Sony Recording Artist “Bandit The Rapper: Releases Lavender Sunset at Hi Private Party

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James Portley, better known as Sony Recording artist BANDIT THE RAPPER hails from the “City of Brotherly Love” Philadelphia, PA.  Bandit has written and performed songs in the Pop, Rap and R&B genres for a long time. Upon releasing his anticipated project Lavender Sunset, Bandit decided to throw a party!!

Bandit had major support and a successful turn out at his private release party. Everyone from celebrity athletes, models, sponsors, media, clothing brands, DJ’s, tastemakers and label execs were all in attendance. It was a movie!

Shot By Philly HipHop News

Straight Official’s own Swag 100 conducted a live interview with Bandit in the middle of the event, giving the audience a deeper perspective of his new Lavender Sunset project.

SWAG 100 PODCAST – BANDIT THE RAPPER both are Bottega Boyz
SWAG100PODCAST – Philly HipHop News – A-Town

Bandit The Rapper was presented with an iTunes plaque. Charting Electronica Top 100 and placing at #4 on the charts with his single “Faded Memories”. Faded Memories is the intro to his LS Project.

Shot By Philly HipHop News
Shot By HipHop News

Dana Cowan, who is apart of Bandit’s management team and many others had plenty of words of encouragement for Bandit and all of his success with his career and new project.

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Unrulyshewrote: This “Session’s Live Streaming Artist” Is Proving to Be Next Big Thing in Music World

Upcoming music article Music artist Harrison Forbes Morgan a.k.a. Unrulyshewrote is a Florida-based music artist and co-owner of the Independent Record Label, Speak Greek.

Back in the early 20th century, people questioned the monotonous pattern of music. The rebellious 20s which we refer to, 1920s made an argument that music should be mixed and matched, different combinations to be tried out, a mix of genres. Their argument provided the world with a term: Musical Experimentation, Avant-garde which simply means to explore all the ideas in music. Today most musicians take a route of Avant-garde music. Unrulyshewrote is one such Music Artist. He produces classic music with slick visuals, quite the way this Generation likes it. A retro-modern style of music that can be enjoyed while taking a long drive or a stroll in the park.

Music Career

Although still referred to as the next big thing in the music industry, he already has three albums to his name. He shared a feverish passion for music since childhood. Officially entering the world of music in 2013. He is the epitome of freeform experimentation. With melody at the core of his approach, he carves out timeless beats that bury their way into the subconscious while steering clear of predictable clichés. Soulful and a hotchpotch of different instruments that soothes every ear it reaches.

Unrulyshewrote credits his elder brother who also is co-owner of their brand “speak Greek”, for encouraging him to start rapping. He hasn’t stopped since. Beat melodies and vehement lyrics are a constant in all his music albums. He and his elder brother, Apollo are independently led.

Rhyme It

Officially known for his impeccable rapping skills, however, with almost four albums to his name, He has covered different genres, a mix of rap, hip hop, pop, and EDM.His first album, Hope was released in 2018 comprising 10 hopeful tracks. His second album was released in 2019, yet again a collection of 10 mind-blowing tracks. Unrulyshewrote released his third album, MorningStar in 2020 which truly lives up to its name brightening up the days of everyone who listens to it.

The Artist of Modern Era

Unrulyshewrote epitomizes the essence of the modern era. He is working on his 4th album, Anxiety under the production label of jagisdead.  As the name itself suggests, he is addressing the prevalent issue of mental health. The album is all about the ripple effect of emotions. He is making music that is driven by a desire to motivate, inspire, comfort, and spread love and joy to all those that hear it. His ability to hit specific music notes that resonate with his fans is why it is apt to label him the next big thing in the music industry. He is a preacher of mankind and a strong proponent of spreading awareness through music and song in this title.

While talking about his new album, Unrulyshewrote shared with media:  “I want to devote my song to mental health awareness.  Not everyone is perfect and we battle our Demons every day, but there still is hope.” “The world will know who Unrulyshewrote is one day, as everything will be unruly”, he further added.

For more details and information visit :

And follow him on :
Instagram @ruekobain
Soundcloud @officialunruly1
Facebook: unruledworld

About Unrulyshewrote
Harrison Forbes Morgan a.k.a.  Unrulyshewrote was born February 9th, 1999. He is an upcoming music artist from Orlando Florida . He is also a live streaming artist. Readers can catch his live performances Monday to Friday.

