BREAK THE CYCLE: I’ve been labeled as the “Black Sheep” in my family for as far as I can remember. Not only did I hold that title, but so did my mother and father in their family. Living by that label for so long put me in a dark place in my life. Most of my dreams and goals were shattered when I opened my mouth to the wrong people.

These people were family and friends. They instantly planted their seeds of doubt, their insecurities, and fears within me. These were the circle of people I looked to and thought would be the perfect people to share with. I looked forward to them giving me sound advice. Of course, mission failed.


So when strangers approached me who were genuine people, I didn’t have room to receive what they were giving. I was filled with doubt, fear and insecurities. Ones that were not my own, but took them as though they were.

While not receptive to anything the strangers had to say. I already had the mindset I wasn’t good enough to reach my full potential. I was being pulled down by people who were afraid to fail and didn’t mind being “Normal.”

When I allowed them to have that much power over me, I caused myself to unconsciously turn down and run away from so many life-changing opportunities. All because I shared my dreams them. Not only that, I shared MY OPPORTUNITIES with them.


My life lesson going forth now is this… Just because you are connected by blood and have history with people, it doesn’t mean those same people see your potential. They’re not rooting for you to make it. Everyone that’s your relative by blood isn’t considered your family.

Your enemies could very well be the friend’s you’ve shared your dreams with. It’s important to have a different circle of people who are on the same level you are striving to reach. You don’t have to stay where you are to make people you grew up with happy and comfortable to be around you. Gain new relationships and break the cycle! It’s never about what you are called but what you answer to!

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