D.H.S To Drop New EP “In Hustling We Trust Vol. 1” (Hosted By Jadakiss)

D.H.S is set to release a hot new EP titled “In Hustling We Trust Vol. 1” (Hosted By Jadakiss) February 2022. Mr. Mossberg Banga out of West Philadelphia is an entrepreneur and the founder and owner of the record label Hilltop Coalition Entertainment. Determined to put out good music as a solo artist he also took the initiative to keep his close friends/family alongside him along the way. 
Mr. Banga has been one fourth of the group Dark Hustlaz Society for the past decade and a half. The group composed of Mr. Banga, L Crock, Loc, Sam G, and the late J Curtis who was called home from his savior 7 years ago. Ever the multi-taskers, DHS (Dark Hustlaz Society) is on a mission to affect change to bring the sound back to the hilltop the mecca of Philadelphia hip-hop where it started.
Artists like Steady B, Cool C, DJ Tap Money, man Called Lux, E Marbles and JoJo, Da Youngstas, and many more The Great LG the Teacher has inspired. Gold and Platinum hits consistently is a destination DHS will have to keep alive with the help The Great LG the Teacher son Quaraan Goodman (QBALL). Look out for “In Hustling We Trust Vol. 1” (Hosted By Jadakiss) coming soon! Presented by Trillest Ent.


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Felycia Pendergrass #1 on DRT Independent Global Chart

Felicia Pendergrass AKA Felycia Pendergrass who comes from Philadelphia music Royalty family tree, is a singer/songwriter/producer and daughter in Law of R&B Legend Teddy Pendergrass. Her sultry high powered voice is a perfect blend of Whitney Houston, Chaka Kahn, Barbra Streisand meets Tina Marie. Because of her training since the age of 4 her harmonies create an R&B/Urban/Pop/Funk/Soul sound of her own. She is excited to release her second song this year under the Teddy Pendergrass Entertainment Label run by Teddy Pendergrass II.
Recently Felycia Pendergrass has been making headlines for going #1 on the Digital Radio Tracker’s Independent Global Chart’s with her single “Missing You”.
Be sure to follow Felycia Pendergrass on all your favorite social media platforms and don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notifications bells o you never miss another Felycia Pendergrass release. Connect w/ Felycia Pendergrass
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Happy Monday, y’all! The day is almost over, and soon the smooth sounds of the “Midnight Meltdown” will begin caressing the airwaves of Moore Music Radio. Nevertheless, today is New Music Monday across the nation. That means I had to bring y’all a red light playlist, specially curated by me! Now, this list in no particular ranking or order, just catch the vibes and let me know which song stood out to you. Hopefully you can find a few that are brand new to you.


To start off our red light playlist, here we have Mr. Nova with an up tempo, yet suave melody. It really makes you feel something. I just don’t if I feel in my heart or my… you know.


Next up, Jon Vinyl with “Always” from his album ‘Lost In You’. If love songs that make you close your eyes, snap, and sing – THIS THE ONE!


In this video we have Marzz, a voice for the young folk with an old soul. You may have seen her on the Soul Train Awards and let me just say, hearing her sing live adds a whole new sparkle to this song.


I’m so excited to see what Anayka She does in her career because this song is just so rich and honest. Unfortunately, we often see girls who look like her and sing like her struggle to breakout.


Take a listen to this single from A Haygan & Sasha. The vibes are oh-so-nostalgic, and the spoken word is simply what intimacy feels like through art.


Now, we always knew this woman could sing from her viral videos. If you’ve been loving the Silk Sonic collabs (i.e. Smoking Out the Window, Leave the Door Open), then you will love this track from Jade.


Now this one is a classic remake. Dare I say that the vibes in this song are even smoother than the original by Lauryn Hill & D’Angelo. The vocals just flow together like water. We often discourage artists from remakes because we DO NOT want them to mess up our favorites, but give this one a chance!


Hailing out of Louisville, KY we have Chief Griffey (who is also celebrating another year in the industry today). It gives us some R&B vibes with a Soca crossover. If you’re trying to wine and grind, check this out!


