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Griffin, GA native ‘King Elway’ just released his ‘Lemon Pepper Freestyle’ video

Kream Team representer and Griffin, GA native ‘King Elway’ just released his ‘Lemon Pepper Freestyle’ video which comes off his latest project ‘Grand Theft Audio’ that is found exclusively on Spinrilla. In this video Elway and his Kream Team counterparts are on a trip in Las Vegas, Nevada seemingly having the time of their lives. King Elway will be performing at a number of stages this year during SXSW in Austin, Texas. One of those stage is the ‘Clay James & Friends’ Stage on March.18th alongside his Playas Club Music Group label mates and other buzzing acts from around the country. If you haven’t already checked out ‘King Elway’ on YouTube and all digital streaming platforms do so immediately. He makes that music for your soul.

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Class Of Stoners representer Kris J has delivered yet another dope song and visual entitled “10K RUN”

Class Of Stoners representer Kris J has delivered yet another dope song and visual entitled “10K RUN” Produced by Half-Tyme Slim. Kris J along with his Playas Club Music Group counterparts have been some of the Atlanta indie scenes most consistent artist in 2021 and it’s apparent that momentum is carrying over into 2022. Kris’ “10K RUN” single is available on all digital streaming platforms and the visual is available on YouTube. Catch Kris J performing his new single in Austin, Texas on March 18th during SXSW on the “Clay James & Friends” Stage. Make sure you check out his “Class Of Stoners” clothing brand as his newest venture “The Run Klub”.

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SOMag Presents “The Fleet Files” With Fleet DJ’s: DJ XXL | @dejayxxl

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For over two decades, the fleet dj’s has grown from a small crew to a proficient coalition with over 500 members and counting. since 2001, THE WORLDWIDE FLEET DJ’s has changed the lives of both its members and the entertainment industry they have thrived in.

These are the members. These are Their Stories. THESE ARE “THE FLEET FILES”

Name: DJ XXL

FLeet DJ Since: 2012

Location: Los Angeles, California

Region: WEst region/California Fleet DJ’s


DJ XXL has a tenure in both Hip-Hop and the entertainment industry spanning over a decade. I asked XXL what made him get into the genre. “I got into Hip-Hop as a backup dancer with Ice-T & The Syndicate. The crew (2 Much Bass) was one of the biggest dance crews in LA. Taking names and battling was the mindset. We KILLED crews on the dance floor!” He recollected on a moment that was big. “My biggest battle was with Brand X, held in Huntington Park, California in East L.A. Ice-T and The Syndicate were judges of the event, which is how we got our way into being linked with the Syndicate. We were featured in the Original Gangsta video with black hoodies and Rottweilers.”

Joseph Rudd is a assertive and driven individual. He has touched a number of the essential building blocks of Hip-Hop in his journey to becoming a Fleet DJ. “I also am a member of 4 of LA’s largest graph crews (FBI, Far Beyond Imagination, OSB One Step Beyond, & SNM, So No Mercy). It was during the graph crews time when I first became an MC. My rap name is Juggala Vein.”

DJ XXL said his decision to become a DJ was inevitable. “I am already a B-Boy, rapper and graffiti artist. I already embodied the other elements of Hip-Hop so DJ was the last one I needed to capitalize on.” As a member of Fleet, he is the main moderator for Fleet DJ Conference Calls, designing the national protocol for conference calls. He has been on the move for Fleet in ten years. “I was originally on WCF (West Coast Fleet) DJ’s Team for 1 year before moving to the Midwest Fleet DJ’s. There I represented and built the Iowa division. I also built the Chicago team to expedite the success of Iowa. Then I became the State Manager for the Chicago Fleet DJ’s. Built it up to 10 DJ’s before I gave the team to new management and migrated back west to become manager of the WCF.”

Be different. Don’t follow trends because originality is your number one commitment.

DJ XXL’s advice to upcoming artists


Our conversation shifted to moves outside of being a DJ. XXL is also a core actor with the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). “I’ve been in 10 motion pictures. I was in The Fan as a cop in the final scene with Wesley as one of the cops that shot DeNiro’s character.” Another film that XXL was in was a skateboard movie called Grind in which you can see him clear as day down below.

XXL is an A&R as well as a manager for independent artists. I asked him what can we expect from him this year. “I’m currently the road manager for West Coast artist Marc Handsome. Be on the lookout for a new music video with Mark featuring Jim Jones called “If I Like It” dropping soon!” XXL wears several hats as he is a producer, radio personality and media correspondent for Straight Official Magazine.

