racks first.

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Miss Bae “Missouri’s Next Super Model”

Miss Bae has claimed her crown as Missouri’s next super model. Two years into the modeling industry, Bae has made remarkable accomplishments. Securing major placements with American top brands.

She has mastered the art of posing. When it comes to fashion or brand photography, your pose actually sales the product.

Bae has big dreams leaving her mark in modeling industry like super models such as Tara Banks.

Miss Bae

She say’s that her future focus will be creating a clothing brand thats specifically tailored to tall woman.

She says even though she’s making great progress in her career, she’s still a student of the business.

Bae has recently been indcuted into the Worldwide Fleet Djs organization and currently apart of the Fleet Model Division.

Straight Official journalist Swag 100 sat down with Miss Bae for an exclusive Goat Vibez interview, getting detailed information about her lifestyle & career. Check it out in this video below.

SWAG 100
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DJ Pynk Dyamond | The DMV Queen

Pynk Dyamond has been modeling long enough to know the modeling business. She fashionably has her own style.

She auditioned for Audition America in Dallas, Texas and won all 3 categories. Runway, Print and Talent. Landing commercial placement for Shoe Dazzle Shoes. At this time Pynk Dyamond contracted to the Model Shop Agency. Magazines placement is her primary focus.

Pynk Dyamond has 20 magazine Placements this year alone!

Pynk Dyamond has helped with editing and selection processes for FleekQue Magazine.

One of her several goals was to be a runway model for a designer in NY Fashion Week.

Pynk Dyamond has conqured those goals. Invited to participate in the New York Mercedes-Benz 2014 and NYFW Showcase which was also televised on HBO.

Pynk Dyamond became apart of the Worldwide Fleet Djs and Fleet Model Division.

Moving up the ranks to Virginia State Manager of Fleet DJs in 2021 and became Rookie of The Year Award- Tre Boogie’ 2021. As of today Pynk Dyamond signed to Manakin Model Agency based out of Florida.

Now known as DJ Pynk Dyamond, wants the world t0 know that women can follow and obtain their modeling dreams or any dream they may have. She has five college degrees, very educated in the modeling business and owns her own Entertainment and Management business. 

Straight Official Journalist Swag 100 conducted an exclusive Goat Vibez Interview with Dj Pynk Dyamond. Check out our one-on-one below.

SWAG 100
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Prettyy Diamonds | Florida’s Top Model

Diamond Adorlee – Prettyy Diamonds from Orlando newly inducted into the Fleet DJs family. Diamonds is now apart of the Fleet Models Division holding the crown as Florida’s Top Model.

Recruited during the 2022 Fleet Music Conference. Diamonds recall being approached by members of Fleet DJs. Complimenting her natural beauty and inquiring her modeling status. Diamonds learned that Fleet DJs were a big family with multiple divisions to include modeling.

Diamonds would make the decision that the Fleet Family would be a fit for her career. Prettyy Diamonds worked with major brands and outlets such as The Walt Disney Company and JC Penney.

prettyy diamonds florida top model
Pretty Diamonds on IG @prettydiamonds_

Prettyy Diamonds goals are to continue to gain media exposure and land major placement deals. Music videos – Clothing brands – Endorsements – Sponsorships – Movies and commercials is her ideal placements.

A few months apart of Fleet Models. Prettyy Diamonds has been the eye candy for multiple events & ads. Also appearing on flyers for entertainment companies, promoters, radiostations and more.

prettyy diamonds florida top model

Straight Official journalist Swag 100, has conducted an official Goat Vibez interview with Prettyy Diamond. Getting the exclusive details of her career and lifestyle. Check-out the video below.

SWAG 100
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Capone & Daz Dillinger (C-N-D) | “GUIDELINEZ”


Hip-Hop legends CAPONE & DAZ DILLINGER are the newest duo to emerge! West Coast artist & producer Daz Dillinger from Tha Dogg Pound and East Coast artist Capone from C-N-N has united as a duo calling themselves “C-N-D” Capone N Dillinger. Capone & Daz first met during a Noreaga Drink Champs segment.

Recording a few tracks together, it had inspired them to go all-out and push a full project.

Naming the album GUIDLINEZ, they prepared to drop. Daz and Capone release dates were affected by Covid.

The Queens native and Long Beach counterpart finally dropped the long-delayed project July 2022 with top tier features.


SWAG 100 sets up a virtual zoom call with the 2 legends and conducts an official Goat Vibez Interview with them.

Capone and Daz Dillinger breaks down their legendary NY NY & LA LA songs,as well as the 2 year process dropping Guidelinez and more. Check out the one-on-one interview down below.


