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BIG L (Lamont Coleman) True Harlem Legend, Brings Hip-Hop Fans Far & Wide To Celebrate 140th Street Renaming

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Legendary New York rapper Big L has had a street renamed after him in his hometown of Harlem. Hundreds of his dedicated fans, family members and friends showed up on the street on Saturday to celebrate.

Once known as 140th and Lenox Ave is now officially Lamont “Big L” Coleman Way. This took place after a lengthy petition campaign put together by the producers of the Big L documentary. One spokesperson said, “It took a whole lot of effort and support to get to this great point. We made it happen.”

The team also announced in a statement on Instagram. “The biggest Thank You goes out to the dope 500 plus people who signed the petition so we could get the street renamed. There are entirely tooo many good people that gave their support. With all my heart, I personally want to say THANK YOU!!!!”

Big L is revered as one of the greatest lyricists in Hip-Hop of all time. He has been an influence the careers of countless rappers. 

Big L and Tupac joined forces for “Deadly Combination” from L’s second studio album “The Big Picture.”


Funkmaster Flex stated that L was a better lyricist than both Biggie and Jay-Z. His career was cut short in 1999 when he was shot and killed outside of his residence in Harlem. I had a personal invite for the occasion by other Harlem Rap legends Herb Mcgruff and Stan Spit.

From Left To Right – Herb McGruff + Stan Spit

Herb Mcgruff and Stan Spit were both close friends of Lamont Coleman. They grew up on the same blocks as the late great and were a part of Big L’s legacy.

I spent the day with his partner in media Adot-Upt covering exclusive stories and interviews. These are the ones who knows the history and back stories of Big L’s life and rap career. We all know of the Big L – Jay Z story.

There is an unknown story about L that revolves around his insane recording deal. L was the first artist to ever secure a deal where he’d receive $10-$11 from a $12 record. Imagine how far Big L’s career would have went had his life not ended?

Big L would have been one of the biggest rappers in history if it weren’t for his premature death. Big L was murdered back in February 1999. He was just 24 years old. His 1995 project titled Lifestylez Of Da Poor & Dangerous would be his only released studio album.

In just one album, L established himself as the untouchable king of punchlines, delivered in his unmistakably aggressive compound flow.

Big L`s freestyles on The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show (in 1995 with Jay-Z, and in 1998 solo) amassed major cult followings online and live on as the benchmark of the freestyle verse.


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O.B.H. PRETTY FLOCK: “What The Streets Want” From The Back Blocks Of Philadelphia.

From the back blocks of North Philadelphia. O.B.H. Pretty Flock, was known as Niko at the begining stages of his musical career. Starting of working in the studio with Kurupt from Dogg Pound, to battling members from the Major Figgas and once in rap group with one of Major Figgas members named “Rollie”.

Initially Flock would link up with Cassidy and grow a respectable relationship that would lead them into createting music and writing raps together. In more detail Pretty flock first song ever featured Cassidy and Shizz Lanksy.

During the time of the Philly Rap Battle DVD era, Flock would make multiple appearances on top dvd’s such as Back To The Basics and the infamous 2Raw For The Streets. Staying active on the battle scene. Pretty Flock will never forget his epic battle with Freeway from State Property and having opportunities to do freestyles with Drag-On, Peedi Crack, Cassidy and Ar-Ab. 

His Biggest oppourtunity of his career was recording with Wyclef from the Fugees in a session with Cassidy from Ruff Ryders. Later on in his career Pretty Flock adds the O.B.H. to his name after joining the O.B.H. Records umbrella which was lead by Ar-Ab. Pretty Flock would then start releasing multiple projects under the banner such as “Set The Record Straight” and the “Sneaky Series”. Pretty Flock has recently been releasing some singles which is being considered Philly street classics. Having songs like “Broken Dreams” featuring O.T. The Real from Philly and “Harlemdelphia” featuring legends like Stan Spit and Herb McGruff from Harlem N.Y.

This 2022 O.B.H. Pretty Flock is what the streets need as he titled his new single “What The Streets Want”. Which is a “catchy – sneaky – smooth – grown man vibe” as O.B.H. Pretty Flock describes it. The industry has long awaited for some real street substance that HipHop culture can relate to and this is it.

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