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[Single] K.G. – ‘Got It’

K.G. was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in October of 1986. He grew up as Kenneth Green and realized separation at an early age. His parents separated when he was 3. While living with his mother, he developed his love for music. His mother was a gifted singer with a talent in playing several instruments, favoring the drums. K.G followed in her footsteps and began learning to play at the age of 5. The love for music seemed to flow through his veins.


His grandfather, Curly Moore, was a famous singer with a career beginning in the 60s and had hits such as, Don’t Pity Me and Soul Train. It’s only fitting that with this much talent in his DNA that he would create a name for himself.

Raised as a singer, K.G found that he was interested in and developed a passion for another type of music. At the age of 14, he began freestyling rhymes into a tape recorder. He played the recordings for his family and friends and received positive feedback from his peers and began writing. His style was influenced by artists like Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, Snoop Dogg, several other members of the Cash Money label.

At 15, he began saving money for studio time. He was able to record his thoughts and fuse his lyrics with hard hitting base-line tracks. Putting his heart and soul into the album, upon hearing the final version he said, “hearing my voice on a CD was one of the best feelings in the world. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to let everyone hear what I had done.” Feeling optimistic, he released his first mixtape titled, “BakaTown S***”.


A few months later, Hurricane Katrina submerged New Orleans. 20ft storm surges would leave most homes under 6-9 feet of water. K.G and his family relocated to Indiana, then San Antonio, Texas. Life became normal again. He began high school and developed a friendship with Zario “Z- man” Christian, based on similar interests in music. They spent many hours in the studio and by 2006, K.g has a second mixtape titled, “Top Notch Music”.

His music career was growing as his life in the streets grew too. He quit school and immersed himself in street-life. Money was good, until it wasn’t. In 2007, K.g was apprehended by the San Antonio Police for aggravated robbery. While incarcerated he learned that he was expecting his first child, a son. He was later released in 2008 with time served and freedom to be a father and a family man. In 2009 he had a second son. Differences between himself and the mother of his sons led to him and his sons relocating back to New Orleans. He balanced his life as a father and career as an artist.


In 2012, he met Finesse, CEO of Finesse Entertainment. He believed in his talent and invested in him. Finesse and K.G. travelled several times to Memphis, Tennessee for open mics. On one trip he met Sticky Fingaz and Lord Infamous of “Three 6 Mafia”. Meeting them and seeing the life they live made K.G. want to work harder and succeed with his music. He went on tour, traveling from state to state, during which he opened for Meek Millz. He finally felt as if he was succeeding.

Late in 2012 he finished his 3rd mixtape Reflection of A Killer. The mixtape wasn’t dropped on any major platforms and didn’t do as well as K.G. would’ve liked but he still kept pushing and created his label (Last Route Entertainment). He wanted to become an independent artist, and do the things that he felt previous labels hadn’t done for him.

K.G. began working with his long time friend, Aaron “Ace” Mercedel who introduced him to Corey “Mr. Serv-On” Smith, former rapper of No Limit Records. While working with Serv, he was offered the opportunity of a lifetime. To travel to Australia.


In 2014 K.G. welcomed his 3rd son into the world. He went to Australia to work on a documentary with Serv-On. It highlighted the violence in New Orleans and New Orleans Rappers. Some of the documentary was filmed in New Orleans, showing the day and life of young black men. The rest of the documentary was filmed in Australia to show the difference between the lifestyles of the young men.

He wanted to experience what their life was like because he showed them a look into his. After K.g returned he worked with producer, rapper/singer Aaron “Ace” Mercadel and became a part of Boss Entertainment. While rapping with Boss Entertainment, he opened for Juvenile and Hot Boy Turk.


In 2016, K.G. welcomed his 1st baby girl, received his Associates of Science Degree in Drafting and Design and was nominated for “Best New Song” and “Best Video” along side Mr. Serv-On for their team-up in the song Famous, at the NOLA Hip-Hop Awards. His life and career were taking off and heading to the top was the goal. His personal life took a turn when his good friend “Butta-B” was murdered. At his funeral, K.G was introduced to Corey “CO’Baby” Coleman, CEO of Phreedom Records, LLC,.