Daz Dillinger, produced five songs on All Eyez on Me—”Ambitionz Az A Ridah”, “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted“, “I Ain’t Mad At Cha“, “Skandalouz”, and “Got My Mind Made Up”.

Which rapidly became 2Pac’s most commercially successful album. Solidifying Daz Dillinger standing as a producer. As Death Row’s lead producer, Daz workedon Snoop Dogg’s second album, Tha Doggfather.

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SWAG 100
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Bottega Boyz | The Elite Liquor Ambassadors


Liquor has become one of the most valuable marketing tools for artists. Some of the highest earning musicians in the industry makes majority of their money from liquor. A new brand has emerged and is determined to get their piece of the industry. That brand is Bottega Liquid Metals.

Bottega Boyz

WHO ARE THE Bottega Boyz?

The Bottega Boyz have been making their mark all around the country and building the brand awareness. If you are attending a high profile event more than likely it was sponsored by them. We’re talking concerts, private parties, rap battles, tours and clubs. The Bottega Boyz most likely have their hands involved.

Half The Hustler (CEO of Bottega Boyz) sat down with SWAG 100 for an exclusive interview. SWAG 100 is a celebrity podcaster/journalist that is personally sponsored by Half and also the newest member of the ambassador team.

Bottega Boyz CEO

Half The Hustler/Straight Official/Goat Vibez Questionnaire

SWAG 100: Tell us about yourself.

HALF THE HUSTLER: I’m Corey Michale, CEO of the BOTTEGA BOYZ. The streets know me as Half The Hustler. I’m a mover and shaker in the entertainment world. A brand ambassador for Bottega Liquid Metals. You could catch me in videos with French Montana, Benny The Butcher, Dave East and Fivio Foriegn to name a few.

Tell us more about the Bottega Boyz and the Bottega Babes.

Bottega Boyz and Bottega Babes is a company that I started to bring awareness to the brand. Sort of like what the Cîroc Boys do for Cîroc. We go out and turn the clubs up. Turn the VIP up, we get the bottles popping and create a buzz to where people start asking questions about the bottles. In return, people ask how can they acquire the bottles or become apart of the team. We are group of club promoters, DJs, photographers, models etc… A puzzle that I put together.

Why did you choose to work with Bottega Liquid Metals?

Because they reached out to me. They believed in me and what I had going on. It didn’t cost me any money. I always tell people if someone tells you they believe in you’ll know by what they’re willing to invest into you from the start. They believe in me invested in to me, told me what I’m worth and showed me what I’m worth. I’m rocking out with them!


How did you first hear about Bottega?

One of their reps reached out to me on Instagram and asked me how would I like to work with the brand.

Who were some of the first influencers to embrace you and your product?

Some of the first were Larry Tan, Gillie Da Kid, Eness, Black Ink Crew and Benny The Butcher. They showed love from day one and to this day. French Montana shows me love in all of his videos with the brand. Philadelphia was instrumental, Mikey – O a promoter started letting us come in and do some stuff. A big model from Philly name Desani Dawls show us love from the jump. It has been a long 6 years.

How were you able to put together a team of brand ambassadors from all over?

I’m very vocal and easy to talk to. I began to hold a interview in my head. Like, is this person fit for this brand. I look for artist and models. I look for DJs and photographers. I’m doing events. We have artist & celebs we’ve pushed. Like yourself SWAG. You have a podcast and the product is always present in the public eye when the viewers tune in. Every thing is conducted in-house. We’re able to circulate money within the our unit.


What’s the overall goal for the Bottega Boyz & Babes brands?

My endgame is to own my own liquor company. My owning branding company. To get get other brands to reach out to me for their needs. I’ve had several companies contact me. They weren’t willing to pay me my worth. I’m professional at staying grounded.

Who are some celebrities that have associated with the product?

From French Montana, Dave East, Black Ink Crew… The list can go on and on. Plenty of people have tasted & loved the product. We were able to get the product in video placements, most recently had the product placed in P Valley. It’s no ceiling to this we already blew the roof of this. Just to add some more Brett Michaels Jim Jones and a bunch of Love and Hip-Hop crew members, salute to you SWAG 100 for getting Mama Jones and the whole Jones clan involved. Shout to SWAG 100, the podcast we see y’all, you know he’s an official Bottega Boy.

Do you have a favorite bottle of Bottega? Which one and why?

That would be Bottega Rose’. I like the tartness of it. When it’s ice cold, served with cut-up strawberries. It releases nodes you need to taste. People drink to get drunk. I drink to taste and actually critique what it is I’m drinking. For me is the Bottega Rose’ Gold.


Did anything or anyone inspire you to get in this business?

