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Uncle Murda
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Uncle Murda has become a holiday tradition.

The Brooklyn rapper hasn’t missed with his yearly rap up of all the accounts that took place over the year. Since 2014 he has entertained us with take on some of the biggest stories in Hip-Hop & entertainment. Ten years later, he’s still at it as he just released Rap Up 2023.

Crazy Crazy Sh*ts Crazy!

Uncle Murda not only gives us a recap of everything that took place, but also gives his honest opinion on the stories as well. From rap beefs, world events, politics and sports Murda doesn’t hold back. Claiming himself to be a part of the holidays like Mariah Carey, Unc has given one hell of a perspective on just how crazy things have become.

Uncle Murda
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While he claims that he wants to retire from doing the Rap Up, you would not be able to tell it as the MC went so hard this year that the account had to be broken into two parts! If it made headlines in 2023, you can bet that Unc had something to say about it.

Uncle Murda- Rap Up 2023

Uncle Murda Rap Up '23

Uncle Murda kicks off the track by wishing everyone a Happy New Year. From there he went IN on everyone from Jamie Foxx and Soulja Boy to Donald Trump and Young Thug. Check out Part 1 of Rap Up 2023 down below.

In the follow up Unc saved the best for last. He would speak on what’s everyone’s mind lately. That being the allegations that are surrounding Diddy. NO ONE was safe as he spoke on everything and everyone!! Check out part 2 down below.


Just when you thought he was finished, Uncle Murda gives us a three peat with a part three to his Rap Up 2023 which you can also check out down below!

What do you think of Uncle Murda’s Rap Up 2023? Let us know down in the comments below! Happy New Year!!

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