He was offered a contract as a artist in the group “Tha Team”. Since signing, K.g was working as a group member of “Tha Team” with G.O and Mastamynd. They dropped their first single, I’m On One which was a tribute to their brother and signed artist to Phreedom Records, Butta B. Tha Team dropped a song titled, “Wave”, which did really well, leading them to release “Benz”, “In my zone” and “100 grand”. About a year after signing the group decided to part ways and pursue solo careers, because they all had different visions in the type of music and style they wanted to present, all while remaining friends.


K.G. continues to and release new songs. He’s networking, forming friendships and relationships with people that have the same vision for success. While working with his cousin, he was introduced to music video producer Hollywood Pompeii. During the video recording for their song, “In My Bag”. Hollywood and K.G. formed an acquaintance, and began working together.

K.G. hired the video producer to film a video for his song Run It Up, which was released on YouTube, gaining over 11,000 views. Realizing they shared the same passion for success, their acquaintance turned into a partnership/friendship. This led to him striking a deal with CEO of ParkerBoy Entertainment, PBE Pluto.

K.G signed with ParkerBoy Entertainment in March 2022, and released his first single on May 21st titled, “Got It”, which is doing really well with the public.

The marathon continues for K.G. as an artist and building an empire for his family. He is a role model. An outlet of knowledge for young men and aspiring rap artists. Showing them that you can achieve your dreams with hard work and dedication.

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Contact Corey Coleman, Booking Manager 312-933-1243 or

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JRealityG Is Next Up

Pictured with DSG’s CEO Terry Brown the Rapper, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and actor JRealityG is a well-known global entertainer and entrepreneur with a career spanning almost half a decade. His impressive body of work includes DSG’s “BIG DAWG,” and ten consecutive singles which featured talents like Blood Raw, Big Hustle, Mo Muzik, World-Renowned Brown, and Tik on the Beat.

Influenced by some of the greats such as Jay Z, J. Cole, Rick Ross, Cyhi, and Shawn Jay, he will always be authentically grounded. The realism in his voice will take you on an expedition of culture, laughter, and a renewed desire for musical expressions.

His mixtape has been released entitled Don’t Stop Grinding and is making a lot of noise. Look out for this sensation.

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Blue Flame Mega Releases “Summa”

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BLUE FLAME MEGA pays homage to Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg in his new hit “Summa”.
We caught up with Blue Flame Mega to discuss what inspires him, his plans for 2022, and to learn more about his new hit, “Summa”.

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How did you get started in music?
My father would play records and let me dig through the crates.

Who did you listen to growing Up?
I listened to Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, James Brown & Michael Jackson. He was my biggest influence. Rap music took over and I listened to Kool G Rap Rakim & KRS-One. I moved to Long Beach and listened to Snoop Dogg, The Dogg Pound, DJ Quik, NWA, Eazy-E and Tupac.

How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never heard you?
I’m like Snoop Dogg Jay z Jeezy and Young Dolph all mixed together.

What is your new song Summa about?
It’s about paying homage to the city I grew up in and the city I was raised in (Compton & Long Beach). I wanted to pay homage to the greats that came before me. (Snoop and Dre).

What are your plans for the rest of 2022?
Well, honestly, it’s to continue to create records doing what I love to do which is rap. I want to create more influence and cut through some of this clutter by marketing and promoting myself.

What are something that people don’t know about you. Do you have any hidden talents?
Yeah, I cook very well. My street dudes can understand what I mean. I’m something like a professional chef.

Do you have any shout outs?
Yeah, I want to shout out my God most importantly. Without God I be nowhere. I want to shout out my family and fans. They’re my major support system. Y’all got me here. This one’s for you!!

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South Carolina Rising Star Shawn Connor Debuts New Album “Champion”

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SHAWN CONNOR is a multi-genre urban pop/rap artist from South Carolina making serious waves with his new album, “Champion”. The triumphant and epic-sounding 13-song solo album was released via BAC Monopoly. “Champion” features two hit singles Sonny Genovese & Ain’t Too Friendly.

