Toven talks his talk with new single “Pop Off” @dareal_toven

Coming from the city of Newman, GA is a hungry artist by the name of Toven who is on track to becoming a star in this music business. As an artist one of the biggest things, you must be is consistent and Toven knows this well as he is currently making Noise and building his brand Daily. He recently released a new mixtape ‘From The Streets To The Booth‘ which is available on all digital outlets.

The way he is doing this now is with his new single “Pop Off” which has a up tempo beat that will have you turning up no matter where you hear it. Lyrically he is on point and direct with making sure nothing is in his way of success and fortune. Rocking out for parties and keeping his focus on his grynd is mandatory in the world of music. Listen how he rides the beat and sets the standard for music in his era.

Signed with Tymeless Entertainment, Toven is playing no games in this business and he is someone you should look out for now and in the future. As he prepares to release new music and get his fans ready for the next big release make sure you tune into “Pop Off” available now on all digital platforms.

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Jersey City Rapper Hai Tarik Drops New Single ”I Am Legend”

I AM LEGEND” is the new single release by Hai Tarik. The Jersey City artist continues to deliver
visionary art when it comes to creating an unorthodox formula of sound highlighted by production from Wu Tang producer 4th Disciple.

While most artists and bands seem to get stuck in the usual creative boxes, Hai Tarik has worked to distance himself from the usual cliches, and as a result, his sound is rather unique. “I AM LEGEND” is a fantastic example of his talent, and it feels like a great introduction to a unique rhythm.

“At the end of the day, music is really all about connection” says Hai Tarik It’s so much easier to find that genuine connection if there is something authentic at play, and “I AM LEGEND” feels like a very personal insight into the artist’s creative scope and personal touch. The hypnotic feel of the melody is very compelling,

Spotify “I AM LEGEND”

Hai Tarik – I AM LEGEND – YouTube

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Inferno (Ascent) by Floowood

In an era when so much music sets out to address “these troubled times,” which feel hellish enough, his latest album “Inferno: Descent” envisions a honest display of the garden of societal sin, one deserving of ridiculously fun breakdowns and a “vice” tags like “Greed” “Gluttony” , “Violence” and the like rather than the solemn, joyless observations of societal decay. He released this 12 track project along with its polor opposite “Ascent”, 9 tracks that heals listeners with a dose of optimism as we see ourselves greater beyond our current ills. Painting a utopia filled with rhythmic 808’s and tribal shout-outs your body can’t refuse.

Floowood has a knack for crafting au courant earworms that pay major homage to societies illustrious ancient history. After cementing his rep as an MC in many novel competitions in LA & AZ, Floowood is most in-demand for his mind-altering story telling ability mixed with spiritually hypnotic production. This self-proclaimed “Hard-Core Shaman MC,” is gaining major attention from his recent dual Album Descent & Ascent. It launched 11/11 in the loom of the pandemic, hitting societies ears like a gleeful tsunami — everyone wanting to ride the wave. Whether sinking into the depth of their souls emotions embodied by the Decent side or the blissful ride to nirvana on the Ascent album. He highlights hard-to-swallow themes we all need to discuss while paying homage to the God’s & Goddesses of culture wrapped in a pleasant cloud.

Inferno: Descent & Ascent by Floowood is available on all platforms. The video for “Ghost” ft. Sincerely Collins is currently climbing the YouTube ranks. Find all things Floowood at, including “The Book of Inferno ” and the hottest Inferno merchandise.!

Instagram: @FLOOWOOD

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IL Boi releases his latest single ‘Money Talks’

Money Talks catches you right from the jump with an infectious chorus and delivery that will get your head bobbing and wanting more of the track. The arrangement of the track gives it a southern rap feel.

IL Boi gives off a welcoming vibe to new listeners and has some funny and witty bars throughout the record. This song gets you going from beginning to end and is an easy listen. This is a must-hear record because of the energy and the infectious hook that instantly gets stuck in your head.

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New music by MattyKevs – Fiji

MattyKevs is a Long Island, New York-based singer, songwriter, instrumental composer, and record producer who was inspired by his mother’s love of the arts at a young age. Through consistency and perseverance, he became a rising star on the independent music scene, as well as a successful businessman who assists several upcoming and known artists in building large audiences. To learn more about Mattykevs, follow him on Instagram @mattykevs for the most recent updates.
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For the last 2 years, Bronx Queen, Cardi B has been at legal battle with Youtube personality, Tasha K (UnwinewithTashaK). The story goes, Tasha, on several occasions, cites Cardi as being a prostitute with STDs who abuses drugs. Now, this is not the first time someone attempts to slash, slander, or cancel CARDI B – but she’s made it clear that her brand was built to protect her from a trial. Does that leave any room for Cardi to rightfully deserve to pay a multi million dollar lawsuit?