Nothing really inspired me. A company reached out to me. A hustler in mind, a company offering me 100 cases of each flavor. I was able to sale the bottles and move on. It didn’t workout like that. It became something I loved doing. Being in the clubs popping bottles, to be able to flood a VIP section. I became inspired by the attention. Example my Instagram went from 700 -21k.

Shout to Swag 100 & Straight Official Magazine for having me and big ups to the whole team everyone world wide hustling and grinding providing for their families. This is a lifestyle.

#GetSOM via @swag100 & check out more of his content right here.

SWAG 100
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African American Museum Hosts Block Party Celebrating Hip-Hop Anthology

When did you fall in love with Hip-Hop? That was the question that Majic 102.3 FM’s Vic Jagger asked the several hundred attendees in the audience on Saturday.

“If you all were there from the beginning, you better make some noise,” Jagger said to the crowd.

The radio personality helped kick things off as the museum celebrated the first anniversary of its Smithsonian.

Last August, the museum released the anthology which chronicles Hip-Hop’s growth and influence. This project began as a collaboration between the museum and Smithsonian Folkways.

The anthology itself is a multimedia collection that includes 129 tracks on nine CDs ranging from 1973 to 2013. Features such Hip-Hop artists as Grandmaster Flash, Roxanne Shanté, and Sugar Hill Gang. The anthology also includes a 300-page book with essays from Hip-Hop creators.

After watching the D.C. break dance group Culture Shock, 5-year-old Ethan Spurr jumps right in to show his moves during the Hip-Hop Block Party at The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture on Aug. 13, 2022.

Work on the anthology began in 2014 before the museum’s opening. The executive committee composed of key figures in the music and Hip-Hop community. Rappers Chuck D, MC Lyte, historian Jeff Chang and artist and writer Questlove.

The attendees both inside and outside of the museum came out Saturday to appreciate the genre. Taking part in dance lessons from break dance group Culture Shock DC, attending a panel on the history of Hip-Hop and Rap and of course, jam to music.

“What a great occasion to have this festival on the birth month of Hip-Hop,” rapper LL Cool J said in a video presentation. “Hip-Hop culture is important and it is a huge part of American culture in general.”

Midge Kay said she remembered watching Hip-Hop first sprout in block parties in the Bronx. She said back then, she and others didn’t believe the style would survive, but said it’s crucial that events like the block party celebrate the importance of hip-hop and rap. Kay said she still has a lot of music from LL Cool J on her phone.


Hip-hop as a genre began in the Bronx, with Aug. 11, 1973 considered its official birth date. Clive Campbell, also known as DJ Kool Herc, developed “the break.” Isolating the beat track from a record and extending it using two copies of the same record. With breaks and record scratches. Herc extended the beat, making the track long enough so that break dancers could keep dancing. Herc himself could start rapping to add flavor to the track.

“We know the history of jazz, but it’s important to see how hip-hop has evolved. Music is a unifier.

Kevin Young, who became the museum’s director in January 2021. The motivation for the anthology was to give a sense of the broader culture that hip-hop created and represents.

There have been no changes in the anthology since its release last year. Young hopes to keep it going, adding more songs, so people continue to teach and learn about hip-hop.

“Part of this long conversation about what the meaning of hip-hop is important. People have been very responsive to the anthology,” Young said. “Just like any great art, the stuff that works well lasts. There are parts of old-school hip-hop that feel fresh to me and I think that’s the lesson I take. Move people, both physically and emotionally.”

#GetSOM via @swag100 and check out more of my content right here.


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Sony Recording Artist “Bandit The Rapper: Releases Lavender Sunset at Hi Private Party

Shot By Philly HipHop News

James Portley, better known as Sony Recording artist BANDIT THE RAPPER hails from the “City of Brotherly Love” Philadelphia, PA.  Bandit has written and performed songs in the Pop, Rap and R&B genres for a long time. Upon releasing his anticipated project Lavender Sunset, Bandit decided to throw a party!!

Bandit had major support and a successful turn out at his private release party. Everyone from celebrity athletes, models, sponsors, media, clothing brands, DJ’s, tastemakers and label execs were all in attendance. It was a movie!

Shot By Philly HipHop News

Straight Official’s own Swag 100 conducted a live interview with Bandit in the middle of the event, giving the audience a deeper perspective of his new Lavender Sunset project.

SWAG 100 PODCAST – BANDIT THE RAPPER both are Bottega Boyz
SWAG100PODCAST – Philly HipHop News – A-Town

Bandit The Rapper was presented with an iTunes plaque. Charting Electronica Top 100 and placing at #4 on the charts with his single “Faded Memories”. Faded Memories is the intro to his LS Project.