South Carolina boasts a long list of artists born in the Palmetto State. The list includes musical stars like James Brown, Darius Rucker, Teddy Pendergrass, Young Jeezy, Toro y Moi, and more. Shawn is aiming to be the first to put his town on the map. Raised in Eutawville, South Carolina a small, peaceful town located on the banks of Lake Marion.  It was where he developed his love for music and his style.

Champion is Shawn Connor’s 7th release this year, including singles, albums, and a deluxe edition. Connor has been making music for 4 years. In that time he has released 4 albums and 9 mixtapes.

I started making music in 2018. It was all I wanted to do in life.

Shawn Connor

His goal for the rest of 2022 is to push the South Carolina signature sound to mainstream audiences. Connor intends to “shine the light on one of the most hidden gems in the country”. With an album like “Champion” he is well on his way to making Shawn Connor a household name. 

You can click the link below to listen to Shawn Connor’s newest release “Champion”. Make sure to follow him on social media and hear his previous releases.

“Champion” is available in all major platforms worldwide via

Follow @realshawnconnor on Instagram & Twitter

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Cali Cali, One Of Philadelphia Most Promised Talents

CALI CALI is from a well known artist from a section in Philadelphia named Abortford Projects. Growing up around the age of 10 he can remember his cousins introducing him to music listening to Lil Wayne “Fireman” song off The Carter 1 project.

His older cousin would have instrumentals playing in the house and they would all freestyle. He really started writing songs around the age of 12. In order to remember his lyrics while recording himself on his desktop computer.


Meeting new friends and moving a long in life he dropped his first song with music video. At 15 years old and again at 17 he would produce a mixtape series titled Underground Legend Vol 1&2.

Going by “Calico The General” at 21, the heatwave started to pick up. He worked with producers like Dougie On The Beat featuring with another Philly top talent in Kur.

Few year later, he would shorten “Calico The General” to Cali Cali. Coming under management by B.L.E. Enterprise. Taking his career seriously, he would record 25 songs and shoot 6 videos in a 3 month time span.

Working on his music he would network and make connections with “Shana Sims”from Capitol Records, a few producers who went platinum with Lil Uzi Vert and a videographer named “Carter Vizions”.

Hitting the stage heavily at 1122mg, testing his music out with Philadelphia taste makers, He would layer find himself on a few major tours and Concerts. Hollywood him Tour, Ponzo Houdini Tour and the Dope Shows Concert.

Having songs like 1942 and Coldest featuring Lil Muk just to name a few, has the artist beginning to taking flight. He has been moving the Spotify and social media algorithm in his favor with a little over 400.5k streams. He is currently waiting on a few Spotify tracks to accumulate over 100k stream on a few singles.


What advice would you have for other artist in your position?

“Do What You Love Without Regrets Always Look Ahead”

What do you want out of your career?

“Recognition and credit in the music game 30 years from now”

What’s a 5 year Goal for Cali Cali?

2x Platinum Artist

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Chyng Diamond – “Guess What”

Chyng Diamond

CHYNG DIAMOND is riding a wave. After the viral success of “Lose the Ugly”, “Guess What” is an elevated, empowering anthem that has a message. It also stays authentic to Chyng’s sound and roots. In her journey into music, she is gaining some popular attention. Her sound has engaged new followers like Cardi B, Snoop Dogg, and Lizzo to name a few.

Chyng is ready to advance to the next stage of her career. As the self-proclaimed queen of Omaha, NE, Nenzingha Davis is a 25-year-old rapper who has already lived a lifetime of experiences. She is ready to share her lessons learned with those willing to hear it.

As a kid growing up she was influenced to be a rapper by family. Her mother as well as her brother also rap. Surrounded by gang life and violence, Chyng has seen how horrid those experiences can be. She intends to use her voice to bring light to dark situations. Her recent stint in the slammer has given her a new lease on life.

Despite everything, she knows her destination is greatness. Chyng Diamond is everything society deems not beautiful, yet she owns her self-taught beauty and worth with swagger and inspiration. At the core of her music are the powerful and emotion-provoking beats that back all her tracks.

Expect to be inspired as well as ready to fuck shit up upon hearing her music. A voice for those who doubt themselves, she embodies overcoming adversity to attain the highest goals a person sets for themselves. All while being a boss ass bitch in the process. Chyng Diamond is the reference when people say that something can’t be done.