Let’s Go To The Facts…

Tasha K & CARDI B trial via @unwinewithtashak

Tasha K. Is Saying That?

If you don’t know who Tasha is – it’s okay we don’t really care. Here on the internet she’s known as “the woman with fake gossip and cheap wine”. Flattering. The “Press” rapper’s lawyers are saying that sis just did this for clout. The YouTube personality starting circulating videos and rumors about Belcalis around the end of 2018. Following the very beginning of 2019, the rapper filed a lawsuit for defamation against all claims. Cardi? A prostitute? Mind you, we don’t slut shame around here but she did become a stripper so we can’t even shocked. Drug abuser? How about mind your business because if I put you in a room with 10 people, I bet at least 5 of them smoke way more than science suggests. This STD is the real debate.

Cardi B via

Emergency Card Valid

In response to Cardi B filing her suit, Tasha K. filed a counter-lawsuit on the basis of slander (girl, please)! She claimed that Blood gang affiliates were sent to her house by the rapper to threaten her at her Atlanta home, however that $3 million claim has been dismissed due to lack of evidence. Both parties were scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 9th of this year. Nevertheless, that didn’t happen because Cardi had to tend to a family emergency and the judge approved.

The Medical Records Determine

Though case was postponed, it was not before the judge declared that the Center for Women Pelvic Health at UCLA needs to produce “any and all medical records within [their] possession related sole to the the testing for herpes and HPV for Belcalis…” The new trial date is set for January 5th, 2022. Tasha tries it every once in while with her ridiculousness. But, so far only wins for Cardi on these unbased claims.

#GetSOM via @Mochathemack

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7Churches – “Losin’ My Mind”

7Churches is a collaborative project featuring well known and unknown emcees, vocalists, and producers, all of whom bring straight fire to the tracks.

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Legendary Singer Melba Moore Debuts New Single Before “Imagine” Album

The award winning actress and singer just keeps cranking out hits these days! But her proudest and most meaningful release is “So In Love”, the first single from her upcoming album “IMAGINE” on her daughter, Charli Huggins’ new label, The Gallery Entertainment. Written by Chantel Hampton and Rahni Song, produced and arranged by Rahni
Song, “ So In Love” brings Melba back to her RnB roots with this smooth, sweet, rhythmic and romantic midtempo love song. As for Melba’s new venture with her daughter she says, “Charli has grown up in the industry. She has diverse interests but one thing that I know for sure is, she has a genuine love and knowledge of music. So we thought why don’t we do a project together?”

Speaking on the recording of the album “IMAGINE” Melba states that “this has been a long time coming. I had an opportunity on this album to express many things that I never had a chance to before. We’re living in peculiar times and I felt it was the perfect time for IMAGINE. It was made with love and I’m so looking forward to everyone’s response to it.”

The album “IMAGINE” is produced by Rahni Song, Danny Pickering and Janice Dempsey. Executive produced by Charli Huggins and Beau Huggins.

Listen to the single below and Click Here to stream on your favorite platform.

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Tha Vicious – Know They Name

Before 2021 end Tha Vicious dropping more heat. This time he got features from Atlantic Recording Artist DKE AUTHOR and O.G. Kurb. The three artist come with unbelievable energy. This track will definitely get the party started at any event. All three artist are from South Florida. Be sure to check out this gem.

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Devyn Nicole recognizes the secret competition in new single “Be Like Me”

There is a saying in the world that imitation is flattery and when someone sees something or someone, they wish they could be, it sometimes causes people to mimic the same patterns as the originator. Sometimes its inspiration and sometimes its competition.

If you know Atlanta, GA then you know the city has given birth to some dope artists over the years. One artist that fits that category is Devyn Nicole who has taken her style and craft of hip hop and produced a dope single directed at the people who secretly want to be in competition with her. To be unique is to be different, to be different is to be one of a kind. Devyn Nicole is one of a kind and with her singleBe Like Me produced by Treymxn, you can tell she inspires people to mimic her style daily.

Recently she released a visual for the record directed by Kerrigan Production that adds uniqueness towards her craft. Lyrically she shows you she can change different styles while maintaining the topic of the song giving you versatility. Devyn Nicole is on her way to being a star and with that in mind why not release a song that has inspired her uniqueness and success.

Stream the official video for “Be Like Me” by Devyn Nicole now on YouTube.


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