With every DJ having a story behind how they got their name, I had to know how he came up with his. “Basically I used to try to figure out what my name would be. My personality is larger than life. I put it together as XL initially, but added the extra L to personify that, to be larger than life.” I asked him what would his biggest takeaway would be in being a member of Fleet. “After 30 years I’m still a DJ. It’s my ability to break new music & network with the industries past legends as well as upcoming artists that has remained the constant.”

DJ XXL with Jim Jones

Quincy Jones didn’t have his first hit until he was 50. Don’t give up.

XXL’s advice to upcoming artists


As a member of Fleet, I didn’t officially meet XXL until we crossed paths at the 10th annual Fleet DJ Music Conference last year. Once we met it was all gas and no brakes! He is a vital member of the coalition as well as an official brother from another. I look forward to seeing what will do next as a member of Straight Official Magazine!

I gave XXL the floor to close out our interview and he had nothing but admiration for the Fleet DJ’s. “Thanks to The Worldwide Fleet DJ’s for embracing my energy and inner talents and giving me the opportunities and platforms to elevate in the entertainment industry. Shouts to Ice-T, Cypress Hill, Mellow Man Ace, My DJ, DJ Earl-E, and the whole Transparent Crew. First but not last, to my mom and dad for genetically giving me the tools to do what I do best.”

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Rosecrans Rapper Skrilla49 Releases Heartfelt New Video“ What I Do It For”

In his soulful new video for “What I Do It For,” Skrilla49 reflects and rhymes in the middle of the Las Vegas desert, remembering the bonds of family and the passion that keeps him going as these images are layered over the desolate and beautiful backdrop.

Well I do this for my daughters and I do this for my son/ I do this for my niggas feelin stuck up in them slums/I do this for that girl that fell victim to this game/ baby hold on, you gon’ shine after it rain…

Rosecrans Avenue in Compton has been dubbed “Westcoast rap’s most famous avenue” and for good reason. But the rap legacy that Skrilla descends from is not the entirety of who he is. His wide range of releases in the last year, from hard-edged hood anthems to the vulnerability of “What I Do It For,” prove that Skrilla49 is an artist who can’t be boxed in by any one definition.

“What I Do It For’ derives from a place of solitude, at a time where I felt alone and wanted to give up. I had to remind myself what and who I do it for. The motivation of knowing it’s bigger than just me is the fuel for this hit song. It reminds you that you have to go hard for the people in your life that depend on you,” explains the multi-talented rapper. In addition to soul-searching and turning his epiphanies into musical expression, Skrilla49 is also a trained boxer who competes in matches when he’s not on tour.

But even with a life that sounds like the stuff dreams are made of, Skrilla is far from content. His grind musically is taking him to new heights of success this year, and his desire to grow is showing us a new depth to his artistry as well. Catch up on some of his other releases here, watch the official video for “What I Do It For” above, and stay tapped in with Skrilla as his journey continues by tapping the links below!

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SOMag Presents “The Fleet Files” With Fleet DJ’s: DJ Chase Flow

For over two decades, the fleet dj’s has grown from a small crew to a proficient coalition with over 500 members and counting. since 2001, THE WORLDWIDE FLEET DJ’s has changed the lives of both its members and the entertainment industry they have thrived in.

THESE are the members. HERE are their Stories. WELCOME TO “THE FLEET FILES”!


DJ chase flow

FLeet DJ Since:



california/west coast fleet

Check out DJ Chase Flow on Fleet Radio Network’s MIXTAPE HEAT RADIO every Saturday at 9 PM EST


DJ CHASE FLOW represents California Fleet as he should! The beginning of his story, though, started in Philly. Let’s go back to his story at age 13.

I would always rap with my older brother Shizz Bradley and his crew Infinity in Cyphas; one of the members of the group would always call me young Flizowwwww.”

Chase Flow on how he got his name

As he got older, the “Flizowwww” just seemed to stick beside his government name “Chase”. He developed an alter ego “Big Bad Wolf” from a single off of his EP Go Chase Flow. In his interview, he explains how Wolf is Flow backwards and how the 2 monikers presented the very dynamic contrasts as a Hip Hop artist and Dj. Did you know he is also a producer and composer? Most Fleet DJs are multi-talented like that. His goal these days is to entertain, uplift, and inspire his audiences across the world.


