Khujo Goodie

Renowned as a cornerstone of the Atlanta Hip-Hop scene, Khujo Goodie has cemented his legacy since his emergence in 1995. As a founding member of the illustrious Goodie MoB collective, he honed his skills alongside industry giants like The Lumberjacks, OutKast, and the Dungeon Family. Now, with a renewed vigor, Khujo Goodie introduces his latest single, “Showtime,” produced by DJ Papi.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind “Showtime,” Khujo Goodie shares, “Showtime is about being ready for whatever. It’s reintroducing Khujo Goodie as a top-tier MC that transcends all generations of hip hop. Showtime motivates the listener to want to win in whatever game of life they are playing. It can also serve as an anthem for a team needing that extra push to overcome adversity.

Khujo Goodie

Initially conceived for the upcoming football season, “Showtime” underwent a transformation at the hands of DJ Papi. While the original version featured sports references, they opted for a version with broader appeal, aligning with the universal themes of perseverance and triumph.

Khujo Goodie’s artistry extends beyond mere entertainment; it embodies a profound connection to his roots. Atlanta-born and bred, he recognized his destiny within the realm of Hip Hop from an early age. Co-founding Goodie Mob alongside Big Gipp, CeeLo Green, and T-Mo in 1994, the group fearlessly tackled societal issues such as racism, discrimination, geopolitics, and gentrification, leaving an indelible mark on Hip Hop’s landscape.

Khujo Goodie

Despite facing adversities, including a near-fatal car accident, Khujo Goodie persevered. He solidified his solo career with releases like “The Man Not The Dog,” which graced the Billboard Top 100 charts. The reunion of Goodie Mob for albums like “Age Against The Machine” and “Survival Kit” attests to their enduring legacy.

Looking ahead, Khujo embarks on a series of new singles, building upon recent releases and his new position as Global Ambassador of new music distribution company Maverick Global.

Experience the empowering vibes of “Showtime” by streaming it on your favorite platform here.

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