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November 28, 2023 — I got the opportunity to sit down with the 1st artist out of Virginia Fleet! According to him, he doesn’t do “heart to hearts” because he puts it all in the music. Neverttheless, this was that. Meet this Brooklyn-native, King Priimme. Let’s get into it.

Now, He’s King Priimme…

He used to be Optimus Prime or Bars, amongst other names, but now he’s known exclusively as King Priimme. In 1990, Anthony “King Priimme” Johnson was born in none other than Brooklyn, NY. Let him tell it, the journey to King began immediately. His [maternal] family is musically inclined so it was only natural to join the hallway cyphers around the boombox. The family affair was so real that Priimme and his cousin began to rap under their uncle’s wing after relocating to Virginia in 2003. However, the empire state of mind never left, citing influences like JAY-Z and the Notorious BIG. Feeling like an only child, the venture out with his cousin took him further than he expected.

I’ve been rapping, but I got to a point where I was ready to know what I sounded like on a song!”

@_KingPriimme on When he hopped off the music porch

Dream Team Records

Once he started to get the hang of things, he eventually left from under his uncle to create Dream Team Records with the intention to change the wave of music. Priimme explained that hip-hop is no longer real generally. It’s been twisted, turned, and diluted to accommodate a very sensitive, impressionable environment. He was also very clear that after a certain point, everything about and around him has been carefully crafted and chosen. If nothing else, I can definitely agree with that – representation matters!

I can’t make you want it as much as I want it & I definitely want it!”

King Priimme on Choosing a team

VA Fleet

Shoutout to DJ Pink Diamond for recruiting the 1st ever VA fleet artist. So far with coalition, the artist has been able to walk through new doors and sit at new tables. Including performing at the Virginia Fleet Conference, headlining this saturday at Open Mic, with more appearances coming soon after. While family/work balance is important to the artist, you can expect his next project “The Black & White Album” next year. For now, you can vibe to his single “Right Now” and his other projects.

Check more of him here:

#GetSOM via @MochaTheMack

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Jarvis Thompson speaks with DJ Pressure

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Introducing JL Thompson

Jarvis (JL) Thompson grew up in Laurel, MS. He considers Laurel his city roots and Bassfield, MS his country influence since it’s his father’s birth town. The artist is the oldest of two sisters and has no brothers a part of his bloodline but surrounds himself with several bonds that are just as strong as if they were. He is a lovely father to his son and a supportive husband to his pregnant wife, USM alumnae, Brandy Thompson.

Church Roots

JL started singing at church where his father is pastor. The congregation has always been supportive of the artist and his music, but his first major appearance was actually at his preschool gradation. Jarvis’ mother and father are his number one supporters. While being known for his outgoing personality, he takes his place in the community as an artist and truck driver. He graduated from Laurel High School, attended Jones Community College, and is currently a senior at Williams Care pursuing healthcare. Along the way he gained an electrical certification since being an artist was not originally a thought. It just began to grow on him and his family. Thompson is also known for his piano and organ skills.

Jarvis, Wife, and Son
Jarvis + Brandy Thompson

Kamron is JL’s five year old son and is very vocal about the sound of his father’s music. This is held in high regard by Jarvis due to difference in finances after the birth of his son. From struggling to provide a “Happy Meal” for his toddler to becoming a truck driver or “Mr. Big Truck Driva”. Jarvis ultimately put God first and trusted his plan for his life. The artist went through a faze of consecration with God. The intent – finding out who he was and his purpose in life. Once it became clear, Jarvis continued to pursue his calling as an artist.

JL Thompson

JL Thompson As An Artist

Johnny Taylor, Bobby Blue Bland, and Little Milton are all major influences because of his father’s choice of music. JL Thompson would appear on Facebook singing to gain viewers from time to time. What once came across as a joke about being a blues singer, is now his reality. He continued to move forward in the Southern Soul community. Writing his first song “Gold Digger”, which was based off a conversation with his brother who had concerns about dating a woman who always wanted him to pay for her things. A woman who had expensive taste but also a cheater.

While attending the “Jackson Music Awards” for the first time, I had the opportunity to meet several artist like Castro Colman, Stan Dixon, JWonn, Jeter Jones, and many others.

JL Thompson believes praying daily with his team provides a level of strength which open doors no man can close in personal life and career. It’s important to do this because of his involvement with different people and spirits. His second song was “Hey, Mr. Truck Driva”. This song was based off a lady at the truck stop offering service to please the truck driver and wasn’t too aesthetically pleasing. This song was based off a true story. The lady charges 40.00 to provide a service but once done she’s on to the next truck driver. JL Thompson’s third song “Big Truck Driva”, encourages others to date a truck driver. This song was created to give appreciation to male and female truck drivers. He sings about having a supportive wife who takes rides on the road with him and don’t mind pleasing her husband on the road.

JL Thompson’s “Greenwood Whiskey”

JL Thompson is not only an artist but a smart businessman. His next song “Take A Shot” is based off of his new whiskey. The song speaks about working all week and finally being able to relax at his favorite spot. Once there, he would ask the bartender to pour him up a shot of his favorite whiskey. Greenwood Whiskey was created from a tasting in Colombia with his cofounder. He is the first Southern Soul artist with a major liquor brand behind his name. He promotes his partners’ whiskey at all his shows.

Thompson also has a trucking company “T3 Express” which is managed by his wife. JL Thompson is hoping for nomination in 2024 at the JMA’s. He’s performed at the “Denim and Diamonds” event in Columbia, MS. He has performed next to artist like Lamarus Williams, Chris Ivy, Big Yayo, LJ Echols, Jeter Jones, Willie Cayton, Ken Wolf, Dru Evens, Bobby Rush and so many more. He even sang background with Stacy Adams and had a chance to perform at Calvin Richardson showcase. which was a spontaneous decision by Calvin. His goal is to be able to work with King George and LJ Echols one day. Jarvis L Thompson is just looking to grow and continue to support his family while putting God first.

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