Missouri Fleet Model Manager and our beloved covergirl, Kayla Bae aka Model Bae steps up to let us know a little something about her. For your information, she didn’t hold back. So, let’s get into who exactly this phenomenal woman turns out to be!

I’m genuine person with pure intentions… No scams. No Fraud. Just REAL & RAW!



Kayla joined the modeling scene in approximately 2020 being in modeling/acting school. Since then – it has been up, as they say. Back then it was one model division for every Fleet DJ state represented. While she didn’t take it seriously at first, there was a “divine intervention” that told her to just go for it! For a while, it seemed like the model coalition had ghosted her and she had no place to turn. However, shoutout to Jo Marie for the “motivation to just start recruiting”. This is a prime example of “you can’t beat them, join ’em”. She ran the idea by MO Fleet leaders & they were fully on board! They had her back through it all from the flyers to the recruitment process being so supportive & helpful! Ms. Bae expresses her gratitude to the team and ultimately to herself for not giving up on that journey.


Since joining the Fleet team Model Bae has gained much more exposure and well-deserved confidence learning how to do interviews and also conduct them. She even had her own radio show for a while, that was a major opportunity for Model Bae. It allowed astronomical growth, not just as a model but also as a woman. According to her, Fleet not only changed her career but it changed her entire life. They allegedly believed in her when she didn’t/couldn’t believe in herself. The family aspect is the most important thing to Kayla. So it’s a blessing to be able to literally call one of the fleet brothers for anything fleet (or not) and they will be there.

I always say I’m taking Fleet with me wherever I go, this was my foundation and the start of everything for me! They literally have always treated me like a superstar. The love is so real.



Model Bae’s mission is to continue to build up her modeling team and do as much as she possibly can within fleet. Though pausing on recruiting for now to fully focus on the two models she has, she strives to get more exposure, start doing events, raffles, photoshoots etc. for her team. Kayla makes it clear that she strives to be the best at everything she does & puts all into everything her name is on or behind. She states she would like to work with some celebrity photographers such as Blake Martin whom she met at a model conference in 2023. The model also want to work with big artists one day writing music for them. Writing is also a passion of hers outside of modeling. With that being said check out her debut single as a songwriter called 24 hours by Airrisa Reneè produced by MO fleet producer Eugene aka EMP records. The song is now out on multiple platforms!


So is this the end of the Model Bae era? She says it took a while to realize what modeling was for her but once she did -nothing or nobody could tell her otherwise. So, the answer is NO! NEVER! Before she started she didn’t know what to do with life. Feeling as if she wasn’t good at anything and didn’t have a purpose. Every one wanted to push sports on our good sis because of her height (i.e. Angel Reese), but knew that she hated playing sports so it made her feel bad for a while. Overall, she knew the love of being photographed & so many people would constantly say, “you should be a model.” When her bestie decided to do photography & did one shoot with Kayla & it ignited a fire in our star player! She’s been going ever since. “4 years later I’m more confident then I ever been in my whole life. Modeling gave me a family that I feel I belong to. It’s a place for me there & I love it,” Model Bae says.

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