BOOKWORM Philadelphia’s Rising Artist Already Being Compared To Kendrick Lamar.


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Bookworm is one of those artist that’s like a needle in the hay-stack.

Today’s HipHop creatives sounding similar or matching bpms and lyrical patterens, there’s a few artist that still aiming for an organic sound.

Bookworm is one of them artist that brings nothing but originality, his lyrical schemes – flow & delivery will send your mind running wild, like hearing Kendrick Lamar for the first time.

Bookworm lyrical content and storiy is so compelling with the uniqueness of his delivery and flow patteren.

Seriously this is the guy, everyone over looks at these upcoming hiphop showcases and local concerts events.

Philadelphia’s HipHop scene will always be known for high level lyricisim. Today’s rap scene, in Philly is almost like stepping into newyork or chiraq HipHop culture. Most young artist mimicking or living out the highly promoted drill culture or lifestyle.

Artist like Bookworm, that brings the modren day newage of original HipHop tends to get overlooked by the in demand cluster f*** of drill rappers.

Bookworm became this awesome networker, wounding up being the needle that was actually found in the hay-stack.

Recording a few songs and attending events at one of Philadelphia’s top studio’s. Bookworm connects with legends like Freeway – Beanie and ducthie man just to name a few. Growing relationships with artist like Son Of The 215 and media connections like SWAG 100 PODCAST and HipHop Since 1987.

SWAG 100 personally met Bookworm a year back. Providing him with his first ever multi media interview, following up with multiple interviews and highlights later down the line and throughout his career.

Grabbing the attention of media outlets, Bookworm would be releasing singles with videos from his 300 song catalog. Starting with CASH-OUT and PRAYER .

Also featuring with other artist such as: Kamyar Mohensin – Son of the 215 – UnFazedRee – Big Grizz and Pope Grail.

Bookworm recently been on major tours and concerts ranging from Atl back to Phillly. Such as SWAG 100 PODCAST 1 year anniversary for the RE-BRANDING HIPHOP CULTURE EVENT SERIES…

Recently Booworm teams up with legendary Dj DonDeMarco, Putting together his new mixtape titled “TURN THE TIED”.

We asked Bookworm his overall goals with his music career . This is his exact Replies…

“My overall goal is to become free in every aspect of the word. I’d like for my music to reach generation after generation. For them to know that dreams are possible with a little hard work and determination. You can do anything”.

There’s no doubt why this Philadelphia rising artist is already being compared to Kendrick Lamar. After learning the meaning behind his name and understanding his knowledge and wisdom add to the music Bookworm could be one of the next greats with the proper look from one of the elite music entertainment investors.

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Watts rapper GLASSES MALONE recruits Los Angeles sibling duo L.A. Giantz and iconic West Coast rapper Suga Free for an unapologetic Gangster Rap track “Kanye Should’ve Never Married (That B*tch)” via his own independent label Division Movie Company. Over the hard-hitting West Coast production by Ervin “EP” Pope, the four rappers lay into the trappings of toxic female sexuality. 

“It’s time to confront the toxic femininity sweeping through Hip-Hop. Women have been poisoned by false idols who themselves have been stricken by tons of insecurities. Enough is enough. Someone has to stand up against it! Why not us? We had to do it, cuh. It had to be the Loc,” explains Glasses.

On Saturday, April 30 fans can watch Glasses Malone perform live at 93.5 KDAY Krush Groove event happening at the Arena in Los Angeles, CA. Tickets available HERE.

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