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Ladies :Let’s Not Give Up On Ourselves

It may be taking you a little longer to get where you’re going , but we do not give up on ourselves. There may be several reasons why you’re running into dead ends. Maybe your journey is longer because of the route you chose to take. It could very well be because your not using people to get there. It may be because not one of the potential manipulators or scammers that work their way up the ladder to success swiftly. You may not even be the one who would sell their soul for fame. the reasons are endless.

Don’t Give Up On You

In order to stay the course I suggest that you be ready to break generational curses without the support of people who passed them down. Sometimes it be things of the past that hold you back like your child hood or past situations. You have to separate yourself from anything that isn’t reciprocating the same energy you putting out. Dead weight can play a major part of you not progressing.

Wake Up

Sometimes you have to wake up and remember who you are and whose you are. You are a child of the Most High. You’ve achieved so much to make it to this point. Don’t let nobody play you and make you feel worthless. If one door closes in your face, that’s just room for another one to open. Bet a bag on yourself . Invest in yourself.

Flex On Them

My biggest flex on people and life nowadays is that nobody ever knows what’s really going on in my life until after I’ve accomplished what I set forth to accomplish. No one knows where I am, who I am with, or my next move, unless i make it known. Therefore anything anyone says is just an assumption. At that point people are just fishing for information.

Privacy is my Luxury. Privacy is my new Peace. Allow the world to research your life without volunteering information.

Miss Unique

Word’s of Encouragement

God is teaching you how to be silent in a frustrated season. The less you say, the more He moves! Stay silent!! Well, it finally caught up with you after all these years. Congratulations on being in the Right POSITION to receive GOD’s out POURING. Today, what you’ve been praying FOR, has been moved to the FRONT of God’s list of those whom He has FAVORED. As a matter of FACT, God is also going to release at least one thing you’ve asked for, but have FORGOTTEN. Well you don’t have to believe ME, but the evidence will be in your soon-to-be MIRACLE!!!!

Miss Unique

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