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Hey Baes! Monday is my favorite day of the week, but Friday follows right behind! Obviously, because TGIF, but also because we get a ton of new music weekly. Here are new songs and/or albums released the week of May 24th, 2024.

#1 Coi Leray x Lemon Cars

The young star releases a 6 track EP in the wee hours of May 24th. This project features Mike WILL Made-It and Skilla Baby. Personally, not my vibe but the 5th track stands out for me. Let me know your favorite!

#2 Shenseea x Never Gets Late Here

Jamaican star, Shenseea releases a 14 track album featuring Wizkid, Anitta, Coi Leray, etc. According to her in an interview with Apple Music, this album is giving timeless music. “Die For You” seems to be a crowd favorite, but I’m a little partial to “Work Me Out”. Just in time for Summer!

#3 Sexyy Red x In Sexxy We Trust

Controversial rapper, Sexyy Red has released a 14 track mixtape with features from the likes of Drake (U My Everything) and Lil Baby (Lick Me). The project is only about 30 minutes long which may be a blessing (or a curse) for some. The internet is already going crazy over the Drake feature. As for my personal recommendation, most of them were skips for me, but if I had to choose one – it would “Outside”.

#4 Payroll Giovanni x Have Money Have Heart

Another EP from the Detroit rapper. Detroit music has a certain sound and Gio nailed it. This project is only 6 tracks long, but if you’re a part of the hustle hard, grind time culture this will be perfect for you. In my opinion, vibes only get better with each track ending with crowd favorite “Cashout”. I’m not sure who produced this body of work but go ahead and give the man his flowers because the production is what makes it what it is for me.

#5 Please Don’t Cry x Rapsody

This album was released last week, but it’s soooo good I feel as if it is worth mentioning. It’s real rap, real vibes, from a real female rapper. Everybody from Lil’ Wayne to Erykah Badu to Alex Isley and more appear on this project. I won’t even be bias to any particular track. All I will say, LISTEN TO THE WHOLE THING! It’s 22 tracks, but all 65 minutes of it are worth it!

What did I miss? Let’s talk about it! I can’t wait for next week!

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How You What? Naptown Delivers With The Sophomore Cypher

How You What Sophomore Cypher
From Left, T.G.I Free, Skypp, TVT The Rapper, DJ Strick, PBT Ace, Jet Santiago (Photo Cred: Kaymakay Designs)


The city of Indianapolis became a hot topic during last month’s All-Star weekend. Not just for basketball, the Hip-Hop world took notice to the first take of the All-Star Naptown Cypher presented by Asia & Co Productions. The consensus was that it was not a representation of the culture in the Circle City. Surely there would be a follow-up, right?

That effort dropped today as the How You What? Sophomore Cypher was released after a teaser was dropped this week via Instagram. Hosted by Naptown’s own Dead Silence, the cypher consisted of 5 MC’s, all of which are from or reside on the far east side. DJ Strick spun the instrumental for Nas’ “Oochie Wally” and the rest is history!!!

How You What Sophomore Cypher
Dead Silence (Photo Cred: Kaymakay Designs)
How You What? Sophomore Cypher
TVT The Rapper (Photo Cred: Kaymakay Designs)

How You What? Sophomore Cypher

Jet Santiago would kick off the first leg with bars that set the tone for the cypher. Going absolutely silly over the track he solves the question about that infamous chicken. “Call me your excellency/evidently I’m a better MC/that chicken crossed the road and ran into me.” Femcee TVT The Rapper took the mic and rode the track while clearly showing that she wasn’t pressed being the only woman in the cypher. She spits “Put me in a box so blind niggas I’ma make ’em see/always the one doing the breakups/call me the referee.”

How You What? Sophomore Cypher
PBT Ace (Photo Cred: Kaymakay Designs)
How You What? Sophomore Cypher
Skypp (Photo Cred: Kaymakay Designs)

Leg 3 of the cypher went to PBT Ace. His gritty, lyrical ride included both ties to both love and loyalty over these bitches. The next MC up was Skypp. Stating the obvious he spits “Yeah, took y’all long enough/Y’all know they couldn’t “rap rap” but they songs tough/I’m so NAP like the shit that makes a comb get stuck/what mufuckas ain’t puttin on like us.”

How You What? Sophomore Cypher
T.G.I. Free (Photo Cred: Kaymakay Designs)

T.G.I. Free would take the anchor of the cypher. I had the opportunity to see Free perform during All-Star Weekend for the first time alongside Jet & Skypp. He closed it out like Michael Jordan in Game 6 with powerful punchlines like “Steven Jackson in the stands/bitch I’m smacking shit/and cut me off they know I got it like I’m Kaepernick.”

As a native of Indianapolis and correspondent of Hip-Hop, THIS is how you do a cypher! But please, don’t take my word for it. Check out the official video for How You What? Sophomore Cypher down below. Let us know in the comments what you think.

Special shouts out and appreciation goes out to everyone involved with this outstanding cypher. Coco Michelle (@coco_michelle_ on IG), DarkkUstupiD | Music Production (@darkkustupid_), Craig Allen (@craigallenfilms), June (@june1oth), Kennedy MaKay Weaver (@kaymakaydesigns), Asia Ellis of Asia&Co Productions (@asiacoproductions) and all the artists involved #HowYouWhat?

#GetSOM via @TenthLetterMedia & click here to celebrate Hip-Hop, lifestyle & culture.

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