First things first, thank you for this track BRXTN because every time I listen to this song, without fail, I just feel super sexy. This is a perfect song to add to your red-light playlist whether you’re a single or a couple.


Lastly, but not least we have Steffany Moneque with the breathtaking song “Discretion”. This track gives me mixed emotions because, my goodness it’s beautiful, but it’s so intense. Oooo girl, this is poetry!

So, what was your favorite? Tag me in your responses on Instagram @mochathemack

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[Video] Valerie Pascale – Mollywood

The song “Mollywood” is sang by the character Molly (MDMA) who becomes jealous of the person it is attached to, because they are trying out new drugs. “Mollywood”, through different characters and a film-like feeling, explains the story of a person in a crowd trying to feel accepted and discovering new drugs. As the song goes, the story evoles and so does the main character, who realizes that Molly isn’t enough anymore to fill that void. In the bridge of the song, the person goes on a bad-trip that ends with an overdose; mixing Molly with LSD (Lucy), adding alcohol and Marijuana (Mary-Jane) to the mix, followed by Crystal Meth (Christina) and finished with a shot of Heroine (Hero). By the end of the song, the character is revived, but we realize that they are still hooked, stuck in a loop, in search of that feeling and cries out “Molly, Mollywood you help me” or “Molly, Molly would you help me?”, 2 different ways to see it.

Our goal is not to stop drug use, because this will never happen, but rather help raise awarness about drug abuse. Many of us have lost dear ones, friends or family due to substance abuse. We hope “Mollywood”, will help young adults understand the importance of taking care of their body and mind, but also the dangers of mixing.

Instagram @iam.valeriepascale

For press and interviews contact Kristian Duncan DGENTERTAINMENT M: 702-569-8541 O: 916-504-9850
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ReyTheGreat – “Don’t Play”

ReyThegreat is a young superstar rap artist from South Florida. Bursting out on the scene Reythegreat currently has a song on YouTube “Don’t Play” with 47k views. Also has collaborated with Sosa Geek “be chatting” which is also out on YouTube currently at about 78k views. As an independent artist Reythegreat takes great pride into his craft. Reythegreat also has a project by the name of “forever ballin” in the works and is set to be released in April 22,2022. Reythegreat is an all around talent he really can do it all , he explain to me he makes music off his emotions. So that’s the reason why you hear so many different styles and sounds from him. He explained to me today he might be sad , mad, depressed or happy and however he is feeling that is how the song will come out. Keeping it real with his fans in his music is something he describes that he takes great passion in.

He would never want to guide any one to the wrong direction in life and takes great responsibility for all of lyrics in his music. His childhood and up bringing was not the easiest and was not the worse . As a child rey had to deal with his father and mother separating and actually watching his mother take him and his sister to homeless shelter. His mother eventually found a job and was able to make Reynaldo situation much better. 2004 Reynaldo moved to liberty city Florida were he was introduced to a lot of different things as a child, he explains liberty city at the time dangerous and reckless. As a fourth grader he would go to Winn-dixxe bag grocery and help people take there grocery to there car to make a few bucks at the time. Also would go to the bp not to far from his house to pump people’s gas and try to have his own money therefore he wouldn’t have to ask his mom for money.

Rey told me this story one week he was hustling hard every day after school and wouldn’t go home until he made 25 bucks per day, he was saving for the black and gold lebron 3’s in 2004. His mother needed help and ask Reynaldo if he can Lend her money and he gave his mother all the money, never was able to buy the lebron’s. Another story he told me that stood out was one day him and his cousins Kidkid were walking to the gas station to inflate air into there bike tire. When the walked passed a house which a bunch of people were outside and spotted them and chased them both with guns. Lucky them the guys were only interested in taking the bikes.


