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[La Bodega] Quarantine Talk: Zumbi

Welcome to the New Installments of Quarantine Talk, where we’ve held various conversations with artist’s & groups from around the world via Zoom, Email, Social Media even plain old phone conversations.

Welcome to the 18th edition of Quarantine Talk. Due to a cyber hacking attack all of our prior published content & website were permanently deleted. Thanks to our amazing web server admin we are back in full swing! The group we have today is ZUMBI from Los Angeles, California. You can check out our conversation down below.


DJGojabean: What are your Names? Tell me where you’re from and what first got you interested in the
entertainment industry?

Zumbi: I am Dimitri the singer, Jerry guitar player & producer and Jason the rapper/producer. We are all from Los Angeles, California . We all got interested in music at a young age, around high school. Jerry has been playing guitar around 5 year old.

DJ. Who and/or what inspires you to create?
Zumbi: We got inspired to write because it was a way to talk about our emotions. We were inspired by all that was happening around us.

DJ: How would you describe your sound?
Zumbi: Our sound is a combination of Electronica, Hip Hop & Downtempo. We listen to all types of music, which is the reason why our album is all over the place (laughs).

DJ: What is your creative process like?
Zumbi: Well either Jerry or Jason gives me beats to see if I am feeling any of them and I see what
is touching my soul. I pick out the ones I can write to then begin with the writing process, then Jerry start’s adding the guitar, bass and other instruments. Then I go to the studio to do the vocals and finish up the track, its pretty cool.


DJ: What artist(s) would you like to collaborate with?
Zumbi: Any, we like a lot of experimental rapper or avenged singer. Artist that are different, artist who have something to say to the world.

DJ: What is one message you would give to your supporters?
Zumbi: Never give up on your dream, God is your biggest fan.

DJ: What is the most talent/skill you have that most people don’t know about?
Zumbi: I’m a great pool player, I don’t tell people that, That’s when I shock em’ all.

DJ: What would you be doing right now, if you weren’t doing music?
Zumbi: I know that I would probably be into politics lol.

DJ: Who are some artists/people you admire and why?
Zumbi: I love Prince because he plays every instrument known to man. I love The New Order because they make the best dance music. Another on of my favorite was The Clash, they just where so cool. They can go from rock to
punk to rap while keeping their intensity, they were true rebels.

Don’t give up on your dreams.

Zumbi on what is the best advice you’ve been given?

DJ: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?
Zumbi: Stop trying to be about likes and social media. A lot of things on social media are misleading & so fake.

DJ: What’s next for you, where would you like to see yourself in the next year?
Zumbi: We are going to start making our next album in a month and by next year to tour.

DJ: What is your social media? How can people get in contact with you?

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Texas Rapper Lands On Two DRT Top AirPlay Charts

Temple, TX Rapper Lands On Two DRT Top AirPlay Charts

Real Smokesta born Michael Comeger from Temple, Texas is now on two DRT Top Airplay Charts. He may have struck gold with his recent single “It’s Your Time”. The new single  features Spice 1, El Debarge Jr (Son Of El Debarge) and Q Bosilini.

The single is gaining nationwide popularity making it’s way to #183 on Digital Radio Tracker’s Top 200 National Airplay Charts. It also hit #62 on it’s Top 150 Global Independent Airplay Charts.

Real Smokesta is the first Hip Hop artist from Temple, Texas to ever reach the charts. In 2020 his song “Hands” which featured Billboard Charting singer Dookie Blu, another Temple native. Together they won Song Of The Year at the annual Outlaw Radio Awards.

new album debut

The Central Texas Hip Hop sensation finally made his album debut. Signed under Bay Area legend Spice 1’s label Thug World South surprisingly releasing two albums “K2” and “KII” ( The Sequel). This came after being pushed back during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

On the album, Multi-Platinum Producer Moe Z MD (who produced numerous hits for Tupac Shakur) appears on the production for “On My Own” as Real Smokesta reminisces about his troubles as a youth. “Doing My Time” seems to be where Real Smokesta finds himself in a prison with nothing but time, a pen, a writing pad, and God.

“Both My Parents Passed Away When I Got Signed. So I Had Mixed Emotions During The Creation Of My Albums. The Happiest Day Of My Life Turned Into A Nightmare But I Felt Like My Parents Was There The Whole Time Pushing Me. A lot Was Going On At That Time”

“I wanted to challenge myself. Putting out a single is so basic to me. I wanted to do something with music I’ve never done. I’m a true artist.”

-Real Smokesta

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