Shot By Philly HipHop News
Shot By HipHop News

Dana Cowan, who is apart of Bandit’s management team and many others had plenty of words of encouragement for Bandit and all of his success with his career and new project.

#GetSOM via @swag100 & check out more emerging artists right here!



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Cali Cali, One Of Philadelphia Most Promised Talents

CALI CALI is from a well known artist from a section in Philadelphia named Abortford Projects. Growing up around the age of 10 he can remember his cousins introducing him to music listening to Lil Wayne “Fireman” song off The Carter 1 project.

His older cousin would have instrumentals playing in the house and they would all freestyle. He really started writing songs around the age of 12. In order to remember his lyrics while recording himself on his desktop computer.


Meeting new friends and moving a long in life he dropped his first song with music video. At 15 years old and again at 17 he would produce a mixtape series titled Underground Legend Vol 1&2.

Going by “Calico The General” at 21, the heatwave started to pick up. He worked with producers like Dougie On The Beat featuring with another Philly top talent in Kur.

Few year later, he would shorten “Calico The General” to Cali Cali. Coming under management by B.L.E. Enterprise. Taking his career seriously, he would record 25 songs and shoot 6 videos in a 3 month time span.

Working on his music he would network and make connections with “Shana Sims”from Capitol Records, a few producers who went platinum with Lil Uzi Vert and a videographer named “Carter Vizions”.

Hitting the stage heavily at 1122mg, testing his music out with Philadelphia taste makers, He would layer find himself on a few major tours and Concerts. Hollywood him Tour, Ponzo Houdini Tour and the Dope Shows Concert.

Having songs like 1942 and Coldest featuring Lil Muk just to name a few, has the artist beginning to taking flight. He has been moving the Spotify and social media algorithm in his favor with a little over 400.5k streams. He is currently waiting on a few Spotify tracks to accumulate over 100k stream on a few singles.


What advice would you have for other artist in your position?

“Do What You Love Without Regrets Always Look Ahead”

What do you want out of your career?

“Recognition and credit in the music game 30 years from now”

What’s a 5 year Goal for Cali Cali?

2x Platinum Artist

#GetSOM via @swag100

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BIG L (Lamont Coleman) True Harlem Legend, Brings Hip-Hop Fans Far & Wide To Celebrate 140th Street Renaming

#GetSOM via @swag100


Legendary New York rapper Big L has had a street renamed after him in his hometown of Harlem. Hundreds of his dedicated fans, family members and friends showed up on the street on Saturday to celebrate.

Once known as 140th and Lenox Ave is now officially Lamont “Big L” Coleman Way. This took place after a lengthy petition campaign put together by the producers of the Big L documentary. One spokesperson said, “It took a whole lot of effort and support to get to this great point. We made it happen.”

The team also announced in a statement on Instagram. “The biggest Thank You goes out to the dope 500 plus people who signed the petition so we could get the street renamed. There are entirely tooo many good people that gave their support. With all my heart, I personally want to say THANK YOU!!!!”

Big L is revered as one of the greatest lyricists in Hip-Hop of all time. He has been an influence the careers of countless rappers. 

Big L and Tupac joined forces for “Deadly Combination” from L’s second studio album “The Big Picture.”


Funkmaster Flex stated that L was a better lyricist than both Biggie and Jay-Z. His career was cut short in 1999 when he was shot and killed outside of his residence in Harlem. I had a personal invite for the occasion by other Harlem Rap legends Herb Mcgruff and Stan Spit.

From Left To Right – Herb McGruff + Stan Spit

Herb Mcgruff and Stan Spit were both close friends of Lamont Coleman. They grew up on the same blocks as the late great and were a part of Big L’s legacy.

I spent the day with his partner in media Adot-Upt covering exclusive stories and interviews. These are the ones who knows the history and back stories of Big L’s life and rap career. We all know of the Big L – Jay Z story.

There is an unknown story about L that revolves around his insane recording deal. L was the first artist to ever secure a deal where he’d receive $10-$11 from a $12 record. Imagine how far Big L’s career would have went had his life not ended?

Big L would have been one of the biggest rappers in history if it weren’t for his premature death. Big L was murdered back in February 1999. He was just 24 years old. His 1995 project titled Lifestylez Of Da Poor & Dangerous would be his only released studio album.

In just one album, L established himself as the untouchable king of punchlines, delivered in his unmistakably aggressive compound flow.

Big L`s freestyles on The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show (in 1995 with Jay-Z, and in 1998 solo) amassed major cult followings online and live on as the benchmark of the freestyle verse.


Check Out BIG L Official Videos

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