Now, 2017 Chase found himself doing a radio interview with Dj Paulymack on 105.5 UFM and kept referring to Chase as a DJ, however, he wasn’t a DJ at the time so when they cut to commercial, he explained “Man, I’m not a Dj,” but PaulyMack explained how the people in the general public acknowledge DJs and Emcees more than record producers, so he ran with it for the interview. 

 They later went to the club for an artist showcase; PaulyMack shouted him out as a DJ yet again and a flood of girls tried to get into the VIP section to see him. For Chase, it was a mix between the factor of being the man at the party and having an appreciation for DJs being a record producer and the love for DJs making mash up remixes of artist acapellas over his beats.


A year later in Philly the transition between DJs was happening and his music went out while the next DJ was setting up, so everyone looked to Chase and folks started leaving. Long story short, the promoter got upset and didn’t work again. Lesson learned to never come to a gig assuming they have everything there! On the bright side, he did a party in California where no one was really interested in dancing and as he got a little worried, the blend of different genres changed the energy of the room & the party got crazy.

By the end of the set he booked multiple parties! Mr. Flows said it himself, “At the end of the day you as the DJ controls your environment.” Watching other Dj sets online, listening to them on SoundCloud and of course seeing the live show really inspired The CHASE FLOW INTERNATIONAL Brand that is displayed currently.

I listen to way too many various genres and artists. I’m feeling… All of Griselda Gang, Kanye West, Daddy Yankee, El Alfa, Ricky Kej, J-Balvin, Lyric Jones, Nas, Jay-Z, Ricky Ruckus, Anne Marie… Tierra Whack, Madeon, Calvin Harris, B.Smith, Major Lazer, NCT Dream, Tems, Polo & Pan… Ludwig Goransson, Biggie Smalls, Wu Tang Clan, Devin Morrison, Robert Glasper, The Time Clockers and of course the greatest of them all Chase Flow.

Chase On his current playlist


This week’s feature currently has a Hip Hop Show every Saturday night at 9PM EST called “The Outro” on Mixtape Heat Radio (@TheOutroHeatRadio) as well as a bunch of projects he produced on. With a few artists under the label CWMMG (Chase What Matters Music Group) – be on the lookout for B.Smith new single, TK Tru Knowledge project and The New Live crew Party Favor$ new EP. Don’t forget the EP projects Keys 2 The Kingdom, On The Road EP, The Time Clockers EP, Say it feat Wavyy Jonez, Philly vs Everybody, and PGR Vol. 1 Mix.


Practice & Learn the business of music (publishing, Dj techniques, writing, free styling, etc.). Be Coachable and open to learning music, being organized with your file & time management, understand branding and the concept of marketing yourself. Have integrity and be a person of your word. Find your tribe, believe in yourself, invest in yourself and don’t let rejection stop you from what you feel in your heart, be confident in your uniqueness. Have a foundation in your life and create balance in your life. That is what will make you stand out! 

Stay Tuned into & @ChaseFlowinternational for more details.

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J. Irja The Sexy Psycho Debuts “Made Me Crazy” Music Video ft Twista

Canadian-raised MC J. Irja recently teamed with Twista for her new single “Made Me Crazy”.

J. Irja is paving new lanes & breaking barriers for independent women, Lyrically complex and creative, the unsigned rapper often likened to Tech N9ne and Eminem because of her high energy performances and rapid-fire delivery.

Having performed for 1000s of audience members, J. Irja is earning her spot as a major player in the Underground Industry and has opened for their artists Tech N9ne, Rittz, Jelly Roll, Stevie Stone, and MAYDAY. She has also toured in over a dozen states, sharing the stage with major artists including Twista, King Lil G, T-Pain, Do-Or-Die, Katie Got Bandz, Rasheeda, Bandman Kevo, King Louie, Hypno Carlito, and More. She is also constantly being booked in new markets and featured on new sites!​

Her most recent Project “The Sexy Psycho Vol 2” is seriously putting her in the Game with features from LEGENDARY artists including TWISTA, Gorilla Zoe, Rittz, Lil Wyte & More. This may just be the Big Break The Sexy Psycho has worked so hard for.

Watch her video for “Made Me Crazy” featuring Twista below and Follow J. Irja on Social Media:
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

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Madd Money Entertainment & It’s All Raw Promotions Presents CCGG VIEW “My Walk”

The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with the “Dorsey” name when it comes to the entertainment business. The Original Hotboy and multi-platinum artist from Cashmoney Records “BG” AKA “BGizzle” cousin “CCGG VIEW” has entered the music industry under his 1st cousin guidance since 2009.  What does “CCGG” mean? It’s the new label the BG start entitled “Chopper City Guerrilla Gang” in 2010 and View was 1 of the 1sts artists to be introduced along with Jigg, Mike D, Rooster & Kutta Birdy before he got incarcerated 2011.

