Straight Official Sit Downs: Angel Faye Russell

Angel Faye Russell

ANGEL FAYE RUSSELL is an up and coming artist that got in our hot seat for this edition of Straight Official Sit Downs. @klassikceo served up the questions and the vibe between the two was dope! Check out their one-on-one down below and click here for more editions of emerging artists on Straight Official Sit Downs!


What is your name? Where are you from and what first got you interested in the entertainment industry?

My name is Angel Faye Russell and I was born in Montgomery, AL. I was raised on “Strong Island” Long Island in the Suburban part of New York. My mama said I started singing when I was about three years old. I would watch 106 and
with AJ and Free . After I saw it, I pictured myself singing on the show. There was no turning back after that.

Who and/or what inspires you to create?

Betty Wright, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce’, and Mary J Blige are some of the artists who inspire me. Their lyrics relate to things that happen every day in life. I like that concept.

How would you describe your sound?

My sound is a mixture of Hip-Hop beats, Southern Soul music and Blues type lyrics that usually tell a story. I think it is similar to Mary J. Beyonce’ or Lauryn Hill.


What is your creative process like?

I might hear someone say a phrase like “I know you miss me”. “Imma make a man outta you” or “You’re my baby boo” and turn it into a hook for a song. I will play around with some beats, have some lyrics that tell a story and try to put it together.

What artist(s) would you like to collaborate with?

Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys, KEM or BabyFace to name a few.

Angel Faye Russell
Photo Cred: The Indie Post

People can take a lot of things from you, but they can never take away your dreams. I’m still dreaming.

Angel Faye Russell

What is one message you would give to your supporters?

I would like to thank God for people like yourself, my management team Joe Mason and Vincent Berry.
My fans whom I consider to be my extended family and everyone in the music industry who supports Angel Faye Russell music.


What is the best talent/skill you have that most people don’t know about?

I write my own music and lyrics and I can play my music on the keyboards.

What would you be doing right now if you weren’t doing music?

That’s a good question because I’ve been performing for a while. I guess I would be working with bands or someone else doing music.

Who are some artists/people you admire and why?

I have much respect for Betty Wright, LGBTQ and all female artist in the music industry. All female and LGBTQ
artists face different challenges in the industry that force us to work twice as hard to receive the recognition that our male artist would receive.

Don’t get me wrong, I am straight, but I believe it’s more challenging to be successful with these two groups of people.


If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

If I had it my way, I would love to see Southern Soul Music added as a genre on the music charts and at the Grammys. I am actually working with a board member on the Grammy Voting Committee in California right now to try and make that a reality.

What’s next for you, where would you like to see yourself in the next year?

I am scheduled to perform at many venues this year. My ultimate goal for next year is to write a song for or have a major artist perform one of my previously recorded songs. I would also like to perform overseas.

What is your social media? How can people get in contact with you?

My FB link- IG link-, Twitter link-, YouTube link-

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Ar-Ab presents OBH or NOTHING!!

OBH Records Releases OBH or Nothing Presented by Ar-Ab & Hosted by DJ NoPhrillz and Swag 100

AR-AB referred to as King AB, is an American rapper from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The CEO of OBH (Original Block Hustlers) and the label and rap group founded by him. Complex named Ar-Ab one of “15 Unsigned Rappers Who Should Get a Deal After SXSW” in March 2013.

He signed with Cash Money Records in May 2016. The OBH members have included Lik Moss, Shamoney “Da Wolf”, p90 smooth, Breeze Begets, Pretty Flock, Skinny me, Newz, Kylledge, Kallie Ziltz, NoBrakes Bras, Young Mir, Wiz Lo, Obh Berto, Obh Razor, Obh Newz and many more.

As of 2022 with Ar-Ab passing the torch to his brother Lik Moss. OBH Records has not only a new sound & look, but also a better quality of music. Remaining sturdy to protocol that Ar-Ab has set. OBH has become a generational brand, recognized throughout the world with a die hard fanbase.

Ar-Ab presents OBH or Nothing!!

What To Expect

The project features new and elite OBH members. Lik Moss ,Pretty Flock ,OBH Razor, OBH Berto, OBH CDot and OBH Baby. The “Men” recently teamed up with Philadelphia’s Multimedia Marketing Guru Swag 100 & Philadelphia’s Legend DJ NoPhrillz, who is the creator of “PSP” Philly – Support – Philly Movement.

Ar-Ab presents OBH or Nothing!!


DJ NoPhrillz has over 10,000 mixtapes under his belt. The biggest mixtape of Phamous Phrillz career was the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson. He would be the first DJ to cover his greatest hits after his passing which made television and national headlines. Crossing international barriers with his late great friend Rich Quick., they dropped ” I’m with the DJ”. A mixtape hosted by DJ NoPhrillz and Benja Styles would land them an overseas success.

Ar-Ab presents OBH or Nothing!!

” I’m top of the line, the Maybach of this ish”.

Phamous Phrillz

Phrillz can be heard stamping the OBH or Nothing mixtape with his world famous “Let it Play, Ahhh & Got’chu” tags. He plans to break this project as the rebirth of (PSP) Philly Support Philly. He has worked with LL Cool J, Black Thought, Meek Mill, Freeway and Nipsey Hussle to name a few.

SWAG 100

SWAG 100 is Hip-Hop’s most trusted media specialist of todays industry. He’s the top choice for discovering industry secrets, advice, tips and high level interviews. As a behind-the-scenes advocate, Swag works to connect the dots for independent artists and industry labels through unique marketing.

Ar-Ab presents OBH or Nothing!!

Swag is the owner of SWAG 100 LLC. An industry leading multimedia platform that specializes in PR Marketing and Video/Audio Podcasting. He’s a member of The Worldwide Fleet DJs. He owns an FM station & record label. His expertise and skillset, he’s behind the OBH or Nothing project handling marketing and promotion.

The project is something the streets of Philadelphia and OBH worldwide fanbase has long awaited. The thought of a group project, with all members of OBH on one project. The anticipation of the project compares to being introduced to Griselda Records for the first time.

One of the most talked about mixtapes amongst the DJ community is the OBH or Nothing which hasn’t even dropped yet. Key players in several DJ coalitions are ready to push the button on this one. Pretty Flock and Lik Moss have been active lately. Feeding the streets and keeping the OBH brand and name alive.

Lik Moss

Ar-Ab presents OBH or Nothing!!

Lik Moss is now the face of OBH Records. Not only is his name buzzing in the lyricist community, but he’s revered as one of the best. Moss has drawn comparisons to elites like Jadakiss. Lik Moss. Releasing high level, top-tier projects the streets deemed them all as classics. The Good Book, Moss’s latest release which shows the independent geniuses behind OBH Records. The Good Book. Not just a music project. It was turned into a movie lyric book and released as an NFT as well.

Pretty Flock

Pretty Flock has been a staple to OBH group. Flock is an OG and veteran to the Philadelphia Hip-Hop community. He’s one of, if not the hardest workers out of the men. Along with having several main roles in movies and a web series, he owns the Sneaky Report podcast, interviewing high level guest. Dropping 3-4 songs and 1-2 videos on a monthly basis. Pretty Flock continue to build awareness around his craft and the OBH brand.

Ar-Ab presents OBH or Nothing!!
Ar-Ab presents OBH or Nothing!!
Click Image to save the project in your “Playlist or Libary”.


OBH or Nothing Vlogs

SWAG 100

#GetSOM via @swag100 and check out more of the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop here.

Ar-Ab presents OBH or Nothing!!
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