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Nathaniel The Great
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Get To Know Nathaniel The Great

In the latest interview, we are treated to an intimate conversation with the R&B sensation Nathaniel The Great. The episode delves deep into the creative process behind Nathaniel’s latest hit with Pushin Keys, which has become an anthem for all seasons, particularly resonating with the ladies who love to groove.

The discussion transitions into the revelation of a new venture, the Great Ones label, a collective designed to shape the future of not just musicians but also the visionary designers and videographers who are shaping our culture.

The Great Ones Label

Nathaniel takes us through the strategy behind the Great Ones label, which transcends the traditional music label model by integrating a distribution and marketing platform to support artists post-release. This model is set apart from existing services like DistroKid or TuneCore, offering a more holistic approach to artist development.

He also shares his triumphs with his IT company in the tech hub of Atlanta and discusses plans for securing TV and movie placements, effectively becoming an aggregator and expanding his reach in the entertainment industry.

Our interview also covers the personal challenges Nathaniel has overcome to reach this pinnacle of his career. It also includes insights on an upcoming tour with R&B powerhouse Jacquees. His story is one of perseverance, learning, and the drive to succeed against all odds. For aspiring R&B artists and songwriters, the episode is packed with practical advice.

Nathaniel The Great stresses the importance of understanding the business framework of music, suggesting that immersing oneself in resources that outline deal structures is crucial for anyone aiming for the big time.

Nathaniel The Great

In Conclusion

Collaboration emerges as a key theme in this episode. Nathaniel encourages creatives to embrace the spirit of working together and to view the unexpected as an ally. He reminds us that producers are often on the lookout for talented songwriters, offering a more accessible path to placements than attempting to connect with artists directly.

He extends appreciation to the fleet DJs for their unwavering support and urges all creatives to mesh with the community for potential opportunities.

The interview concludes with Nathaniel The Great offering bespoke music services such as dub plays, drops, and custom song versions. He calls for engagement and interaction, emphasizing the power of simple connections in the music industry.

Nathaniel The Great
(Photo Cred: shoutout atlanta)

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