The group continued to move forward along with promoting #freebg hashtag their “Hood General” in Charge. Loyalty always been a factor throughout their movement as they continue to represent their label & Boss (BG). They dropped their 1st Mixtape entitled “Chopper City Still An Army” & 2nd “Chopper City D Boyz” both hosted by BG own DJ Hektik. The group decided to strengthen their solo careers while continuing to promote #freebg.

View came out with his 1st mixtape in 2021 that he recorded himself entitled “I Gotta Eat” Vol 1 which gained a lot of attraction. Then he dropped his 1st EP entitled “Mudd Life” March 2021. You can find different videos on YouTube of the group and View solo projects by searching “CCGG”. View continued to promote and build his fanbase but he knew he was missing the key piece to his career.

He decided to move to Detroit to bring his career to the next level by bringing his mother, Carol A Dorsey (Madd Money Entertainment Group) & Big Sweetz (It’s All Raw) into managing his career along with the support from his “Unc” Red (Wideopen Mgmt).

For the past 6 months “View” developed his own new signature sound when it comes to his music and has recorded 100 + songs. Wanting to introduce his new-found sound to his fans along with his new found fanbase, he decided to drop his 1st album under his new management “Madd Money Entertainment & It’s All Raw Promotions” entitled “Life of A Ghetto Soulja” (Righting My Wrongs) February 18th, 2022. The title came from his momanager “Carol A Dorsey” seeing what her son has been through over the past 7 years plus hearing the growth in his musical talent. His 1st single “My Walk” along with video dropped January 7th, 2022. Make sure you check it out on his YouTube Channel “CCGG VIEW” plus listen to his new single & other music on all digital outlets NOW. You can find out everything from exclusive interviews plus buy his music on his personal website

Follow him on all social media outlets “CCGG VIEW”

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Bo Pain digs deep into his thoughts in new song “Conscious”

When it comes to pain, thoughts cross your mind that may have you over thinking situations or life period. These thoughts may take you off your goals and consistency. When you have real people asking you the right questions you start moving in the direction you should.

Bo Pain represents the city of Richmond, Va where his focus is nothing but his music. There was a time in his life where his thoughts had him thinking in different directions which made him end up creating the single “Conscious“. Linking up with producer Clef Majors, Bo Pain is now on the path he should be. With questions and comments like “What you doing with the music, bro”? and You have to much potential it was only right he drop this song.

We are in a world where the wrong people may surround you, but when you have the right people behind you the only direction you can go is up. “Conscious” the official video is available now on YouTube. You must hear it to understand where Bo Pain is coming from.

Stay Connected

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Ceo Verse “Drive Me Crazy” Official Video


In the world of love and relationships, we look for a better half who understands us no matter the situation. Your better half will have you doing things you would not expect because you have finally realized she is the right one.

Ceo Verse aka Mr. love Doctor is a Richmond, Virginia artist who may have found his better half and he describes that feeling with his new video Drive Me Crazyfilmed by Shot4Shot Imagery. Produced by Donn Suave he explains how his lady treats him, knows him, and understands who he is all while playing her position. Ceo Verse is used to the world seeing him as famous or someone they envy because they cannot have his success. In this visual his lady is exactly what he needs and as he mentions in the song “You ain’t even Treat me like I’m famous”

The Engineering, Production, Lyrics, and vibe of the whole song are official. Get tuned with “Drive Me Crazy” by Ceo Verse available on all digital platforms.

Check out the official video


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#GetSOM via @essince

Watts rapper GLASSES MALONE recruits Los Angeles sibling duo L.A. Giantz and iconic West Coast rapper Suga Free for an unapologetic Gangster Rap track “Kanye Should’ve Never Married (That B*tch)” via his own independent label Division Movie Company. Over the hard-hitting West Coast production by Ervin “EP” Pope, the four rappers lay into the trappings of toxic female sexuality. 

“It’s time to confront the toxic femininity sweeping through Hip-Hop. Women have been poisoned by false idols who themselves have been stricken by tons of insecurities. Enough is enough. Someone has to stand up against it! Why not us? We had to do it, cuh. It had to be the Loc,” explains Glasses.

On Saturday, April 30 fans can watch Glasses Malone perform live at 93.5 KDAY Krush Groove event happening at the Arena in Los Angeles, CA. Tickets available HERE.

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