Kayla The Love Note

Meet Kayla Wilson

Kayla is originally from Calabash, North Carolina but she grew up in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Kayla is a single mother of 2 amazing boys ages 15 and 11. She has one biological brother from her mom Barbara Wilson. Barbara passed earlier this year from her battle with multiple sclerosis.

Her mom was also a registered nurse and a rapper who also worked with MC Lyte during her career. Kayla also shares the joy of being an aunt to her only niece. She goes by “Kayla The Love Note”. Her name originally was “K-Note” then she changed it to “K-Love”. Combining both names as she came up with “Kayla The Love Note”.

Kayla’s Education, Work & Artist Experience

Kayla shows us that you can still follow your dreams as a single parent. With an associate’s degree in Vocal Coaching and wrapping up a degree in Criminal Justice Applied Sociology. Kayla has many skills like truck driving, private security, probation officer, counseling, and boxing with 3 years of experience. She has a passion for always wanting to help others, and Kayla continues to support her community.

Kayla The Love Note and her mother

Kayla grew up watching her mom perform since she was 2 years old in the family group called the “The Tones of Joy”. Which she joined at 5 years old. The leadership and influence her mother provided helped to inspire her to go into the music lane as well. Her mother’s strength really taught her to fight for her dreams no matter what she went through in life.

At 13 she wrote her first song “I’m Gonna Make It Happen” and her second one was “Weak”. Kayla continue to sharpen her skills the older she got. Kayla had the courage of a lion at 2 years old. Stage fright or being nervous was never an issue or concern for the young-raising artist. She had the confidence that would steal the spotlight.

Her confidence increased as her fans in her community increased. This is reflected in her traveling at an early age with other major artists. Kayla backed away from music for a little while dealing with depression and managing her mom’s illness.


Kayla faced her fears of coming back stronger than ever with a new love in her life at the time, D. Mistro but are no longer together. He helped her find her new voice by reaching higher notes while singing. Kayla has also created a gospel rap song to help encourage the young in keeping with their faith in God. The singer and songwriter also had a talent for acting.

In 2009, her appearance on The Jerry Springer Show took her to American Idol. Ending at round 3 as a contestant, she continues to fight. Artists like Michael Jackson, Prince, H-Town, and R-Kelly are her favorite singers of all time. Growing up her dad played Sam Cook and her mom played Betty Rock.

Since she was 10 years old, Mary J Blige was her favorite female artist along with Erykah Badu. Kayla’s songs like “I’m in Love with a Man I Cant Stand”, “Southern Love”, “Back To the 90’s Love”, “Panties Down”, “Make Me Say OH’, and his newly released single “The Weekend” as really created a buzz


Kayla The Love Note wants to create more diverse music like country, rap, jazz, blues, and gospel music. Kayla worked with artists like Lyfe Jennings, Bishop Bullwinkle, King George, Miss Porsche, Jay Morse Group, Nelson Curry, West Love, and Lenny Williams.

Nelson Curry is not only her manager but a huge influence in her life. Nelson is like an Uncle to her, who gives her great advice and encourages her. Mr. Smoke is also someone in the business that helped sharpen Kayala’s Southern Soul experience as an artist. There are two artists she hopes to work with soon Sir Charles and Urban Mystic. Kayla is currently working on new R&B singles “Back Seat Love” and “Give It Here”. Don’t forget to go to church with the new gospel single “Church Shoes”.

Kayla has opened up for many comedians from Netflix, Def Comedy Jam, movies, and TV shows. Those comedians were James Stephen III, Bro Man, Orlando Jones, J Anthony Brown, and Barbara Carlyle. Kayla has worked with Jokers Comedy on da Move and Groovetime Entertainment plus many more.

James Stephen III help her start her own show before getting into Southern Soul music. Working with James, created an opportunity to get connected to other comedians through his theater which was televised. Kayla was part of a Motown 59 show which created her discovery as a Southern Soul artist. Barbara Carlyle took an interest in her when Kayla was working on her tv show called “Divas”.

The icing on the cake was hearing her sing Patty Labelle’s song “If Only You Knew”. Kayla worked as Michael Jackosn, Diana Ross, Jennifer Hudson, and Mary J Blige on the Motown show. Kayla’s tv show ‘Divas” was aired on BET, VH1, and Fox for four years with Billboards advertising. The new band which now are known as “The 7r3sh’ will soon be renamed Kayla and The Love Notes.






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