“Well, Chyng did it.”

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Trap Teezy Drops New Hit Single “Osama”

Trap Teezy

Trap Teezy (TMTeezy, Trap Money Teezy), is an American trap rapper and songwriter.  Known professionally as Tevin Satcher (March 23, 1994),he is from Central City, Anniston, Alabama.  His hometown’s culture has been a major influence on his rap style and delivery.  He is an original member of Anniston’s trap/rap group CDG.  Honing on his craft since the age of 16, he’s been featured on several tracks and live performances with fellow local trap artist and original Sanbox Entertainment (SBE) member, Alejandro Sosa (Dro Sosa).

Tevin began his career as an independent artist releasing his first song and video “I Love Money” at the age of 20.  In 2022 he signed a recording contract with Sanbox Entertainment.  He released his first self-titled EP Trap Teezy to rave reviews. Working with SBE, he recorded his blazing hot debut single “Osama” which drops on all streaming platforms May 28th, 2022.

Teezy is gearing up to make back-to-back single releases for the rest of 2022.  Trap Teezy’s music gives old school rap vibes from a new school trap perspective, which is becoming the traditional sound from the streets of Central City, Anniston.

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BLUD BRUVAZ is the Top Performing Artist from the city of Philadelphia “NO DEBATES”.

They exemplify The City Nickname “Brotherly Love”

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The BLUD BRUVAZ are siblings in their early 20’s who just started their music career 8 months ago.

Appearing at one of Philadelphia’s main hip-hop hubs (1122mmg Studios) The duo would perform for the first time and win the crowd over with their high level energy and dance moves. They became regulars to the Members Only Showcase where Philly Fleet DJ’s – DJ SWAG 100 aired SWAG 100 FM Radio station each and every Monday.

Fleet Djs – DJ SWAG 100


DJ SWAG 100 would invite the brothers to an event out New York city to perform at the MAD RECORDS Showcase in Brooklyn.

Recap of Blud Bruvaz Performance in Brooklyn NY

The brothers would go on to win multiple cash prizes at local artist showcases and performance competitions. They started gaining attention from some of the industry elites throughout the Philadelphia hip-hop scene and abroad.

Along with their good music and great performances, their networking skill sets and good character landed them on the Hollywood Him WHEW tour.

They were booked for the Ponzo Houdini CAKE BOSS tour. They traveled to 5 cities and 5 states, shutting down some of the U.S’s top mega clubs.

Blud Bruvaz & Ponzo Houdini

The duo, had only 2 songs they were performing at the time. Those 2 songs , were not released yet, in fact they had no music in circulation all. They didn’t even have an official Instagram page at the time.

They had made so much noise. The city of Philadelphia elite performance platform Dope Shows. They would won the Dope Shows competition and advance to perform at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

The Blud Bruvaz would find themselves on stage opening up for Lil Durk, G Herbo, Lil Baby and Gunna. As expected, these guys would win over the crowd at the Wells Fargo Center. Networking with all artist that attended the show, they would also receive a million dollars worth of game from Gillie and Wallo 267.

Blud Bruvaz – Wells Fargo Center “Arena”

Coming home from the biggest performance and concert of their life/career. They tested the waters and put together their own concert. This event would be sponsored by the “Fleet DJS” – “Swag 100 Podcast”. Hosted by Philly’s top local comedian “Mally Cobain”.

These guys are awesome, they gave away a total of $600.00 to the top 3 performers they thought were great.

The Blud Bruvas packed out the legendary tourist spot
“Dobbs On South” located on south street Philadelphia.

The Blud Bruvaz would get invited back to Doss On South. Competing in the SWAG 100 PODCAST “Sound Off Performance Battles”. Hosted by Them Outsiders and Sponsored by Fleet DJs, Offtoptv Networks and Lasergang Publishing.

Cheif Editor : Jay Mill -Wishing Artist The Best-

The winners of this event would recieves $300.00 cash and a feature in Straight Official Magazine.

I guest we know who won, you’re reading about them right now!


Blud Bruvaz, released their 2 singles on all platforms. They are currently planning a tour and making major connection with some elites behind the scenes. Advancing in their career day by day – week by week – month by month.


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