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Konfessions of an Uprising Female artist, Laniyah Westt: iTunes charting, gifting fans with NFT, latest single “Money Conversation” & the first breakout female artist to headline a show at KODMiami

Konfessions of an Uprising Female artist, Laniyah Westt: iTunes charting, gifting fans with NFT,  latest single “Money Conversation” & the first breakout female artist to headline a show at KODMiami

Success is not given, it is earned. Laniyah Westt is earning every success that is coming her way. After taking a few months off, the new breakout artist out of West Orlando is steadily perfecting her craft. Florida is known for mainstreaming a new class of rappers. Laniyah has set a path of her own. Laniyah is the first breakout artist to headline a live performance at the world famous strip club KOD Miami. Laniyah Westt single “Money Conversation”  made it to the top 30 on the iTunes Apple Music chart. On this single, you can hear Laniyah delivering ominous bars about her life that resonate to her listeners. Knowing her fans are the main driving force within her success, Laniyah gifted NFTs to the first 25 fans that pre-saved her new single Money Conversations. It is clear that Laniyah Westt is only getting started and 2022 has a lot in store for the music industry.

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Louisiana Star CMC G Debuts New Video “Street Life”

Hailing from Hammond Louisiana, CMC G is inspired by the ones that stuck with him since the beginnings, no matter what. “I am pushing trap, pain, real life music,” he says about his new single. His sound is defined by his honesty and not trying to sound like everyone else. His new music is a bit different than what his fans are used to from him but he’s excited to share his new single with the world and his CMC family.

Listen to the single below and follow CMC G on all platforms under CMC G or @_cmc_g on Instagram.

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$hadow – “Foreshadow”

Honing a decidedly fresh style and classic hip-hop magic in his voice, rapper $hadow is set to offer fantastic creations that lay bare his strong persona and energy.

As a maker of catchy hip-hop music, artist $hadow delves into the realities of his life and other intriguing things to curate his songs that hit at one instance. The talented musician follows no rules to dictate his authority on the genre and effortlessly comes up with new styles and sounds to solidify his reputation. By quickly redirecting things to the positive shade, the artist has tried his hands at experimentation, and it’s beyond refreshing to hear the rapper trying something so off-center. Signing in 2021 on a good note, the artist has recently dropped two songs that are not-so-typical of his style but sound significantly impressive.

Please Baby and ‘500 Benz are the two soundtracks that chalk out his flexibility to play with tunes and the rapper never ends with repeating the same chord twice. His energy is infectious and the artist has completely flipped his style in the second record to pick up a more harmonious ambiance. The killer kick drums, the catchy lyrics, and the classic hip-hop beat orientation; everything keeps the song fresh and appealing. The artist confidently flaunts his uniqueness and shows that he is capable of more than just rapping by injecting effective expression in between.

$hadow connects for his honesty and the clear mixing of his unique features with the melodic hooks keeps the listeners invested in his flawless offerings. Both the songs ‘Please Baby’ and ‘500 Benz’ bridge the gap between melodic rapping and gritty hip-hop. The rapper impresses with the engaging use of verses and his softer yet crisp hip-hop tempo hints towards his brilliancy in the genre. Follow him on Spotify for more details.





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R&B Artist Uvay Experiences Love at First Sight in Sensual New Music Video, “Heights”

New Jersey-based R&B recording artist, Uvay, returns today with his latest song and music video, “Heights.” With atmospheric production courtesy of J Banga Beats, Uvay croons about meeting a girl from Washington Heights in the club.

“Heights can mean anywhere though. The heights can be in Times Square. The heights can be your favorite spot in your town,” Uvay shares with us. 

Watch the crisp Gezim Mavric-directed clip below, and be sure to follow Uvay on Instagram here.

Follow Uvay:

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Rapper From Iran “Aygi” Officially Releases His Debut Album “Wonderland” available Now!

Aygi is an international Hip-Hop / Rap artist and songwriter from Iran who is coming to a stage, radio station, magazine, and TV near you after signing to Zobe Records! Check out his debut album “Wonderland” here –

FaceBook | Twitter | Instagram | TikTok | EPK | SoundCloud | YouTube

For Booking/Feature Rates Contact:

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